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  • @Tad_Machrowicz I agree! Mechanical doping is where it is at! I prefer the idea of the athletes brazenly racing with motors if they are going to cheat. Doping in private is so boring. In all seriousness, I am just fascinated by the idea of motors. …
  • @ellsworth53t I agree ITU has handled it very poorly. At least in the past, if the rumors are true, ITU would tell people to quietly go away for awhile when they tested positive. This time it seems like not only did they cover for him but they gave …
  • @Granpa Chook I just kept marveling at how Barrie was covering the race. He really skirted around the issues at first but then I started to think he might even bring up the Fancy Bears Rio leak. Nope. But he did talk about his asthma, how he was bik…
  • @Jennifer Post Guess I don't need to spend any time watching it later. It is still worth watching. Are you being sarcastic or did you not expect to see spoilers in a discussion thread about a race series after a race?
  • So exciting to see Schoeman crush it! That was amazing. He just motored away.
  • Crap! Just realized start times are am when I went to triathlonlive to see my countdown. I don’t think I’ll watch so early tomorrow morning. I still plan to use the races as an excuse to leave the office Friday at noon though.
  • Yes. I am in Seattle so west coast start times are 1:30pm for men and 3:30 for women.
  • @Rash I hadn’t seen that clip before. I couldn’t help but laugh. I know exactly which swear words he must have said as he tossed his medal into the crowd. Fy fan!
  • Talk about sportsmanship. Her actions were like an American but her apology like a true Canadian. #sorry
  • Perfect timing. I was just about to ask about Woodways. Anyone ever run on one? I just discovered that my school gym has 3 of these (and a curve, too). Tried a couple of them yesterday and hated it. Every step transmitted a shuddering through my fee…
  • I guess they figure if people spend over $10k on a bike for a couple of seasons, what's $6k for an amazing treadmill you'll have for life? Sadly, I think this is the type of article many want to see. I think the timing is interesting though. Just we…
  • I was so excited I finally had a crash story of my own j to share on triroost that Inforgot the picture!
  • Yes. One of the most embarrassing things I’ve done. I was at an early morning group class and forgot to swap out my skewer before mounting my bike on a computrainer. I slammed my neck and jaw on the adjusting knob of the empty trainer near me as I …
  • My club hosted a USMS meet in January. I've never been a fast swimmer so I try to motivate myself by thinking of the long-term health benefits instead. Stuff like this gets me in the pool on days when I am struggling with motivation. --------- Two …
  • Good news. I've made it 3 straight days. Bad news. It took only 3 days to run into the masters coach and be shamed that I was starting my swim at 7:30am instead of showing up at the 5:45am workout. So, now I have a new goal to make at least one 5:…
  • Any update on Lucy after seeing the specialist? Paws crossed for good news.
  • I've reached out to ITU, IOC and WADA today and all I've gotten back is, "We consider the matter resolved to the satisfaction of all parties and will not take further questions." They're making this so much worse than it needs to be. Who falls un…
  • I vote for Emily’s option 3. Covering the cover up.
  • Ouch! Hope you get appointment with your dentist soon. Thanks @Jennifer Post. It’s not painful. I have an appt for Monday morning. Hopefully he can just slap a cap on it. The tooth had a big amalgam filling in it that was older than most TriRooste…
  • I remember thinking it was ridiculous too but I did buy into him being sick. I just assumed he got shot up with some type of undetectable super dope before the race. Somehow, if his whole illness before the games was just a farce, that seems even wo…
  • Ouch! Hope you get appointment with your dentist soon.
  • I agree it will be interesting what the ITU might do if he loses his Olympic medal. Even more complicated than usual since Brownlee was assisted by his brother in the race and ITU made a rule change after that.
  • I totally agree with @fyrehaar @Tad_Machrowicz about Triathlon live access. Great archive of videos and the live broadcasts are fantastic. This post got me thinking about my favorite triathlon clips. I think this one from the 2010 Women's London r…
  • My holiday favorite is Swedish orange saffron cake. If I had to bring something to represent Seattle, I'd bring a pot advent calendar to share.
  • @Matt Share these two accounts on IG. @palmettopointers and @the_prettypointers. Pretty pointers has two amazing Vs but also runs a boarding service in UK for Vizslas. He organizes gatherings of Vs at parks. Last weekend they had a “Viz whiz” and 70…
  • @maggieru Thanks. She’s the best Vizsla in the world! I make her wear the “hock sock” because it stops her from obsessively licking her leg due to arthritis. I tried other bandages but she always ate them. This is the only bandage that seems to work…
  • I think it is simpler than you make it. In the case of a convicted doper, it is safe to assume guilt. I am a big believer in lifetime bans.
  • @KMRyanTri I have a 15 year old Vizsla. Incredible breed. She is slowing down with arthritis but still doing amazingly well. Meet Freja!
  • I fixed it for you. @Martin It's normal for a guy to close this kind of gap on a charging peloton...with a motor.
  • Was it really a Kia? When friends bring up training accidents in conversations, I always shut them down by telling them your story and amazing recovery. But I always thought it was a big ol’ truck. I think at some point I took creative license and …

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