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  • RGT Cycling - initial thoughts

    @AaronWebstey said:

    • FPS: I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if that's just the price you pay for the more realistic graphics

    That's the price you pay for having twins and a partner all streaming different stuff while you are trying to ride. My experience, anyway.

    Thanks for the review, though. We were a Rouvy household for a couple of years, mainly because of their family membership deal which allowed us to have two accounts for the price of one Zwift. I'm always a bit baffled about why people love Zwift so much when apps like RGT and Rouvy have amazing scenery. Although I have to say that having 25 people on a course would have been like Manhattan rush hour on Rouvy. Not sure I ever saw more than 10, but I was mainly riding obscure routes in Eastern Europe.

    The sig oth was talked into Zwift by some friends and I didn't care enough to maintain Rouvy, so now I just ride PerfPro and watch old cycling races on YouTube. Might check out the free RGT to mix it up.

  • Project sub7/sub8

    run 2:30 (3:33 min/km)?
    This: maybe. But I think the Norwegian has a better chance of pulling it off.
  • Project sub7/sub8

    And then ride 3:55 (45.95 km/h) ?
    Hell no.

  • Project sub7/sub8

    45:22 is 1:11/100m, is he going to cut 10 minutes off and go 1:03s?

  • Project sub7/sub8

    It really depends on the course. If they find a current assisted swim, a point to point bike with prevailing tailwinds, and a run course with just enough roll to not lead to injury... maybe? But do we really care under those circumstances? Can Brownlee even run sub 2:30 in a stand-alone marathon? Heck, can he go over 4 hours of anything without injuring himself these days?
    James LangeMatt
  • PSA: Cheap used Canyon/Trek/Giants

  • Bike Sponsors 2021

    First, I will put the rumours to bed and announce that I will be staying with my current bike sponsor for 2021. That would be myself because I am slow, and no one would ever sponsor me. The only changes I expect on my bike this year are the used Thomson seatpost I just snagged and some new bearings for my pedals.

    But there are a bunch of pro sponsorship changes happening, which is interesting since you are sponsoring professional athletes that are not really competing. If you haven't seen Josh Amberger's Specialized sponsor video, look it up. It's a riot.

    @Matt - are sponsorships handled by head offices or local offices? I'm thinking a combination of the two, which would explain why all of the Spanish Spesh guys appear to be staying in place while the Commonwealth athletes are all changing. Either that or Canyon is going to sponsor all the remaining pro athletes in the world and they figure they have Spain covered with their Movistar deal.
  • Set the bar low - Post your New Year Goals thread.

    I'm going to get in shape and go kick ass in some local tri-a-tri.
  • Set the bar low - Post your New Year Goals thread.

    What it says. Don't make me feel inadequate.
  • #themarathonproject

    Someone send Noah Droddy his honorary Rooster Endurance membership card:

    2020, in a gif

    — Johanna Gretschel (@jojo_shea) December 20, 2020

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