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Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
  • The bad question, why do people cheat?

    genesis 3, preach :)
  • Treadmill buying advice

    Words of advice....

    Planning on breaking it in tomorrow with a really easy 2 mile marathon recovery jog. I also wouldn't recommend scheduling delivery the day after a marathon.
    nice humblebrag. for those of you not on strava, Rankin cranked out a 2:55 marathon this weekend WITHOUT a Proform. Imagine the sub 2 hour he'll hit now that he's installed this bad boy!!

    but for real, dude, that's speed. well done.
    Robert Rankinkjrunninsimonsen77maggieruCraig DKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebstey
  • Show us your Pain Cave

    @MamaCheetah i'm scared to ask after the TRX comment, but what does someone need Aquaphor for in the middle of a trainer sesh?
    MamaCheetahCraig D
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    as I'd like to live long enough to watch my kids graduate university/community college/beauty school/etc and it's not looking good as it stands right now.
    not looking good that you'll live or that your kids will graduate anything?
    wchevronMamaCheetahCraig DKHilgendorfM_WareStruangMartinRashHSeeley14
  • Show us your Pain Cave

    here goes mine... it's behind my garage (we put up a dry wall and insulated the part where you'd store tools and other manly things I don't own/know how to use)...

    @maggieru it's white by Sherwin Williams

    AaronWebsteyRobert RankinM_Warewchevronkjrunninsimonsen77MamaCheetahTad_MachrowiczMattHoltyKenElPescadoPelado

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