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  • Schoeman

    Will be interesting if the ITU takes action. How do they handle the 2016 ITU series champion? From what I read elsewhere on the internet (therefore it's true) if Schoeman is somehow suspended or has his results revoked due to that positive, that would arguably include his win at Cozumel. Jonathan Brownlee came in second there - if he is elevated to the top step as a result of Schoeman's DQ then that makes Brownlee, not Mola, the 2016 ITU Series Champion.
    Granpa ChookAaronWebsteyidking90
  • Show us your Pain Cave

    Not sure why my post is on there three times - @AaronWebstey ?
  • Show us your Pain Cave

    Room was supposed to be all mine for whatever I wanted when we bought the house. When I finally started turning my attention to how I was going to set things up (paint, TVs, sound, etc.), I was advised it was "needed" for "temporary" art storage. Now it's her home studio (even the kids have a section) to go with the studio we pay rent for elsewhere. She insisted I haul that old mountain bike from her mom's and set it up next to mine so she can ride. I am pretty sure it's never been used, but the two times I have moved it out of the way I have been told to bring it back.

    Oh well, she has left me the corner at least for now. Better than the freezing garage.

    BTW - that's the clearest walking path from the doors to the bike that I have seen in months. She had to ship some pieces today so the paintings that were there must have been sent. It will soon be littered with pieces/supplies I am sure to get footprints or sweat on in the near future. Thank goodness I can still blame the kids.

    kjrunninTad_Machrowiczsimonsen77Craig DEvanAaronWebstey
  • Javi!!!

    Javi swims better than and rides at least equal to Lange. Hell, he swims as well as Amberger if not better (when he wants to). At 70.3 and shorter he is a better runner than any of the other contenders from this past year.

    I assume his strategy will be similar for IM as it was for 70.3 WC. First pack out of the water. Ride his bike at his own pace, catch on to a train when it goes by and ride with it as long as he doesn't have to over exert to do so. He is smart enough to let people ride away from him. Ride his own pace for the remainder of the bike then run everyone (or almost everyone) down. *

    As a Javi fanboy, I am looking forward to it. If nothing else, it should make it another interesting year at Kona.

    *all assumes he figures out nutrition.
    M_WareTad_MachrowiczfyrehaarMamaCheetahJennifer PostAaronWebstey
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    I'd mail you guys (I don't get out much) a box of Dewar's chews from the beautiful town of Bakersfield!


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