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  • Tour de France 2018

    Cofidis - In the mountains, the grupetto rides at the bare minimum pace required to not get eliminated by the time cut. Not sure I had ever seen a team take that approach in a TTT until today. Pretty sure a solo dropped rider from a later team rode past them at one point.

    i spit out my coffee at this last sentence...hahahaha. what were they doing?!!?

    also, i am still in disbelief at Lawson Craddock. Dude took a pull with a broken shoulder on a TT bike. that's just insane.

    I think SKY intentionally let BMC win so they could get time on GC but not have the obligation of the yellow jersey for the first week.
    Jennifer PostMartin
  • Tour de France 2018

    i'm over Phinney bits @Robert Rankin it was funny last year, it's lame now.

    lance is doing a good job on his podcast so far along with a ton of ads
    Robert Rankin
  • Giro d'Israel/Italia 2018 Thread - Spoilers

    most impressive part of that stage, to me, was Dumoulin pulling back up with pozzovivo/carapaz at the end when i thought he was for sure dropped and going to lose 2 minutes or so

    yates is a monster this year. i'll be interested to see if he can keep this form for Vuelta later this year also
  • How's the IM Louisville bike course?

    Louisville is an advantageous swim down a river. the run seems fast (and honestly one of the best finishes out there for IM, i think).

    As for the bike, i was there to watch a buddy do it but i did the final 30 miles of the bike course with him as a part of recon. it was fast and awesome. rolling hills, but i like that over a purely flat (and boring) course. i'd recommend it. also hotel to start line is really easy
    Robert Rankinkjrunninfyrehaar
  • Spring Classics Cycling Season

    he's unbelievable to watch. as soon as he broke away, i knew it was over.
    Jennifer PostMartinTad_Machrowicz

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