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  • TRS Radio Episode 120

    Can we just have a lionel episode to start it off for old times sake? Maybe just a 1-2 hour episode of him clearing his throat mid-word like he likes to do in his videos.

    I tried re-subbing to Patreon but Ben banned me after the comments I made about his interview with Helle Frederickson. Maybe I'll try with a different email.
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  • Montreal in December

    hot baloney sandwich
    Get out.
  • Anyone have a coach that they really like?

    When Kirsten Sweetland got into coaching I messaged her right away. I wanted to get opinions/insight on how an athlete with a chronic illness could better manage workouts. At the time I was doing pretty OK (21:30 5k, 46:30 10k, just knocked off a 45:00 PB at 70.3 distance, down to a decent 165lbs).

    Her rate was $300/month.

    Two weeks later I broke my foot, gained 20lbs, can barely run a 25:00 5k and haven't biked over 60k in a single ride since.

    But I do have her phone number, so I got that going for me, which is nice.
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  • Wear Reflective Clothes

    Thanks @rangamel for the more accurate info, that is such a shame. @doyoueventribro , do you have a conservancy group in Canada like in the US? Perhaps you can contact them to see if there is a counterpart that could get involved.
    Actually, knowing your level of involvement, I'm sure you've already exhausted these options, so Sworry in advance if you have. Your note caused me to look at the page, which caused me to see a survey. So Thanks!
    There are amazing rails to trails on the western side of cape breton from the old coal rail but for whatever reason in industrial cape breton (the eastern side) they're still clinging to the idea that a rail system is still required for the economy even though it's been out of commission for over 6 years now. They tried to get a multi-use path on one section which would take cyclists off of a 4-lane arterial road but the local councilor insisted the better option would be a sidewalk on both sides of the road and dismissed the input of the local cycling group.

    We have one bike lane and it's on the widest street in the city so it essentially serves absolutely no purpose. It's hilarious too because we have something like a 20% unemployment rate so instead of investing in infrastructure that supports cycling we continue to live with the "you need a car to get around" mindset. People end up buying cars they can't afford to maintain, insure or register instead of buying a $200 bike even though our city is enclosed in less than a 5km radius.
  • Wear Reflective Clothes

    I would bike to work every day if there was adequate infrastructure. Here are my options:
    • Take the shortest route on an old tertiary road that's been needing new pavement for the last 5 years, it's a pothole disaster and narrow. It's shielded from wind for the most part but has absolutely no shoulders and it's impossible for cars to pass without going into oncoming traffic, but they still try. I've even had coworkers pass extremely close and confronted them about it. They're great people, but idiots. I could literally feel the cool temperature of a coworkers metal car one day and her response was, "oh i'd never do anything to hurt you". That was the last day I rode to work and the last time I did a "road only" ride that wasn't in a race.

    • Option 2 is 2km longer along a shore line route and, while scenic, is windy as fuck. It's about half paved shoulders but still narrow in a lot of sections.
    • Option 3 is 6km longer and includes backtracking so I can safely enter a multi-use path, using the before entering route #1 for the final 5km.
    So the trade off is: Go quicker but risk death, bike longer and avoid risking death a little longer or get battered by coastal winds

    There's an old rail line that runs a "crows path" directly from town to town which would be an amazing multi-use path. Instead of 25km separating the downs it would be a 13 km hypotenuse. Even though the rail line has been unused for at least 10 years the owners of the rail line won't entertain the placement of a multi-use path even though the government owns the land.

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