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  • Glad you survived. Looked brutal from the videos. You never need to do another one as you’ve delivered the best race photo ever.
  • I am #stoked, #blessed, and #humbled. And about to AirBnB my spare room for $10000000. #chuffed
  • @Martin and @Matt, @Kelly O'Mara and @saragross discussed this on last week’s podcast. Can I get the TLDR version of what Sara said re Bahrain Cycling? Curious i…
  • Not sure these are the top 5 performances but definitely the top 5 experiences that covers performance, setting, friends, etc. R.E.M. at the Gorge Amphitheatre mid-90s PINK Vancouver 2019 Prince at Seattle center 90s Foo Fighters "Afoostic" Seattle…
  • Forget the below-the-waist grooming. I am most impressed by the dude’s manicure!
  • @Martin I know! It is crazy. Lots of those condo and vacation homeowners are eager to make deals during the summer months. The opposite of ski season for sure.
  • It was always a big draw for Seattle people. What I am hearing is that people loved the race but really hope lodging options will be better this time around. So many places had 5 night (or even 7 night) minimums at outrageous prices. Like Super 8 at…
  • I’ll just leave this here for those thinking of racing a full IM at St. George as announced today.
  • Saying Dan writes as a high school student trying to sound smart is too kind. Middle school student at best. The first bit made me throw up in my mouth a little. The second bit made me laugh. “Lose my cookies” has always meant to vomit as far as …
  • I thought Cracker Barrel was a midwest thing. Thought it would be hilarious to see how many days of driving I was from the nearest one to me in Seattle. Turns out there are 3(!) in the Portland area. I had no idea.
  • @Granpa Chook That was amazing! The best part was the clip kept getting played and replayed in local seattle media and Kevin Calabro was the broadcaster. He was the voice of Seattle Sonics and chose not to move when Sonics moved to Oklahoma. Everyon…
  • Great video smack down!
  • I'm biased, but I'd love to have something in the PNW, June-Sep. I'm still surprised WTC hasn't bought Pacific Crest and turned it into Bend 70.3, added a pro race, cancel the pro race, and cancel the entire race two years later. Classic WTC move. …
  • Dang, that’s terrible. I din’t know she left Henderson. When did that happen? I think it was announced after the 2017 season but I could be wrong. It might have been after 2016 but I think it was 2017 because she made lots of changes after 2017 seas…
  • Found my answers. Duffy hasn’t raced since Yokohama last year. She posted detailed update to Twitter. Who is her coach now? Did her husband Dan Hugo take over when she left Neal Henderson? I hate seeing an athlete lose close to a year due to what lo…
  • Just saw that Flora announced she is still injured and not racing WTS Bermuda. I can’t remember when she stopped racing last year. Was Bermuda her last race? Seems like her injury has lasted for a while.
  • $310? I thought they were all about Bitcoin.
  • I cut the cord about 2 years ago and used Leaf HDTV antenna for a year but it still kind of sucked with all the Seattle hills. I’d have to move it based on Channel I was watching. Gave up and signed up for streaming. Love it! They offer a cy…
  • Is there a consolation prize if none of your picks make it to the sweet sixteen? Asking for a friend.
  • I believed all the way until June 2012 that Lance was clean. Finally accepted he doped when news came out that 4 former US Postal team members had "asked" US Cycling not to consider them for the 2012 London team. Because, yeah, athletes spend years …
  • @Rash At least your head is only in the sand. My friends told me my head was somewhere else during the years and years I refused to believe Lance was doping.
  • @Robert Rankin When I heard Jan wasn't on the Oceanside start list, yes, that was the first thing I thought. That he had been swept up in it. But, I don't follow LC nearly as closely as I do SC so don't know if he had been planning to race or not. …
  • @Jennifer Post Not sure I am "hoping" for it to be anyone of significance. That won't be good for anyone. I disagree. I think triathlon (at least long course) is dirty to its core. Athletes, WTC, and sponsors. I think the only hope of getting it cl…
  • This investigation is heavily focused on triathlon and an earthquake is coming. I am hoping it is Frodeno. Too many rumors around Jan and Emma for years. I just hope we find out if WTC/ITU were complicit in sweeping under test results and telling …
  • I'm a die hard Michigan fan....that didn't pick Michigan to win it all I did pick Duke for my work bracket challenge. Didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of work colleagues. TriRoost loves their idiots though so not too concerned. Heh
  • I picked Michigan because I was born at the university hospital when my dad was studying there. I know nothing about their team though. Wouldn’t be able to name coach or even one player but that’s pretty true for all teams.
  • As if @jack hadn’t already jumped the shark I don't think there is a more perfect pair than Greenfield and the man that celebrated his…
  • whoever is running their twitter needs a different job, or maybe they are doing a really good job putting out dumb information Their tweets are ridiculous. First, do they even know the audience they are trying to reach? LC Pros, fans, potential spo…
  • @slickfins_Ryan You are stronger than me. I couldn’t stay off Instagram. I need my fill of cute Vizslas to help with my grief of Freja’s passing. Linc and Candace (and her bitch face) makes me so happy. No one puts Candace in the corner.
  • I often watch the replays since I am in pacific timezone and they are usually live very quickly. I was able to finally start the men's race replay again. I think they are just having issues with their new video platform and user credentials relaunch…

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