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  • IMAZ - Great job to our very own TriFantasy aka Zach Miller and everyone who raced!

    KenElPescadoPeladoMamaCheetahAaronWebsteyEvilTwinRobert RankinGasBombCraig DMartinmaggieruBrent_RTad_Machrowicz
  • Triathlon Preview Show 71 - 70.3 Worlds

    Anything within 2 years of being struck and dragged down the road by a truck is still recovery in my mind - he is just really fast at 90%!

    Appo would have been 6th if Javi were there last year. :)
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    @Struang Let me add my sophisticated input - it's Yummy!
  • Fantasy TDF

    I really hope Matthews doesn't win anything. His multiple comments throwing his teammates under the bus so far for messing up his lead out (despite the fact he simply is not fast enough) is obnoxious. He was a bit of a prick at Orica as well before he jumped ship.

    Speaking of Orica - Anyone watch their Backstage Pass videos? Who wouldn't want to be on that team - those guys are super competitive but having a good time in the process. Maybe it's like that on every team, but I doubt it.
  • How could someone sabotage your race?

    Put a large padlock on the rear triangle in transition.

    I was actually tempted to do this once to a "pro" who moved all my buddies stuff outside of the transition area saying the rack was for "elites" only at a beginner marketed super sprint with no elite category or prize purse. The reality is this jack off got to transition about 20 minutes before the race started, couldn't find a good spot, and moved all my buddies stuff (who was doing his first triathlon) so he could take his spot. He didn't just slide him over or put him on another rack, he placed all his stuff outside of the transition area fencing. He then won by about 15 minutes and posted the result on his resume.
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