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  • New Ironman venues

    Where is 'Oklahoma'?
    MattJennifer Post
  • Kona 2019

    @Rash I'd rather not. Can we just get a snarky summary?
    Well, I'm not a woman and I'm mildly offended by the sexism in Stan's posts there. I'm half tempted to visit the women's forum to see their reaction. The rest of the posts are the usual BS you would expect from people that need draft packs to make the 17 hour cutoff in a non-drafting World Championship event.
  • Kona 2019

    1. Nice work sending the faster women off on the heels of the slower men.
    2. Legit nice: Legacy types (and hopefully those who buy their way in) in the last wave.
  • Cam Wurf is going to win Kona

    OT: I don't understand why any athlete would still associate themselves with that team. It's not like AB can't find himself some high-paying sponsors.

    Back on topic, the only scenarios I see where AB is a factor are:

    a. He comes out on the pointy end of the swim (which is a given), rides the Starky-Wurf Express, with Starky riding at a homicidal pace, and they maybe hold off the TTT from behind. I think AB can run faster than those guys, so he's in with a shout in that scenario.

    b. There is discord in the Team Erdinger camp and the two-time defending champ has to spend more of the race with his nose in the wind.
    Jennifer Post
  • Too many 'pro' races?

    Glancing at the IM website, I noticed there were three 'pro' races this weekend, in Victoria, Kraichgau and Switzerland. The Championship was also this weekend.

    Considering that pretty big names (Kienle, Frodo, Charles, Ryf, Helle, Rinny, Reed, Steffen) won individual races, how serious was the competition at these events? Outside of Victoria, the women's races were pretty much blowouts, and even Victoria was not really close.

    Do these pros deliberately avoid each other out of fear, are they chasing prize purses and appearance fees, or is it simply bad planning?
    Jennifer Post

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