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  • 2019 Team - Rooster Endurance

    I’d rather not see this devolve into a Ben trashing segment. Blow in blow out doesn’t really matter. He did manage to create this place with the help of some other fine folks. If not for that I’d probably be fighting off injuries sustained in cross fit because I’d rather do that than hang out in the other forum. Macca is probably grinning from ear to ear but I really don’t care.
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    I knew she was in the building, but was working on other stuff.
    Posting on Triroost?
    Please let it be that rather than working on “stuff” like Aaron.

  • Mo'vember

    It's real, honest. Took all month to fill in, just in time for my Kona visit.
    @Tad_Machrowicz That thing looks like whatever it was that @toebutt769 ate on the bike at Toughman.
  • Cheaters gonna cheat.

    I was bored at work last night for a while. Apparently there's a running club that will specifically avoid paying race fees by photocopying legit race numbers. Totally ridiculous
  • Thank you Canada

    @Martin TBH I never quite looked at it that way so thanks for the perspective. At the risk of being labelled as the TriRoost version of Dev, I agree that there has been a resurgence in "Canadianism" however I personally think this was a result of the Harper government trying to emulate the US Republican Party (god help us all). The ads may have been trying to offset what they were trying to accomplish. My dad was a UN Peacekeeper in the late 60's and was always so proud of that fact - until Harper got in. He's said on several occasions that he thinks that part of Canadian history is now lost forever. In my mind, those roles in Canada's history are what truly define us, and allow us to generally be welcome where ever we wish to go in this world. I actually think that Harper's time truly set us back 50 years in international relations but that's another thread on ST. Now granted the world has changed, but at the end of the day it can still use a little more Canada as far as I'm concerned.

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