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  • Will Froome use the Salt Tab Defense?

    Never saw this coming. Clearly thought he doped in someway, like I do 90% of the other riders, but surprised they outed the golden child. Thought for sure they’d bury his positive.

    I like how Nibali came out and said he also has asthma (like every other cyclist somehow) but didn’t need an inhaler because of the rain in the final stages.

    I didn't understand Nibali's justification for not needing an inhaler during the rainy day. Sure, pollen and allergens can effect asthma symptoms but they two don't correlate perfectly.

    I expect the next press release to be, "Froome cooperated with WADA and has since reproduced the findings from his positive test after stage 18 of la vuelta. As such WADA declares this as acceptable evidence to not proceed with any further sanctions against Chris Froome."

    Team Sky: Publically fires doctor
    Chris Froome: "It's no secret that I have asthma and I will be more diligent in the future regarding my own personal health and dosages of any medications I am taking"

  • TRS Radio Episode 119: Starky.

    I like the new proposed format idea. I don't think there's a need for a co-host on the intro except for maybe some guest appearances every once in a while. A 4-5:00 intro with an ad and then getting right into the interview is pretty common among a lot of podcasts. Finish with some kind of debrief/summary of the interview and throw another ad in there.

    I liked the weeks with @EmilyCocks doing some pre-race banter ahead of larger races and it was good insight. Most intros with dark mark or webstey are hilarious, but they're also kind of just time wasters. If i'm a new person coming to the podcast that clicked it because they want to hear an interview with whatever triathlete I'm probably going to get really confused with a 30:00 intro without that guest.
    AaronWebsteyEmilyCocksCraig Dfyrehaar
  • BAAW Thread?

    Finding a demo ISM to match the bar tape and bike accent color has to be worth a quarter point at least.
    I had no idea that saddle is a demo. I wanted just a plain black one and was hesitant on being too "matchy matchy". Did I just buy a stolen demo saddle from a dude on kijiji? Fuck me. lol

    If I recall, those specialized tires only have logos on one side, so I think the best option is to match the logo with the decals on the other side so that the drive side has no logos. I'm thinking of replacing the specialized tires anyway, not because they're worn out (only about 1500km on them) but because I did two races in the rain which made them extremely dirty. I think they'll be going on my training bike and I'll have a new set of Vittoria Corsa G+'s for next year. I put some thought into changing the wheel decals as well.

    I was going to update my HED logos on the wheels to the modern ones without the graphics but thought it would be sacrilegious to do so. I like the look of the mordern logos after seeing them with the same tires but I think the graphics on the wheel blend nicely with the frame graphics and crankset and aerobars/stem. It all goes back to the days when "sharp" and "pointy" were thought to be aerodynamic
  • BAAW Thread?

    The tire logos are in line with the wheel decals. In line with the valve would mean there would be only one quadrant without branding which would be unsymmetrical.

    AaronWebsteyStruangsimonsen77Craig DKuch
  • BAAW Thread?

    No fancy background here, just getting the job done. This is basically the motto for this bike. I posted last year when I got it and I've been meaning to take a proper pic with the customizations I made for the last few months. This bike, everything included, only cost me $1700 ($1000 for frame/wheels, $40 for new saddle, $200 for Pro Missile Alloy aero bars, $120 for missile evo stem, $250 for FSA Gossamer cranks/bottom bracket, $50 for HAWK racing jockey wheels, $40 for cables, $3 for white electrical tape)

    I love this bike. I'd put it head to head with any entry or even mid-level TT bike that's currently on the market in terms of aerodynamics and ride ability. The 10-speed drivetrain is a little dated but to be honest since I'm still on mechanical I think I actually prefer it to 11-speed. If I decide to upgrade to 11 it'd be when I upgrade to di2 or e-tap

    Give me a badge.

    wchevronM_Waresimonsen77AaronWebsteymbrekk44MattCraig DRobert RankinKenElPescadoPeladoAlexSKuchTad_Machrowicz

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