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  • Kona 2019

    @bbculp go read the commentary under the article on this issue at the twitch. I am sure you will find something to be mad about there.
  • New Ironman venues

    @James Lange Cracker Barrel is just a place where you can advance heart disease and get some Christmas shopping done while waiting for your table. All at a reasonable price with an all day breakfast menu available.
  • New Ironman venues

    @James Lange I can confirm that at least the local tri community in Des Moines wants them. The Omaha and Lincoln chapters of NE Tri Club are working with the Des Moines tri club to try to help where they can with lobbying IM. I know because I have received 3,000 messages about it.

    ETA - Sorry, should have noted for your coasters, you can stand in Omaha and spit on Iowa (many do) and Des Moines is about a 2 hour drive from Omaha.
  • Let's See Your Critters

    @wchevron My kids have been bothering me for a dog so I said if they stayed in their own beds for 100 nights in a row I would think about it. I forgot I said that until my son just walked in and said "Dad - 11 nights!". He's tracking. He's going to be so sad on day 100 when I remind him I only promised to think about it.
    M_WareJennifer PostkjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyTad_MCraig_Dmaggieruwchevron
  • The best story out of Collegiate Nationals

    @idking90 That is a cool story. I can't imagine going that fast and having conversations with each other while fighting for 1/2/3. I can barely remain vertical coming to finish line in the MOP.

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