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  • Show us your Pain Cave

    Room was supposed to be all mine for whatever I wanted when we bought the house. When I finally started turning my attention to how I was going to set things up (paint, TVs, sound, etc.), I was advised it was "needed" for "temporary" art storage. Now it's her home studio (even the kids have a section) to go with the studio we pay rent for elsewhere. She insisted I haul that old mountain bike from her mom's and set it up next to mine so she can ride. I am pretty sure it's never been used, but the two times I have moved it out of the way I have been told to bring it back.

    Oh well, she has left me the corner at least for now. Better than the freezing garage.

    BTW - that's the clearest walking path from the doors to the bike that I have seen in months. She had to ship some pieces today so the paintings that were there must have been sent. It will soon be littered with pieces/supplies I am sure to get footprints or sweat on in the near future. Thank goodness I can still blame the kids.

    kjrunninTad_Machrowiczsimonsen77Craig DEvanAaronWebstey
  • Froome - Try This

    Kayaker laces opponents drink to cause a failed doping test. Damn dirty kayakers! (Article linked below). I am sure SKY can afford a fall guy if the lab testing doesn’t work out.

    Can’t wait for the hardliners to call for a lifetime ban for the doped kayaker due to the lifetime benefits of his unintentional doping - you are responsible for what’s in your body.
    Robert RankinMamaCheetah
  • Starting to see the resemblance

  • Will Froome use the Salt Tab Defense?

    @KenElPescadoPelado - My Christmas gift to you all!
  • Will Froome use the Salt Tab Defense?

    @Tad_Machrowicz Use a butt funnel - a guy mixing his protein shake and BCAA's in the gym locker room told me that.
    Craig DKenElPescadoPeladoTad_MachrowiczJohns622

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