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  • A Brownlee isn't going to win Kona. He's just not durable enough after years of probably training and racing through injuries and not actually taking the time to heal. Love the guy, love to see his "punched in the face" face when he's racing I just…
  • The Beer Mile was probably the best event for a spectator all weekend. Mainly because it and the nude run went right in front of my camping area. It was very cool to meet you in person @KenElPescadoPelado and @Kelly O'Mara The sunburn I have aft…
  • I'll be there, racing Sunday, watching pros and trying not to get heat stroke on Saturday.
  • Well it was super exciting! I thought I would be bored watching a 10k but it was actually really good, even with a jumpy five year old. Gwen went 31:55. It seemed close until the last 200 but she was just being tactical. She shifted gear and left …
  • I think Flo Track will have it. I don't think she has "officially" signed but it's her club listing for her races this year.
  • One thing about those pictures that I really like, is how many of the runner with modest goals achieved them. The people who were all "I'mma probably do one loop." and they do it. I love realistic expectations.
  • Super excited to see Stanford and Holland racing. I'm pulling for Katie though.
  • Thanks @fyrehaar . I'm going for a run now instead of sitting around eating bacon in my mom's kitchen. Hey Webstey, don't get carried away. We all know Bacon is good for you and not the problem! Bacon is the answer! The question is, how I gained t…
  • They ruled the action was legal at the time, they are not going to retroactively change the assistance rule if it turns out Schoeman was doping.
  • IF you get the triathlon live access you can get the full ITU WTS races, mens and womens and mixed relays back for a few years. It's about $25 a year I think?
  • Good info. Napa is a stretch but a bunch of us have been thinking about a mini road trip. My first swim session is tomorrow so I'm looking forward to finally understanding exactly how shit my stroke is.
  • 1 - one race of some kind a month so that 2 - I don't turn into a potato from September to January as has been my wont the last ten damn years 3 - deadlift in the triple digits 4 - Platinum Horizon: Zero Dawn 5 - Actually get some proper swim coac…
  • She was reportedly doing 100 mile weeks during her pregnancy. If she goes with Salazar, I'm done with her.
  • Goddamnit. I really, really wanted to see Gwen v Duffy at their peaks. Ugh. I think we did. It was Rio 2016 and Gwen beat her handily. I love Flora and maybe she has improved since, but her WTS results before and after Rio were: 4,4,3,2,1,1. She …
  • Goddamnit. I really, really wanted to see Gwen v Duffy at their peaks. Ugh.
  • Sufferfest is trying to apply a more individualized coaching protocol to the rest of us. And AC is bitching because he said this 20 years ago, but lost out on the revenue stream because he didn't want to design a product that would give access to t…
  • I use Sufferfest and have done for quite a while. I quite like the App, it's a good interface. I'm actually looking forward to my first shot at 4DP (although it will simply tell me - you are slow and bad at everything! and I will nod and continue …
  • Well, Emma Pooley made the jump in the last couple of years and she hasn't really made much of an impact. And listening to the Ryan Hall TRS interview he spoke about how single sport athletes really can't just jump in and knock it out. I wouldn't ex…
  • I think Vincent Luis would be amazing at this format, or any of the athletes who race Bundesliga or French Grand Prix.
  • Do you get the break organized on the bike e.g. do you yell at the slackers to get their asses to the front or do you rely on the goodness of their hearts? If you do, do you have any choice phrases you like to use?
  • If you could pick a team for mixed team relay, who would you pick?
  • I'm definitely avoiding WTC. I honestly have a hard time wrapping my head around travelling that far to race, so my possible list is really, really short - Auburn, Wildflower, Lake Tahoe or Napa HITS. So it's race something really hard or basically …
  • I like this little tool for educated guesses pacing advice. I seems to indicate that yes, sub 1:30 is possible.…
  • All damn year I've been trying to snipe a podium. Every race I've gone to my Age Group has double in size from the previous year. Well , the Sprint Athenas at Oakland went from 6 last year to 11 and I still got third place. Raced my ass off for it t…
  • Damn, I wish I'd known you would be there! I could have gussied up your bike too :P Did you race?
  • The Garmin uses barometric pressure to gauge altitude. I always use the correction feature in Training Peaks if I actually care about the elevation I'm doing because it uses surveyed elevation.
  • The dog is Archie, the cat is my dearly departed Horatio Chianti Rugby Vino Rex, El Panterito Negro Superior. You can't tell from the pic but the cat was actually purring.
  • Blummenfelt is my fave right now. Dude just looks like an ox racing gazelles... and winning.
  • Oakland has super fast swims because they switch the swim starts to go with the ebb tide every year. But then T1 is super long, so your overall time won't be great.
  • Tommy Z just put a video of the bike course preview up on Facebook. Looks like it has a bit of everything.

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