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  • This Seems Familiar

    We had 15:00 between the men/women waves at Tri on the Mira to try and separate the field.

    Who really thought that 10:00 would be sufficient time? You have a breakaway that will get maybe 3-4:00 on the peloton, then the riders off the back, the second swath of team cars. Dear lord, that's terrible planning.
  • Best footpod for Zwift?

    I've tried it with multiple foot pods. It's a crap shoot and i'd just recommend ignoring common sense, calibrating something, and just running.

    I used a milestone pod (basically the same as the zwift pod), it was accurate to what I calibrated it for. The issue is when I changed speeds, the pod didn't respond. Intervals were pretty impossible. I heard the firmware was updated but I can't really speak to that.

    I got a Stryd Live and that probably works the best but when I run outside it's still off compared to GPS so I don't fully trust it on the treadmill, but it's close enough. It responds well to pace changes.

    I tested it on two different treadmills at my YMCA and my own treadmill and using the same "speed" they're all different foot pod readings so it's kind of a crap shoot.

  • The back by some what popular demand but still always loved 2018 TriRoost Secret Santa thread

    Glad the wine made it without breaking!
  • Bereda Training - coming in 2019

    @doyoueventribro sounds like you're on the self-coaching carousel! It's a fun ride :-)

    Hey! That was a good race for me, haha. It was final preparation for the 2013 Canada Games and I formed that winning breakaway by attacking out of corner 3 of a 1-hour crit.

    Were you racing or just from Cape Breton or...?
    I'm from Cape Breton. I was just getting into cycling at the time and stopped by to take some pictures of the crit and to volunteer. You guys didn't make it easy by lapping the entire field.....twice.

    DM me, i'm a race director for a local race (triathlon on the mira) and I was trying to figure out how to get coaching/training plans to participants if they were interested but didn't want to deal with the hassle of our committee members becoming sanctioned/registered coaches.
  • Bereda Training - coming in 2019

    I like what this is about. I always bounce around between trainingpeaks premium membership, taking bits and pieces from books like "fast track triathlete" or "triathlete training bible" or "training and racing with a power meter" or just debating getting an actual coach.

    Also fun fact, before I got into this whole triathlon thing I went and took pictures at a local Crit and snagged this shot of @dennis_cottreau


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