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James Lange


James Lange
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Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
  • Ironman Canada

    I had to defer this year because I hurt my achilles in training. Looking at the strava files from the bike is definitely giving me motivation for next year. I found the 2016 Penticton bike challenging that that was 770m over 120km. I'm no mathmologist, but I think 2650m over 180km is going to be harder.
    Craig DTad_M
  • What happened to Barrie Shepeley?

    Does anyone know why Barrie isn't doing the commentary for the WTS any more? His Twitter bio still says he is "Lucky to be Voice of the ITU." but he hasn't been on the WTS broadcast yet this season. Instead they've had a few different injured/retired female pros. How am I supposed to know when a Canadian is 27th out of the water without Barrie to point it out?
    AaronWebsteyTad_MJennifer Post
  • 2579 meters

    Since your bpfing everything anyway @James Lange ...make sure you keep right when I yell “on your left” this summer.

    23 weeks, 5 days.
    Maybe I'll just ride my mountain bike in the ditch. Can't get any more right than that.
    Tad_MAaronWebsteykjrunninCraig Didking90
  • 2579 meters

    That the elevation gain for the new IM Canada bike course. That's 8461 feet for the metrically impaired. Is this even legal?
    Johns622MartinGranpa Chooksimonsen77Craig DTad_MKenElPescadoPelado
  • Go Fund Yourself

    That guy seems legit. They don't just hand out Ironman All World Athletes (Bronze Levels) to anyone.

    I'm no NCAA expert, but wouldn't racing as a pro make him ineligible to be an athlete at Liberty University?

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