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  • Best media player box? Uh also triathlon something something

    The Nvidia shield is awesome, but probably more then what you want to spend. As a bonus it plays video games since I can't justify buying an Xbox or PS4
  • Texas 70.3 Pros

    Looking forward to hearing TPS talk about this in a few weeks, but this start list is stacked.

    I'm sure there are some drops, but looks like it will be a good race. I wonder if I can steal Sebi's redbull helmet in transition...
  • Who watches athlete Youtubes?

    I only watch videos of athletes I actually know. If I actually rode a bike anymore on the trainer I could see myself watching more athlete videos but right now I don't really watch anything.
    Kelly O'Mara
  • Sportsmanship Thread - Not Everyone is Cheating (all the time)

    That is why people love Gomez. A fierce competitor but also a class act. I know some of the other top ranked athletes have reputations for being complete assholes and people excuse it as "You gotta do what it takes to win" but it speaks volumes when you can dominate AND be a decent human being.
    fyrehaarM_WareJennifer PostMamaCheetah
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    On my goal of "not being fat" and "get semi-fast" again I ran the Houston Half Marathon this weekend. Originally was running it with a friend but she got sick and backed out so I decided to go a bit faster and run with the 1:30 pace group. 2 miles in I was feeling good and pulling ahead of them so I went "fuck it" and went for it. Finished in 1:27 feeling good. Now I think I'm going to aim to BQ this year. Gotta run a 3:10, so really have to do a 3:05.

    Robert RankinkjrunninwchevronMattJames LangeStruangM_WareCraig DjamoozleA_drizzleKenElPescadoPeladoMartinRashAlexSsimonsen77fyrehaarmbrekk44AaronWebstey

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