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  • TRS Athlete at IM Boulder

    Not sure who Jared is, but he was in good spirits while on the run leg of IM Boulder yesterday.

    M_WareGentlemanJerseyDaveAaronWebsteysimonsen77MamaCheetahCraig_DJennifer PostkjrunninSteve HalewskiDHansenTri
  • TRS Radio/Triathlon in Kona?

    I was curious if anybody knew whether or not Ben, Andrew, and Mark would be in Kona this year? I have always enjoyed their coverage and would love to hear some more this year.
  • Was I the catalyst to the Rev3 partnership?

    A few weeks ago Charlie from Rev3 posted on slowtwitch regarding whether or not Rev3 should have pros. In addition to a bunch of stuff about pros, I also mentioned how Rev3 should partner with TRS (Ben) because he has such a great audience. Awesome news, glad to hear Charlie took my advice (if that was the case and this hasn't been pending for months). imagerev3
  • LA Marathon

    I haven't run it, but I do live in LA. The course looks pretty cool with not a lot of major hills, but some decent false flats. Airbnb is your best bet for a place to stay, hotels around here are crazy. The start is at dodgers stadium, so you'll want to look at places in highland park, echo park, and silver lake.
  • Lets see pics of your bike


    I actually bought this bike from Mr. Andy Potts himself, it's super awesome. It's the bike andy won 2013 oceanside on. Unfortunately I had to unmod it a little on the front end because the junction box was stored in the frame and it was so hard to work on. I haven't had the time to switch my 10speed carbons to 11 speed, so it's just training wheels for now.

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