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  • Chicago Recommendations

    Just a quick rundown off all we got accomplished in our short trip to Chicago (in order)- thanks to all for the suggestions:

    1. Buckingham Fountain
    2. Breakfast at Yolk - were cramped for time to make our boat tour and the concierge was able to get us past the line at Yolk.
    3. Architectural Boat Tour
    4. Deep dish at Giordanos
    5. Walk part of Michigan Ave.
    6. Wife gets in a nap
    7. Dinner at Next
    8. Drinks at London House rooftop

    1. Breakfast at the hotel
    2. Walk over to the River North galleries for some touring
    2. West Loop Gallery touring
    3. Duck, Duck Goat for Lunch
    4. Art Institute of Chicago
    5. Walk through Millenium Park and see the Bean
    6. Walk more of Michigan Ave
    7. Donuts at Stans (forgot to take a picture for the Roost approved donuts thread - but it was a blueberry old fashioned and blueberry fritter - both were good)
    8. Wife gets a nap
    9. Girl & the Goat for dinner

    1. Breakfast at the Hotel
    2. Redline to Wrigley and walk around taking in the scene (opted not to do the game even though the weather was perfect)
    3. Italian Beef at Al's
    4. Head to Pilsen to wander Renegade fair, area galleries, food trucks, etc. along Halsted
    (best Uber driver of all time. Moved to Chicago from Syria 27 years ago and turned our Uber ride across town to Pilsen into a tour of Chicago going out of his way to make sure he showed us the sights while telling us the history of the neighborhoods and Chicago. He was a proud Chicago resident and wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything).
    5. Deep dish at Pequod's
    6. Grab some caffeine at Dollop Coffee before grabbing our bags and heading to the airport

    We obviously didn't see everything, but we made a pretty nice dent in the list of things to see/do when in Chicago. Just reading that back made me feel uncomfortably full and hungry all at once.
    bbculpkjrunninM_WareJennifer PostMattAaronWebsteyCraig D
  • Chicago Recommendations

    I agree @M_Ware - she deserves everything - I just feel like me being there would damage her image a bit!
    M_WareJennifer PostbbculpAaronWebstey
  • Chicago Recommendations

    @bbculp we went to Girl and the Goat. I don’t know who they thought we were, but the service was out of this world. We sat up at the counter overlooking the kitchen. Everything we ordered came with a complimentary additional dish or half dish to try. We ordered one desert and they brought us 3. They gave us champagne, wine, etc. The food was excellent but the service was over the top. Even taking away all the complimentary items, the level of service and attention was what set it apart.

    Like I said, no clue who they thought we were or what the concierge told them to get our table (perhaps it was just my wife’s bald head) but it’s an evening my wife and I will always remember.

    We ended up eating at Duck, Duck Goat earlier in the day as well because we happened to be at galleries over there at lunch. We didn’t eat much with a big dinner on the schedule but it was delicious.
    M_WareJennifer PostbbculpAaronWebstey
  • Chicago Recommendations

    @bbculp went to Next last night. It was great. I would imagine the food is on par with Alinea, but the atmosphere is a lot less pomp and circumstance. One of our servers actually referenced Canada as tea bagging us. For us it was perfect - we aren’t all that fancy so the more relaxed mood made the experience more enjoyable. I am sure not everyone will love the graffitti art and pop music. Only complaint would be that they were a little eager with the first half of the courses. We would just be finishing the last bite and the next one was hitting the table. They slowed down a bit towards the end but my wife was already very full and even I started to feel it a bit on the last few courses. Not a big deal, but a slower pace early on would have been a bit better.
  • Tim Don = Badass (according to NYTimes)

    2:49:42 - Wow! His goal was 2:50 and he made it - amazing.
    Robert RankinAaronWebsteyJennifer PostKenElPescadoPeladomaggierufyrehaarkjrunnin

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