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  • Dark Mark trolling ST's_connection_to_Hoka%3F_P6612137/
    @Martin I like to get the link so I don't have to search through the sea of cringing
    Fair warning: From now on all my Slowtwitch links will be spoofs that redirect to Dev's Facebook page.
    AaronWebsteyRobert RankinMattKenElPescadoPeladoCraig D
  • Dark Mark trolling ST

    @KHilgendorf swimming with the bansharks too:
    AaronWebsteyMattRobert RankinJennifer Postsimonsen77Johns622Craig D
  • Dark Mark trolling ST

    That was a fun thread. You need to change your name then troll everyone again. Always fun seeing the confusion of people who take themselves too seriously.
    The number of suckers on that thread suggests that triathlon has grown considerably since 2014.
  • Ardennes Week

    The spring cycling season keeps rolling with the three big races making up Ardennes week: Amstel Gold (today), La Flèche Wallone, and ending in Liège-Bastogne-Liège, close to 800 km of racing over seven days. The races feature some of the great hills of the Benelux region: Cauberg, Gemmelberg, the @AaronWebsteyberg, and many other bergs, and many Côtes in the French areas. In fact, today's Amstel Gold race features something like 22 unique bergs of it's own. If you are trying to look knowledgeable about pro cycling, you can scramble pretty much and sequence of letters, add the suffix -berg, pronounce it with a bad Flemmish accent, and ask if anyone saw how many watts the pros put out going up that hill.

    The interesting thing about Ardennes week is that you see a mix of Classics riders like GVA, Terpstra, and Gilbert facing off against guys that typically win Grand Tours or week-long races, like Kwiatkowski, Valverde and Nibali. Valverde has dominated Flèche in recent years - he has won the last four - and usually shows well at L-B-L as well.

    My picks for Amstel today, since they have continued the course change introduced last year that moved a couple of decisive hills away from the finish: Someone from Bahrain-Meridia (who are stacked today), Albasini, or Alaphilippe. Sentimental favourite: Cunego, in his last major race before retirement. The little prince has won Amstel (in 2008), and while he is not free of scandal, he was fun to watch in his prime - small, fast climber, with a surprisingly effective sprint.
  • Spring Classics Cycling Season

    This was amazing to see
    What, you don't adjust your own headset riding 46 kph beside a moving car? Not like he was using a torque wrench...

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