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  • Alcohol-free January, anyone?

    @Jennifer Post - hang in there! (insert picture of a kitten hanging on)
    M_WareJennifer PostkjrunninMartinCraig_DTad_MAaronWebsteymaggieru
  • Best jobs/companies for endurance athletes

    I don't work there, but I raced with Longo Toyota when I was still in CA at the Malibut Tri. They are a sponsor and usually field a pretty huge team of individuals and relay teams. I started as a relay swimmer for them since they were short of swimmers, but they also let me compete in the individual the following year in one of their kits.

    I was really impressed - they had an onsite gym and full time trainer/nutritionist on site. They had group training events in advance of the triathlon and the trainer would create basic individual plans for the team members if they wanted. Everyone from the custodial staff, sales, finance, etc. were afforded the same opportunities.
    Jennifer PostCraig_D
  • Alcohol-free January, anyone?

    I'm in, but similar to @Jennifer Post it's a by-product of other dietary restrictions. Trying to avoid sinus surgery or at least figure out the cause of the inflammation issues before having the surgery so I don't have to do it multiple times. Primary care doc wants me to try an anti-inflammatory diet this month then we can introduce things in a controlled way to see if I have any triggers. It's basically Whole30 from what I can tell.

    ***I don't really drink all that often anyway (I hope this admission doesn't get me banned) so it's not really that hard. Now cutting out sugar, that's a nightmare!!!!
  • Side Project - Kid's Bike

    So I dug out my old bike frame from when I was a kid and built it up with my 7 year old just like my grandfather and I did when I was 7 and he found this frame in a junk yard. I doubt I was much more "help" to my grandfather than my son was to me, however he had fun putting on gloves and trying to use a hammer for each and every task. Rather than a rattle can job like we did over 30 years ago, I went ahead and had it blasted and powder coated to hopefully help it last for the next generation. I also replaced a lot of parts which probably had my grandfather rolling over in his grave since the severely rusted ones still worked or could have been salvaged. I did salvage some items, but overall it came out much nicer than it ever was when I had it. I believe the frame is 70's era huffy and was intended as a banana seat bike, however I never realized that until I was searching for a replacement seat post for this build. I kept it a standard seat since that is how I always rode it so had to do some modifications to the seat post to make it work.

    Came out pretty cool and my son loves riding it so far. I think it weighs about 300lbs!

    M_WarewchevronMattAaronWebsteyregular_markMartingregkRobert RankinrangamelIanLJennifer PostOverBiker_Samneil5youngTad_MCraig_DSdogKenElPescadoPelado
  • Gravel Gearing

    @khilgendorf Thanks for the offer, but a friend just advised he might have an Ultegra R8000 50/34 take off for me in January once he finishes his new build. I think that will do the trick and I'll have the Ultegra 1x on the shelf if I decide to go back for CX season.

    As an aside, I like that I talk about seasons and racing when the reality is I will ultimately spend most the year riding on my trainer and only maybe participate in a handful of events. Oh well, my bike collection doubled this past year and is at least starting to approach respectable.

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