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James Lange


James Lange
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Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Ep. 8 BEN HOBBS!

    The podcast certainly brought back some great memories for me, like spending 100s of hours writing articles for a couple hundred readers and attending WTS Edmonton with media credentials.

    Ben may have been an asshole, but I didn't realize how much I missed the TRS podcast till now. I certainly haven't felt as interested in pro Ironman racing the last couple seasons.
    AaronWebsteyJennifer PostCraig_Dgregkbbculpmaggieru
  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    After much thought and consideration, weighing the pros and cons of dozens of teams from around the world, I have decided that Team Rooster Endurance is poised to become the worst team in the history of age group endurance teams. Even then, it's better than I deserve, so I hope they'll have me.
    Tad_MAaronWebsteykjrunninJennifer PostM_WareMartinKenElPescadoPeladoCraig_Drangamelslickfins_RyanPreachSwansonOverBiker_Sam
  • Kona Drinking Game

    @Tad_M Seems legit.
  • MLT Winners to be Paid in Bitcoin

    The prize purse could go up or down by 30% during the race!
  • 2018 Super League Triathlon

    I had so much fun I had watching Super League this weekend. All the commentary and coverage was great.

    At first I thought the "short shoot" was a little gimmicky, but in the end it just felt exciting and it doesn't really effect things too much. The only thing that would make it a little better would be to have a few wider sections on the bike so that passing is a little easier.

    The Super Mix would be a great format for TV as it has built-in commercial breaks.

    Also, did anyone figure out who the fuck stole Sophie Chase's bike?

    AaronWebsteyJennifer Post

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