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  • Caitlyn Jenner - Webstey
  • I get the sense BryanD isn't a fan of your work.
  • Yeah, there was definitely some sub-context there, but unfortunately none of us are wise enough to decipher it. I'll ask Herbert to translate and report back.
  • I don't get The Office either. Now apologize for making fun of Emperor Empfield's forum.
  • How would you know unless you've been on ST too @AaronWebstey? You're cheating on the Roost you filthy whore.
  • What @Sralston said. Pardon My Take is the best thing going on the internet right now.
  • @Johns622 It's impossible to watch the game from out there. @Rash one more thing - if you want to hear some blues while you're here, hit up Kingston Mines on Halsted. It's an experience, especially if you go late night.
  • @Rash You're right, Grace did shut down. Missed that, but it sounds like it was a pretty messy ordeal. If you don't get lucky and get a table at Alinea, Grant Achatz also opened up Next ( I haven't been yet but a lot…
  • @KHilgendorf come sit up in my section some time (420). Lots of season ticket holders and other people who know baseball sit up there because it's the best view of the game and the frat bros don't know about it. You'll be stoked, I promise.
  • And if you absolutely have to try deep dish, definitely do Pequod's.
  • @Rash Tix are going to be expensive everywhere for a weekend series against the Sox. Bleachers will be a cheaper option but I don't really like sitting out there. I always sit in section 420, 421 or 422, which is right below the press box. Try to ge…
  • Italian beef is worth having while you're here though. There's a new Buona Beef just two blocks from the Loews. Get it dipped or baptized and don't put any cheese or red sauce on it cuz that's wrong. Streeterville (where you're staying) is not a g…
  • I live across the street from the Loews. Best area in town. My recs for a weekend would be... 1. Architecture tour on the river. The Chicago Architecture Foundation does the best job of any of the river boats. It starts one block from where you're s…
  • Speaking of which, instead of my typical monthly vacay to Wisconsin, I've decided to go to Jamaica in April. Turns out it's more expensive than going to Wisconsin. I don't have enough money to drink the amount of rum I'd like to drink. My Venmo is b…
  • Swimming is pesky.
  • Alcatraz could be a true open world champs course. Maybe just make the bike a little longer to give the stronger cyclists a real shot. Would love to see Flora vs Daniela or Javi vs Ali on a course like that (or the old Nice course, like @Martin sa…
  • But there's the Collins Cup! It's coming. In Roth in 2019. Or Maybe in France in 2020. Who knows? It's like Halley's Comet. No one knows exactly when or where it will appear, but when it does, it's going to be more spectacular than an open world ch…
  • Where do you find this shit? I don't write my own articles. Tim Carlson does. In fact, I'm actually Tim Carlson. There is no Brad Culp. Or Jay Prasuhn. It's all Tim Carlson. And Herbert.
  • @AaronWebstey so you're the one guy who bought a Culprit!
  • My 2009 LOOK 987 hardtail would be Webstey's mom. It's old as shit, it's been used and abused, and it's showing plenty of wear and tear, but it's always up for a rough ride.
  • Doesn't make it move quite like a Herbert selfie.
  • I don't read your posts @AaronWebstey
  • @rigpig Juniper & Ivy is Michelin star-worthy food but it's pretty casual (and affordable). Definitely not a fine dining spot. Those kinda places go out of business real quick in SD. And Extraordinary Deserts will not disappoint. Perfect indulge…
  • @Robert Rankin nailed it. Ego is all it is. An age-grouper who is doping is lacking something in his or her life. Boasting about his or her triathlon accomplishments to friends/family/coworkers is a drug that temporarily treats those symptoms. It re…
  • @Johns622 You're talking about Hodad's. It's in Ocean Beach and is definitely the best burger in SD. @rigpig They opened a Hodad's downtown if you're absolutely craving a burger post-surgery, but it's not the same experience as the original.
  • Happy to help. Skip the Gaslamp. All the restaurants are shit and it's mostly full of frat-tastic D-bags having bachelor parties. Nice hotels though. Little Italy is where all the good food is. If you want something fancier than pizza and beer, Jun…
  • Tioli's (Crazee burger) isn't anything super special. Like I didn't have to eat an alligator burger to find out it's not as good as a regular burger. Not sure what kinda surgery you're having, but if you can drink, there are a number of great brew…
  • NSFW. I just came like four times.
  • But at least the women of Slowtwitch finally got to see Herbert with his shirt off.
  • Angry Rich is the best. On a side note, I've interviewed them each a handful of times and always bring up the other. I figured they'd know each other well being the only two big time triathletes in a small country. They don't say anything bad abou…
    in Schoeman Comment by bbculp February 8

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