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  • @Tad_M Can you imagine the two of them doing it? Ewwwww. Also, if you like Stapleton, check out Colter Wall. Saw him in Chicago a few months ago. Unreal voice for a 23-year old. And he's Canadian!
  • Anyone check out the new WU mini-series on Showtime (Of Mics and Men)? Some great backstory on the Clan. It's six one-hour episodes.
  • The headlines over there are my favorite. A lot of unintentional humor (humour).
  • @PevashishDaul I have no idea, but I hope someone calls me that someday.
  • He does bring the shits and giggles to triathlon - doesn't take himself seriously outside of start to finish of races. Exactly. After rowing in the Olympics and riding on the UCI circuit, he's able to find the humor in how ridiculous triathlon is..…
  • He's also hilarious. I texted him the other day that he needs to convince Starky to switch to the Vaporflys and his response was, "I don't think they help with marching." That's fucking funny.
  • @Granpa Chook It took me a while and a lot of conversations with Cam regarding his involvement with Team Sky to come around. I'm not going to just assume he's dirty because he does the occasional ride with Froome or Thomas when they're in the same p…
  • Wurf > Starky is a given, but not for the win. He won't pull off a Stadler. Cam is better across all 3 disciplines than Stadler ever was. Significantly, in fact. The issue for Cam is the density of talent in the men's field nowadays. Everyone sai…
  • Hopefully we get a hot day in Frankfurt so we see how Cam can hang on with a bunch of German gazelles running him down. And hopefully said German gazelles are actually racing. Will also be interesting to see if Sebi tries to hang with Cam like he …
  • Sanders has to qualify first.
  • It has to be windy this year. It's been too calm for too many years in a row. I think he needs 10-11 minutes to win and he could have 12-15 if the conditions are right.
  • @kjrunnin Whoa. Any of you up north Roosters raced Penticton as both an Ironman and Challenge event?
  • @Jennifer Post They're not yet accepting reservations for May 2020. Hopefully I can get a table.
  • @PevashishDaul One time, when I was editor of Triathlete, Tinley came to the office with a contract (written on a typewriter) that said his columns were not to be edited at all and must be printed exactly as he turned them in. It also had a bit abou…
  • I love that a discussion about potential IM venues has devolved into people googling the nearest Cracker Barrel. This is so much better than the other forum.
  • @jrielley1406 I'm good for about a mile once it's in the 53-56 range (with a neoprene cap, sometimes booties if I'm feeling soft.) I keep a wetsuit on until it hits 65, then I'm neoprene free unless the air is in the 50s. You in Chicago as well? …
  • @KHilgendorf At least the lake is behaving normally. Last year May 3 was my first open water day. I think I'll be about a week behind that this year. The water temp close to shore at Ohio St was all the way up to 51 this morning, but the buoy out a…
  • I'm supposed to have a deBoer suit to sample next week, although we're still a few weeks away from open-water season in Chicago. I get the sense that the whale skin is just a gimmick to make the suit stand out. I'm interested in the "DuraFlex" rub…
  • I ate at a Cracker Barrel in Lincoln once. It was probably the best of the three Cracker Barrels I've been to. Any Canadian Roosters been to a Cracker Barrel?
  • @James Lange Yes, all 4 have entered bids to host. I'm not sure about Memphis (it has its fair share of financial issues) but the other three cities are booming and are probably hoping an Ironman can add to that momentum.
  • @Johns622 Sounds like I need to make a summer training trip down to Greenville. Didn't realize there was that kind of terrain.
  • No one knows super hip like you, Mark. As I mentioned to Mark in my apology-ridden texts today, I haven't been to Tulsa since 2006. I've heard a lot of people sing its praises recently. It's interesting to see Tulsa and Fayetteville fighting over …
  • SLC would be perfect. It amazes me that more top-tier pros don't choose to live there over Boulder. The elite cyclists have all figured out that the riding around SLC is some of the best in the world. Plus there's better food, taxes, people, etc. Ho…
  • @Rash yes, 140.6. I feel like there are so solid 70.3 destinations in the U.S., but all the 140.6 venues are kinda meh. I love Madison and Lake Placid, but I'd rather go to Syria than Panama City Beach. @James Lange Kona would never allow a second…
  • Billy McFarland must be leading their marketing efforts from white collar prison.
  • in Dick pics... Comment by bbculp April 2
  • @Granpa Chook If any triathletes are involved (which we still don't know for sure) the names will definitely come out. The good thing here is that it's an investigation being run by prosecutors and police, not WADA/NADOs and Ironman. An Austrian pro…
    in Kona Doping Comment by bbculp March 26
  • Prasuhn was the last person to believe Lance was on the gear. Literally the last. We had to have an intervention.
    in Kona Doping Comment by bbculp March 23
  • There are only a handful of athletes that I'd be willing to wager my life on the fact that they're not doping. Lionel is on that shortlist.
    in Kona Doping Comment by bbculp March 22
  • I'm with @Jennifer Post. It could be good for the sport, both short and long term, if a Jan, Lange or Daniela is swept up in this.
    in Kona Doping Comment by bbculp March 22

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