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  • Racist drama in my small town

    This has been an ongoing issue for the last year or so at my kids high school. The prior principal was forced to resign because of his racist attitude. We also made national news last year because of racist threats made towards Depauw University students. Now we are on Letsrun because of this bullshit. Click here for link. I also pass at least a half dozen houses with rebel flags on my way to work. I thought I lived north of the Mason/Dixon line. WTF?
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  • The always anticipated 3rd annual TRS Secret Santa thread!

    Apparently Matt Lauer had a button on his desk that locked his office door remotely. Whoever has @AaronWebstey for their secret santa giftee this year, you're welcome!
  • Challenge Aruba Updates and Photos

    Webstey looked smooth and quick. Then...suddenly...he didn't.
  • Weirdest Race day cancellation/modification....?

    My story is about a crooked RD. Earlier this year (mid may) there was supposed to be a 70.3 race in Noblesville, IN. Which is about an hour drive for me. Anyhow, I get up race morning, put the bike in the truck and out of habit check my email on my phone. Ugh, race canceled. Reason: Weather I look around and there isn't a cloud in the sky. Huh, check weather app on my phone, no forecast of storms. 20% chance of rain in the late afternoon, but that would be hours after the race was finished. So, I go back to bed and wake up to read Facebook and it is a complete bash fest against the RD. Turns out the guy never got permits for the course, never reserved any space at the city park, never turned in paperwork with USAT, etc.... Several people showed up to the race location that morning having not read their email and were shocked to not find anything set up at all. No bike racks, no swim buoys, no signs on the bike course or any other typical triathlon stuff. Just an empty parking lot and a sunny sky. So, under threat of bodily harm, lawsuits, and other unpleasant repercussions, this guy reschedules the race for the 1st weekend in October. Completely screwing anyone who was planning a fall race. I did a chargeback on my credit card and got my money back. After all, I had no room in October for a race and I felt there was enough evidence that this guy was a con. So, guess what happened for the re-scheduled race? Yep, he sent out an email at 2am, you know right after everyone was asleep and couldn't respond. Reason for cancellation: Personal/Family Issue. Just WOW.
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