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  • Broken treadmill - any point in bothering to fix?

    I'd get a quote on service. A 5yr old treadmill isn't all that old and should still have some life in it. Maybe the bad belt is burning out the motor, and it winds up being a relatively easy fix. I'd imagine that the repair will be south of the $1000 that you spent on it, which still would keep it south of the $2500 original price of buying a new equivalent one.
    Change variables: 12 year old treadmill, paid $1,300. It's Keys Fitness, former Ironman treadmill license holder, since gone bankrupt.
  • The back by some what popular demand but still always loved 2018 TriRoost Secret Santa thread

    Thanks for the awesome belt made from a bike tire, Secret Santa. I expect the rolling resistance will be significantly better when worn with latex pants than other outfits.
    M_WareAaronWebsteywchevronkjrunninJennifer PostSdogMattTad_MCraig_DKenElPescadoPeladoGasBombItsShug
  • Old School Training

    Most of those books kinda suck.

    You could just do this...

    Steve Ovett's winter training

    — Andy Renfree (@AndyRenfree) November 21, 2018
    Ah, the days when men were men... And he probably went to the pub for two pints of bitter to recover from those workouts...
    Tad_MGasBombGranpa Chook
  • Exerscience

    I had a doctor prescribe less fitness as a way to regulate a minor cardiac issue.
  • Old School Training

    Let's say for the sake of argument that one did not want to spend the money on a coach or a system like TP. Let's also assume the person can read and is good enough with Excel and databases to build up a program that relies on percentages, thresholds, etc.

    Which of the 'old school' training books do you lean towards?

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