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  • Classic footage - check out mine and show me yours

    You were a good looking young man Webstey! BTW, can someone remind me what I am supposed to do if my erection lasts more than 4 hours?
    Get an agent.
  • Classic footage - check out mine and show me yours

    I just came for the cameo by superstar ITU official Jason Murphy.

    And to make a joke about how far behind you must have been on the swim for them to get a shot of you leaving the water by yourself.
  • Set the bar low - Post your New Year Goals thread.

    I'm going to get in shape and go kick ass in some local tri-a-tri.
    3) recalling what sequence each segment of a triathlon occurs in, well enough to transition effectively.
    Valid points. I'm more worried about forgetting IM order when swim meets start up again.
  • Bike Sponsors 2021

    First, I will put the rumours to bed and announce that I will be staying with my current bike sponsor for 2021. That would be myself because I am slow, and no one would ever sponsor me. The only changes I expect on my bike this year are the used Thomson seatpost I just snagged and some new bearings for my pedals.

    But there are a bunch of pro sponsorship changes happening, which is interesting since you are sponsoring professional athletes that are not really competing. If you haven't seen Josh Amberger's Specialized sponsor video, look it up. It's a riot.

    @Matt - are sponsorships handled by head offices or local offices? I'm thinking a combination of the two, which would explain why all of the Spanish Spesh guys appear to be staying in place while the Commonwealth athletes are all changing. Either that or Canyon is going to sponsor all the remaining pro athletes in the world and they figure they have Spain covered with their Movistar deal.
  • What will your travel trailer say?

    "If this trailer is rocking, please try to open the door because we are probably locked in."

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