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  • Who here knows Photoshop?

    I also know a guy. He lives in my basement and mooches off my internet. Just posting for future needs. He will probably accept payment in the form of video game purchase credits.
  • Gear deals

    Not really gear but this beauty showed up at my door last week. I’m quite impressed by the quality and the sheer mass. I plan on wearing it for hill repeats once the snow melts. For now it will sit proudly on my fireplace mantle (until my wife notices it and makes me put it away). All kidding aside though this thing means more than any other medal in the box I have. Thanks @Tad_M and @P_Cottrell

  • Ask A Nuke Tech Anything

    @stevej Lol. When I first became a panel trainee one of the senior guys would always make us run with everything in manual (fuel, air, and water) to “get a feel” for it and learn what the impacts were. 23 years old and ready to crap my pants at any second while the trainer drank 3 pots of coffee and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes and laughed at you. I hated every second of it but boy was it good for learning.
  • End of season races (iron distance)

    Haven't done anything over a half in the fall. Cabo 70.3 was great. Hot as hell but I found it to be well spectated and a pretty fun atmosphere. Very challenging both on course and off (don't recommend staying at an all inclusive when you can't drink a bunch) Toughman was a load of fun with this group in attendance. I'd love to see another group get together there. Tough course but a great time.
  • Ask A Nuke Tech Anything

    @stevej We use a Foxboro DCS at the heavy oil upgrader I work at. No photos. Lots on line though. Miss the old E/P and Bailey Net 90 stuff from the last place I worked sometimes though. Nothing like putting the Boiler Master in “hand” when sh@t hits the fan and watching things calm right down. Last trip I had I barely had to lift a finger and left everything in Auto-magic. New controls with set point tracking are kinda boring.

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