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  • New to Gravel...

    Is this gravel trend still a thing?
  • Wanda exit article

    $400M, and the new owners will track down everyone with an m-dot tattoo and require an annual licensing fee or they will have their Slowtwitch account deleted.
    M_WareMattTad_MJennifer PostKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyCraig_Dkjrunnin
  • Bouncy shoes, Kevin Ryan, Culp, Cocks, and Cox

    My question to @TalbotCox is just what is going to happen to Lionel's incredibly-fast-but-borderline-catastrophic run hitch when it is propelled by a spring-loaded shoe.

    Anyway, coming from a swimming background where I saw a generation of world-class swimmers screwed by floating suits and asterisked world records, I say nip this thing in the bud. Or go full F1 and have people turn in shoes to stewards after the race for controls, and they get DQd if it fails a test.
    MattJennifer Postbbculp
  • Wurf back to pro cycling?

    I love how he did end up doing some huge pulls at the Cadel Evans race today, then dropped out early (work done) and ran 29km at 4:09 pace back to his hotel. Sicko.
  • Name Brad Culp's Latest Column

    Midwestern caucasian triathlon journalist writing about hip hop, you say?

    It should have no title. Just this image:

    M_WareAaronWebsteywchevronTad_MCraig_DJames LangeRashMatt

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