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  • Look at my new toy: A slowtwitch story.

    Maybe someone needs to write an article about how I finally pulled the trigger on a treadmill when it was on sale for $899! And that was still tough to do. It lets me run at the speed it wants, isn’t super loud, fits in my basement, and I can still buy my baby diapers!
    You're an inspiration to triathletes everywhere. I'd download the audiobook version of your biography if I had extra credits on Audible
    simonsen77jrielley1406AaronWebsteykjrunninJennifer PostM_WarePevashishDaul
  • Look at my new toy: A slowtwitch story.

    I guess they figure if people spend over $10k on a bike for a couple of seasons, what's $6k for an amazing treadmill you'll have for life? Sadly, I think this is the type of article many want to see. I think the timing is interesting though. Just weeks after statements about how tri needs to be more inclusive and lower the barriers to participation, Slowtwitch doubles down on showing tri is just a sport for middle-aged rich men.

    And H20Dave got banned? What did he do? I never thought that would happen since his clicks and the clicks he influenced probably accounted for at minimum 10% of ST ad revenue.
    That was exactly my thoughts. It seemed like they talked up the "time to tri" and inclusion aspects of the TBI conference and then immediately went back to their old ways.
    maggieruKelly O'MaraJennifer PostM_Warefyrehaar
  • Look at my new toy: A slowtwitch story.

    Let's just pause for a minute and take in the fact that this is currently the leading headline on the largest triathlon website in the world. You have the ability to publish literally anything to the world, and this is what you choose.

    A middle aged man tells the story about how his wife let him buy a $6000 treadmill. If I saw this posted on the forums I wouldn't even look at it twice. What kind of cognitive dissonance exists where you have that much separation between what you think is a decent article to publish versus what people want to actually read. What a joke.
    MartinKenElPescadoPeladoGranpa ChookM_WareTad_MachrowiczRobert Rankinmaggierusimonsen77AaronWebsteydhrfyrehaarPevashishDaulMatt
  • ITU, IOC, WADA etc. and Schoeman


    He tested positive for a corticosteroid during the 1999 Tour. But he was not sanctioned because the team produced a prescription from one of its doctors indicating that Armstrong had received it in a cream used to treat a saddle sore. (Which we later found out was a backdated (and falsified) TUE
    Also not Lances only positive test. The cortisone is the most popular because of the retro TUE but he literally tested postitive for EPO and paid the UCI $125,000 to ignore it
    MattGranpa Chook
  • Treadmill buying advice

    Along the same lines, i assume everyone is in agreement having a treadmill in the house is worthwhile?
    I live in Canada and hate snow. On the plus side I put my treadmill next to a window so if I run with my shirt off I might get a little bit of vitamin D in the winter.
    Johns622Craig DKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebstey

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