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  • I quite like the white ones.
  • Eliud Kipchoge dismantled the old record by 1:28 in Berlin this weekend. One minute and twenty eight seconds. I don't know how you develop the confidence to go that hard from the gun to go that far under the old record.…
  • I can't think of an A race Brownlee has lined up for without dominating. DNF'ed 2017 Challenge Samorin (aka 'The Championship')' He dismantled the field at St George four weeks before that, and then dominated a week later at ITU Leeds. It may have…
  • I can't think of an A race Brownlee has lined up for without dominating. I think he has the short course speed Gomez has had to lose for 140.6 racing, so for me Alistair is the man to beat. I adore the way Kanute races, but I don't think lightning s…
  • Kipchoge, but over the record because of rain.
  • @Granpa Chook The age group race was relatively well attended. There were 145 registered, 95 men, 50 women. For comparison the non-draft sprint two hours before had 175 register. All the draft legal men started in one wave. I think to have any hop…
  • Age group races were a joy. I'm hunting for draft legal races now, that was a blast. I can't believe how well the weather cleared up for the women's elite race after the downpour Saturday morning.
  • Tremblant 70.3 and 140.6 are outstanding races. I watched my gf complete both as her first half and full a couple years ago and it honestly ruined all other races for us. Nothing in the area compares. 70.3 sells out in hours, the full takes more tim…
  • In my 23 degree celsius (73F) apartment my Kickr calibrates to 477. I have a PowerTap hub as well, so I can't run both concurrently, but I do think the Kickr reports slightly lower power than my PowerTap.
  • If you're taking requests, @PreachSwanson I'd like a sleeved tri top option (not as 1 piece). Does anyone make a sleeved 2 piece kit? I've grown fond of my sleeved onesies Garneau makes a tri specific sleeved top and matching shorts out of the …
  • A local bike store in Toronto just did a reasonably informative livestream with a Cervelo rep, Some of the takeaways -They're hybrid disc brakes, hydraulic from the lever to caliper, the…
    in Cervelo P5X Comment by pete October 2016
  • The thing that strikes me about that video is how age grouper focused it is. Middle aged guy, training alone, participation medals, "when you push your limits, we pus…
    in Cervelo P5X Comment by pete October 2016
  • It's going to be an acquired taste, but I do hope the P5X is fast. I like the unconventional thinking, assuming it provides a benefit. Somebody with more bike knowledge than I have: why would Cervelo and Diamondback spec mechanical disc brakes on t…
    in Cervelo P5X Comment by pete October 2016
  • Agree with @Tad_Machrowicz. The freehub body just pops out when the cassette is removed, you don't need to replace the whole hub.
  • Waiting for Friday to end like: Who makes a gif like this that doesn't show the end?!
  • I tried VirtualTraining for the Muskoka course on my Kickr and I though it was much harder than the course in real life. A ride that usually takes me 3 hours wasn't done after 4 hours. It's less engaging, but I really like the erg file you can down…
  • @twig05 I just got so excited I couldn't help myself.
  • @stevefleck I really liked the interview you did with Bob Babbitt. Your comment about triathlon in Canada not being ready for Whitfield's gold goes a long way to explaining why we haven't seen other Canadian athletes at quite the same level. 
  • That laptop will meet the minimum Zwift specs. The biggest difference between that computer and one of their recommended models is an independent graphics card. The Intel Integrated Graphics on the laptop won't be able to display Zwift beyond their …
  • I like the flyover with personalized timing. I'm not so down with the animated avatar. I'd prefer to upload a few of my photos and either show them during the flyover, or include them at the end in a 'Ken Burns documentary' style.
  • If I wear a sleeved tri-suit at an Olympic/Sprint race, will others point and laugh?
  • I'd be thrilled to swim like Sanders, bike like Potts, and run like Starykowicz.

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