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  • Put mealworms in the bird feeders around your yard. Great for attracting cardinals (if you have them wherever the fuck it is you live). Make your own hummingbird food if you have feeders. Those things suck that shit down like crack addicts.
    in Birdwatching? Comment by bbculp 5:35PM
  • @gregk wait, so the one you just sent me with the caption "wanna 69?" was purely non-sexual?
  • @gregk You might fit in better on this other forum. PM me for a link... or dick pics.
  • My only experience with upstate New York is Syracuse. Mark, why are people who went to Syracuse so smug? Are they aware it's not an Ivy League school or do they just tell them it is at orientation?
  • @idking90 I think he lives in upstate New York now. I guess that's basically the Oklahoma of New York, just with more hills and smug people.
  • Thanks @Mark_after_Dark, I'll add that to the list. Reasons to visit Tulsa: 1. Ironman Tulsa 2. Very cool city 3. It's not Edmonton I've been to Tulsa (albeit in 2007 and without a bike) and Edmonton (in 2012 with a mountain bike). Give me Edmont…
  • @Rash I'd rather not. Can we just get a snarky summary?
    in Kona 2019 Comment by bbculp June 12
  • @James Lange I really don't know why I've been so fucking angry at triathlon lately. Maybe it's because everything else is going surprisingly well... I'm finally making some OK money in this sport; I've got my back issues under control and I'm [some…
    in Kona 2019 Comment by bbculp June 11
  • Something tells me those who buy their way in (XC Challenge, "His Highness," etc.) will go with their age-groups. Those guys aren't used to going last for anything.
    in Kona 2019 Comment by bbculp June 11
  • So fucking stupid. It doesn't change the fact that there are still too many people of similar abilities racing on a mostly flat highway. This accomplishes nothing other than ruining arguably the most iconic moment in our sport.
    in Kona 2019 Comment by bbculp June 10
  • 1. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Costa Mesa, Calif., 2014 2. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - San Diego, Calif., 2012 3. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Cincinnati, Ohio, 2007 4. Gza performs "Liquid Swords" - Chicago, Ill., 2016 5. Gza performs "Liqu…
  • No Gomez in Kona this year. It's possible we never see him in Kona again, but I expect he'll give it one more shot after 2020. I don't think Brownlee ever cracks top 5 in Hawaii. Some guys just don't do heat.
  • @Tad_M It might end up being harder than a beer mile. Gotta keep the core super tight to row hard, and that's not going to be easy with a couple of beers in the gut.
  • I can't erg to save my life, I'll send my daughter. What a good parent.
  • @Tad_M Remind me when the sworry trials are again? I can still smash 2K, but that's about it.
  • @altayloraus Glad you're enjoying it. Time to clean up this sport a bit. The biggest financier is a human torturer, the most renowned coach likes to touch little girls, and the "anti-doping" from the sport's biggest organizers is just a PR stunt. I'…
  • @altayloraus My freshman year of college, the rowing coaches would hang out at the gym and recruit people. I was on the erg one day and the coach stopped me to ask if I wanted to come to tryouts. I said hell yeah, and the next day I told my swimming…
  • @Tad_M Can you imagine the two of them doing it? Ewwwww. Also, if you like Stapleton, check out Colter Wall. Saw him in Chicago a few months ago. Unreal voice for a 23-year old. And he's Canadian!
  • Anyone check out the new WU mini-series on Showtime (Of Mics and Men)? Some great backstory on the Clan. It's six one-hour episodes.
  • The headlines over there are my favorite. A lot of unintentional humor (humour).
  • @PevashishDaul I have no idea, but I hope someone calls me that someday.
  • He does bring the shits and giggles to triathlon - doesn't take himself seriously outside of start to finish of races. Exactly. After rowing in the Olympics and riding on the UCI circuit, he's able to find the humor in how ridiculous triathlon is..…
  • He's also hilarious. I texted him the other day that he needs to convince Starky to switch to the Vaporflys and his response was, "I don't think they help with marching." That's fucking funny.
  • @Granpa Chook It took me a while and a lot of conversations with Cam regarding his involvement with Team Sky to come around. I'm not going to just assume he's dirty because he does the occasional ride with Froome or Thomas when they're in the same p…
  • Wurf > Starky is a given, but not for the win. He won't pull off a Stadler. Cam is better across all 3 disciplines than Stadler ever was. Significantly, in fact. The issue for Cam is the density of talent in the men's field nowadays. Everyone sai…
  • Hopefully we get a hot day in Frankfurt so we see how Cam can hang on with a bunch of German gazelles running him down. And hopefully said German gazelles are actually racing. Will also be interesting to see if Sebi tries to hang with Cam like he …
  • Sanders has to qualify first.
  • It has to be windy this year. It's been too calm for too many years in a row. I think he needs 10-11 minutes to win and he could have 12-15 if the conditions are right.
  • @kjrunnin Whoa. Any of you up north Roosters raced Penticton as both an Ironman and Challenge event?
  • @Jennifer Post They're not yet accepting reservations for May 2020. Hopefully I can get a table.

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