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    Skip to the last paragraph if you want to the questions - the first part is all background.

    So for the second time in the past three years I got a cramp in my back near my shoulder blade while working out. This time I was swimming and it was on the left side and last time I was biking and it was on the right. The cramp turns into spasms then my trap on the same side gets cramped and almost stabbing pain if I try to run or step down hard. This time the cramping/spasms weren't as severe, however the sensation was familiar and I did a better job of stopping immediately. As with last time, later in the evening when I am watching television I start hearing and can feel a clicking in my chest. Not in my head or in my ear, it is loud enough that my wife can hear it and I can record it on my i-phone. It's in perfect rhythm with my heart beat which otherwise seems normal. Also get what I would describe as some upper abdominal gurgling. It seems to be postural so if I sit up or change my position it will stop.

    Last time by the time I got into a cardiologist the clicking had subsided. We did an ekg, echo, stress echo and chest xrays. Everything came back normal. This time when it happened, the next morning (Sat) I texted a cardiologist friend of ours to see if I should get to the ER or wait for an appt with the cardiologist and he recommended going to the ER to get a workup while the clicking was going on. So off to the ER I went where I spent the entire day Saturday. I think most people thought I was crazy or having a panic attack. No one took the time to listen or look at the fact that my left shoulder was 5 inches higher and my back was still having spasms. I understand it's the ER so they are looking to make sure I am not going to drop dead so it wasn't unexpected. They did an ekg, echo and chest xrays then had me wait for the Cardiogists' PA to come in and release me. The one good thing I suppose was that while doing the echo, every time she would have me exhale on my side it would start clicking and it was enough that she could feel it through her instrument and commented every time that it was "very weird" although she said the images didn't look odd. So at least we got the echo done while it was happening. I think the PA simply forgot to come by so later in the evening one of the actual Cardiologists came in while his emergency patient is being prepped for surgery, tells me "hearts don't click" and releases me saying he'll look at the ekg, echo and xrays later.

    Yesterday they had me come in and have a halter monitor installed (thing is actually pretty cool - called a ZIO) and I go back to my primary care doctor next week along with a follow up with my cardiologist.

    Anyone had or heard of heart clicking outside of a mitral valve prolapse (which I don't have)? Assuming the heart checks out fine (which I am assuming it will based on ER tests done and discussions with the ER staff/doc), where should my next stop be? I feel like it's a rub being caused by my body getting yanked out of alignment from the back spasms. Just not sure which doctor would be best for that. Pain starts at the lower part of the shoulder blade but ends up in the erector muscles to the trap. Last time it was on the right and this time it's on the left. I was able to ride today on my trainer with discomfort but not aggravating it, but wouldn't be able to run or swim (can't swim anyway with monitor). My brother in law is a chiro and ART seems to alleviate the pain/spasms temporarily, however he is not able to identify the cause or any way to prevent it - he just treats the symptom. He said my erector muscle feels very, very tight. I have thoracic kyphosis and poor posture to begin with which I am sure doesn't help. I assume PT is the way to go, but will need to see some sort of doctor to make that happen. Last time I believe I was able to run again without the stabbing trap pain 2-3 weeks later. Seems like things are settling down where that will likely be the case again.

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