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  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Ep. 8 BEN HOBBS!

    Yes, @Ben Hobbs has been tracked down by Greg Kopecky. Give Greg's new podcast a listen, it's worth your time. Cool concept Greg has, and he's good, easy to listen to as an interviewer. Let's help him buy a "tiny mansion".
    Seems he's a Rooster already even though he needs "Backpfeifengesicht" in his vocabulary. I'm now going down the rabbit hole like I did with TRS reversing order now and listening to the rest.
    Also, he's showing a bad assed steel frame gravel bike on the site (thus, he's more cool)
    Warning: Spoilers below....

    Favourite parts:
    1. Ben teases Starky, always good, I love Starky stuff regardless, and Greg recounts schooling and racing with Starky as a peer. Points for Greg!!! Greg agrees with Ben calling Andrew 'the Kenny Powers' of triathlon.
    2. Ben making Greg recount how he had to fire Ben was a nice touch out of the gate (point for Ben early), and then later he calls out Greg for "micro-aggression". Nice house guest Ben!
    3. Ben comments on buying his new smaller house and Greg asks "It's not a tiny house is it" Love it Greg!
    4. Greg is "defending his right to be bored" Talk about a person that fits in with the Roost.
    5. Greg scores big when he does a Ben and a) asks Ben to call out folks who deserve it in triathlon, "do your worst" b) asks who needs to be punched in the face. Boy oh boy, if Greg had just used "Backpfeifengesicht" I would have binge listened to the previous 7 instantly instead of working on my business trip.
    6. Greg put a smile on my face recounting some of Ben's interviewing staples....

    Keep up the good work Greg, and nice college try on trying to encourage Ben to keep the options alive on a revisit to podcasting.
    @AaronWebstey , Greg likes the TRS logo, steal that thing from Ben or rip it off in great part for the new team. Someday Ben will get over being mad at you and see that it's the ultimate homage.
    Granpa ChookM_WaregregkrangamelMattAaronWebsteyCraig_D
  • Weird Dreams

    gotcha @M_Ware , thanks!
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    Been watching lots of CNN International while here in Germany on business. Fell asleep with the TV going.
    As real as can be, Fareed Zakaria was extremely concerned as he reported that the Rooster Endurance squad applications were about to close...... the team was at 68 members and panic was abound due to the inability of team management to locate Dark Mark!

    And I thought the Saudi story was disturbing......
    AaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoM_WareJames LangeCraig_DMartinHSeeley14slickfins_Ryan
  • What's pretty common where you're from, but completely unknown to people not from there?

    Watching the Detroit Lions lose.
    kjrunninG Scott LayherHMkrplunkitMattKenElPescadoPelado
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    We're sorry to interrupt this broadcast. Please note the Canadian contingent of the Rooster Endurance squad may be a bit tardy in submitting their applications.
    Carry on.

    AaronWebsteywchevronCraig_DJennifer PostMattRobert RankinKenElPescadoPeladoMartinrangamelslickfins_RyanPreachSwansonHSeeley14

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