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  • Roka clothing gone?

    It's pretty difficult to compete in that realm when your stuff is no different than anyone else's but costs double. All of these things are made in the same factories with the same fabrics. Patterns might differ, but not in any material way.
  • Gwen running at Stanford

  • Spring Classics Cycling Season

    The peloton let him go, knowing that he would be joining 3 guys who were wrecked after 150+ km off the front. Figured he would waste a ton of energy bridging, and then not have it with 15km to go when they caught the break and started attacking in l'Arbe. Don't think the peloton expected Dillier to be so strong.
    Jennifer PostMattTad_MachrowiczAaronWebstey
  • Gwen running at Stanford

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh saying they're "irrelevant." Like most things in life, their importance is more an "it depends" situation. Wet weather, mondo track, you might slip a little bit since those are hard and smooth. In that case, spikes are beneficial. Stanford has a surface that is pretty grippy, and the weather was dry, so spikes would be of little to no benefit, and could be too harsh on the legs for an early season 10k where injury risk for a lot of the girls is more a concern than running a second or two faster. Even distance spikes have very little cushion, and fast tracks are actually quite hard. You definitely feel the punishment of a 10k.
    AaronWebsteyRobert RankinMattfyrehaar
  • Gwen running at Stanford

    @matt you don’t need them to run 3:12/km (5:10 miles for us ‘muricans). If it’s not a championship meet where you expect to kick the last lap, spikes are irrelevant; and even then it’s questionable depending on your foot strike and toe off. Better to run in something comfortable.
    MattMartinGranpa Chook

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