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  • Come Visit Michigan - August 16-19

    stay tuned @HMkrplunkit , we were going to cast our own medals on site during the event, but have had to wait due to the humidity. Our new goal is to increase the size a bit, then cast and ship to the participants.
  • 2017 Berlin Marathon

    Interesting that many of the last half dozen world records have had up to a 30 second negative split. I got tired of digging so I can't tell if those also included a similar acceleration in the last 2000 meters to end up netting that amount of negative split.
  • Gold Coast ITU

    Someone smart, ITU savvy, please dont ST me here.
    I'm in the middle of watching replay now. At the start of the bike, I noticed all the lead pack girls had two bottles on their bikes.
    Am I seeing this right? If so, why two bottles. Never noticed this before.

    That much hydration in one hour?
    Or is there a difference in the product inside each so they can decouple hydration rate from nutrition rate?
    Last question: Is there an aero/weight penalty from two bottles vs. one that must be balanced, or is this not so important in the drafting format due to time not pulling?
  • Frodo skipping Kona due to injury

    Seeing 21 new posts to this thread is daunting. @bbculp , your Crowie story makes it all worthwhile!
    Jennifer PostbbculpM_WareAaronWebstey
  • Come Visit Michigan - August 16-19

    A sincere thank you to the attendees, it was really fun. I just safely tucked away all the gear. Next year's setup will be a breeze.
    @M_Ware , my man cave is now far more appropriately equipped. I love this!

    KenElPescadoPeladoJennifer PostAaronWebsteyOverSwimmerCraig_D

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