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  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Appears to be the highest ranked post about a single person by post count in ST history. It's passed the Felt thread and is closing on Shiv and P5. If it passes Shiv, it's a top 5 ever.

    That place has gone to hell since Rappstar left.
    Jennifer PostM_Ware
  • N+1

    Dark Matter is a gravel racer, not a cross bike. But holy crap it's fun to ride.

    Force 1X comes with a 42T crank, 11-42 cassette and 42mm tires.
    The 105 comes with a 50/34, 11-34 and 38mm tires.

  • Tour de France 2018

    Maybe this should be in a new thread, but would anyone here be surprised if Sagan show's up to Worlds 5-10lbs lighter? I know he is a long shot with all the climbing (even if he dropped 15lbs would still be huge), but seems like he is really going to do his best to honor the jersey and think his late TDF rides with the yellow group into the mountains after the green jersey was locked up seemed to be a little bit of hill training.

    Of course I am probably reading way too much into this and he shows up the same size, rides as hard as he can before getting dropped by first time up the steep climbs with all the spider monkeys looking to add a WC band to their jerseys.
    Unless Froome shows up, I'm betting on Nibali or a Colombian, although this is the kind of course that saw Rui Costa win the stripes a few years ago, so it could be completely random.
  • lololololololollo

    Is there a live link to watch?
    I just paused my Eurosport subscription. I will happily pay to watch this.
  • Tour de France 2018

    That tracking camera is great for sprints.
    RashMattRobert Rankin

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