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  • Best US-Can shipping for trainer

    I love my StacZero, mostly because it's so quiet and allows me to train with power without a power meter.

    Great company too. When I bought it they counterweight didn't fit on my hub. I e-mailed them, they asked me for some pics and measurements, and within a week I had a 3D printed adapter that fixed the problem.
  • Jose Canseco

    I could understand if it was Bigfoot or aliens, but Bigfoot and aliens on the same excursion? I'm a little skeptical...
  • Trainer Season Is Here - What To Binge Watch?

    @reefblastbody American Vandal is one of my all-time favorites. It hits my maturity level exactly.

    I'm sure I'm years behind on this one, but I started Stranger Things last night (netflix). It's kind of a different vibe than I'm used to on the trainer, but 3 episodes in I'm really enjoying it.
  • Best jobs/companies for endurance athletes

    I can't imagine that it is one of the best jobs/careers since there is no active encouragement like @OverBiker_Sam described above, but I work for a large Canadian oil and gas company and it facilitates my triathlon habit pretty well. I make good money, get 4 weeks vacation plus 10 personal days off (though 4 or 5 of them are forced at Christmas time), I get $300 a year "fitness allowance", and have good benefits including $900 a year that I can use for physio/massage.
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  • Interbike 2019 cancelled - Your thoughts / Do you care?

    I couldn't care less. Always seemed like a good time for people who went, but really all that came out of it was a bunch of mildly interesting/entertaining articles about bike technology I wont be able to afford for 10 years.

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