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  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Who or what is Ashley Horner and why does this person have four threads to one about Lionel Sanders on ST?
    CrossFit Cowgirl
  • Roost Approved Donuts - World Famous!

    This junky powdered sugar donut may look like nothing special...

    But I grabbed this in a Gran Fondo yesterday... at the star on the elevation profile below:

    And then this happened:

    So much for sports nutrition and clean eating. Rethinking my IMC Bike Special Needs bag.
    Jennifer PostM_WareMattTad_MAaronWebsteyStruangMartinKenElPescadoPelado
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    14 Sports Bras with front zippers? Thanks Runner's World! (although half the models looks like they don't even need one)
    LOL... some of the reviews... tales of spontaneously unzipping bras... I'm thinking these were designed by men
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Can I jump on @M_Ware 's entrepreunerial ask for life-saving technology with some that are less noble?

    1. A sports bra with t-fal like properties that you can put on post-swim, or take off when sweaty, without getting stuck or having to ask strangers in the locker room for help.
    2. Compression tights that go on easily like regular tights and then are heat activated so they become compressive once on, so that putting them on isn't a workout in and of itself.
    M_WareJennifer PosteremillongKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteymaggieru
  • HBD

    LOL... thanks! I celebrated the slowing of my metabolism and gradual loss of skin elasticity and cognitive function with a 4800m swim (locker #69, you’re welcome), 48 km ride and a 48 minute run. Now I believe there are 48 glasses of wine waiting for me...
    Tad_MM_WareCraig DAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoMattDark_markMartinsimonsen77MamaCheetah

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