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  • Tour de France 2018

    Thank you @Dark_mark , I am both a highly trained print magazine/newspaper guy from way back, and technologically inept. I believe you are correct on both counts.
    However, I will redeem myself for the actual trials and dust off my copy of Gimp (only because a software named after a Tarantino character is noteworthy).
  • Tour de France 2018

    Sky is amazing. Thomas looked like he did on the summit finishes at the Dauphine, and Froome's bridge and ride through to third place was just awesome. I don't think they need to choose a leader. They can both ride away from everyone else.

    ETA: I do think they are relatively clean, Salbutamol aside.
    OK @Martin , I'll bite here since everyone else is asleep. Please elaborate further on relatively clean... Do you feel there are other teams/riders that are much dirtier than Sky? Who? Where do you see the Sky limit as an organization/riders regarding specific enhancements vs. a different line that others would approach. Products?/Techiniques?
    I'm not being confrontational, I just want to hear your thoughts since I find your insights a bit above other stuff I read.
    (by the way, you are the official 2018 #Sworry Trials cycling leg expert and color commentator. Since we ar a non-profit, we are paying you nothing, but we assume your ESPN the Ocho salary is sufficient. Hi to Pepper and Cotton for me please)

    wchevronM_WareRobert RankinMattAaronWebsteyMartinCraig D
  • Tour de France 2018

    Thank you kind gentlemen. Here's a link to inhaler caps:
    We need an Evil reaction button.
    I think the Dark Mark serves just fine.....
  • Buy a hat for a race you have no intention on doing.

    Where do I pay? I gotta have that!
    (the hat......)
  • Tour de France 2018

    Sagan could have one more stage. I was banking on hanging on until the rest day to swap a sprinter for an all arounder or climber anyway
    Sagan put 5 seconds into Froome on an uphill finish today, so there's that...
    Froome has a sniffle. His asthma meds will certainly kick in nicely within the next 4 or 5 days.
    Jennifer PostAaronWebsteyMartinsimonsen77Johns622

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