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  • Tour de France 2018

    This will be the third shirt that Webstey has provided me. This one should probably be yellow.
  • Tour de France 2018

    I’ve got this thing in the bag with Thomas, Dumoulin, and Landa.
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  • BAAW Thread?


    Soon! I’ve got some bar, tape, and stem changes coming soon, then I will clean it up and take a pic.
  • One of our own hit on the bike.

    I figured I should give y’all an update. Things have been going great! So I had a long fall and winter of healing and therapy. Once March rolled around I started doing a lot better and was walking with assistance of a cane. By the end of March I had moved back into my own house and started doing more and more things in my own. I was back to working quite a bit by the end of April, now I am working just about full time. I also don’t use a cane anymore! I’m doing my own thing for pt, mostly riding bike and core exercises, push-ups, pull-ups, and walking. I think I saw the most improvement by using my balance and just doing simple tasks, like lifting things off the ground and carrying laundry up the stairs. I will see the doctor soon, and we will probably take some more hardware out of my lower back. Then I can get a little more serious about a good bike fit. My right leg is about half the size of lefty, but is constantly growing. Hell, I even rode 26 miles on gravel with the hilliest route I could last night. I am very curious to see how much strength I will recover there. The right ankle is still not working great, but it gets a little more motion all the time. I’m already better off than an obese person!
    My wonderful little sister totally caught me off guard. If anyone follows picky bars on social media, then you would have seen this mystery trip they are doing. She submitted an application for me, and I was one of the three people chosen. So July 21-22, I am going on a random weekend vacation on picky bars, but I don’t know where, they decide! I
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  • Any tips or tricks to help get faster?

    And you should start running in vibrams

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