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  • Roost Approved Donuts - World Famous!

    To celebrate national donut day, @P_Cottrell and I are racing the Dirty Donut. 64 miles, 3 donut stops, -5 minute time bonus for each donut consumed at a stop. (Pic by our buddy Wesley, also racing)
  • Clearly you don't understand

    Interviewer: How do you manage to find any free time with such extreme professional demands and responsibility?
    CEO: Well, it is difficult, but fortunately I have a fantastic staff. Each person on my team is handpicked and an expert in his and her field.
    Interviewer: I see. You must feel a tremendous responsibility for being a guiding force for a sport beloved by so many. This must still be difficult despite having such a large staff?
    CEO: Yes, it is a tremendous weight knowing that so many people look to us for direction, guidance, and the long term health of our sport.
    Interviewer: Many of the world's most gifted athletes are incredibly passionate about this sport, so much so that they make it their living. I assume you have a tight relationship with these flag bearers?
    CEO: Absolutely, the pros are very important to our sport. They are the beacon that we all follow. We do our utmost to help them achieve their life long goals and aspirations while they do so much for the sport.
    Interviewer: It must be difficult to manage all of the events that you put on each year. My friends and I were thinking of creating a pro league out of a silly drinking game we made up. I'm sure someday we will have prize money too and attract the best talent. Wouldn't that be funny if we could be on par with your organization.
    CEO: (Laughs.....) That's very amusing. Clearly you don't understand what I have to go through year over year. If you knew something at all about running a large global company and the difficulties involved in reaching such a pinnacle, you would realize why I just laughed out loud. The complexities of marketing, and packaging and selling a sports product are tremendous. The level of sophistication and foresight it takes to support professionals is unimaginable for people inexperienced in the industry.
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  • To Honour Mark_after_Dark

    Something tells me there were exactly 69 donuts in this, the worlds greatest wedding food display ever!!!
    Congratulations to @Mark_after_Dark and Jessie!!!

  • Its Springtime in Michigan!

    MartinJennifer PostJohns622wchevrongregkM_WareCraig_DMattGasBombStruang
  • Oh Canada

    Legalized it? Uh-oh...
    Maybe we can convince @ItsShug to put on a bar-b-que at the Sworry Trials......

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