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  • Oh Canada

    So there I am skiing down the mountain minding my own business when I see a sign

    That's odd I think dont often see a warning like that in a ski resort, and then I find out why

    Of course just keep a bear in the middle of the resort!

    Normal people would keep the bear somewhere safe and away from people, but not Canadians!

  • Oh Canada

  • The back by some what popular demand but still always loved 2018 TriRoost Secret Santa thread

    My not-so-secret Santa gift arrived today and was seriously worth the wait... It had everything I could possibly want...

    Thoughtful wrapping...

    A sweary vegan cookbook...

    My favourite super hero-wish I was her- ornament...

    A bottle of Nova Scotia's finest... (I laughed SO hard that this actually exists and now I have it)

    And if all that weren't enough, I also got the coveted TRI on the MIRA trucker :-)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you @doyoueventribro

    M_WareKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyCraig_DTad_M1_Hot_PretzelJennifer PostNHetrogregkJohns622
  • Show us your Pain Cave

    Here’s mine. The most expensive “purchase” for this in the last year was paying someone to haul away a piano I had agreed to store for a friend. After 10 years, she said “I don’t want it anymore” and pianos are the one thing it seems you can’t give away. Cha-ching. With the piano gone we were able to permanently set 2 bikes side by side and mount monitors in that corner and I no longer have to move The hub’s bike from my weights area. So much more functional.

  • Best jobs/companies for endurance athletes

    Canadian. Government job.

    Too many hours. Always worried (some days hopeful) that I'm about to get fired. But since most of the people in the building I work out of have been fired/resigned in the last 7 months, there's no one around to give a shit when I leave my office in the middle of the day with a post-it on the door that says "out for a run". Also no one around to complain if I come back too late to grab a shower and spend the afternoon in stinky run gear.

    Also since I'm old, I get 8 weeks off a year.

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