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  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    On my goal of "not being fat" and "get semi-fast" again I ran the Houston Half Marathon this weekend. Originally was running it with a friend but she got sick and backed out so I decided to go a bit faster and run with the 1:30 pace group. 2 miles in I was feeling good and pulling ahead of them so I went "fuck it" and went for it. Finished in 1:27 feeling good. Now I think I'm going to aim to BQ this year. Gotta run a 3:10, so really have to do a 3:05.

    Robert RankinkjrunninwchevronMattJames LangeStruangM_WareCraig DjamoozleA_drizzleKenElPescadoPeladoMartinRashAlexSsimonsen77fyrehaarmbrekk44
  • Tell Me How Much You Hate The New Forum / Report Issues Here

    Simple problem: The footer still says "@ 2016 The Triathlon Roost, All rights reserved.".

    First, I think you mean "©" not "@". Also, 2018!

    Depending on if the footer is in plain PHP or smart templates you can use either date("Y") or {$|date_format:"%Y"} to not have to mess with this next year.
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    @AaronWebstey man I was where you were last year. Had put on a bunch of weight after the kids due to lack of exercising and too much late night eating when I was up with them. It sucks balls, my logging food with something like MyFitnessPal helped me get back on track by forcing me to pay attention to what I ate. I didn't try to limit myself to a particular diet just watched my volume. That plus starting to run again got me to drop 25 lbs in 4 months.

    You will hate life for a little while but it sounds like you aren't happy with things right now either... Good luck!
    Craig DTad_MachrowiczHoltyAaronWebsteySdog
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    It's not Friday but Christmas Eve is a good reason to drink, right? Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
    M_WareCraig DTad_MachrowiczKenElPescadoPeladoRash
  • Basement renovation

    Nice! Being from TX I'm always jealous of basements and the cool things people do with them.

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