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  • @Tad_M I make sure to have my computer set to a red and green theme when I read my homeowners insurance policy.
  • Mismatched tires ARE ALLOWED in off road. Though yes, there’s not a great reason to have a Conti Mountain King rear and a Bontrager GenericIDontKnow front, except that the front wheel is from my training set because I was able to keep my fork, while…
  • Yes I’m gonna lose points but kinda don’t care because I have a new frame built up only six days after breaking my old one. Fortunately didn’t take too much additional to get it all to work with my old components. Plus a slightly taller headtube now…
  • You can always take a camelbak. Please dear god, no. Unless I’m racing or prepping for Dirty Kanza or MI Coast 2 Coast where it’s a true necessity. I do it in training on my MTB quite often, though. But hydration pack on a roadish geometry is jus…
    in N+1 Comment by idking90 August 8
  • I’ll explain with my rationale, beyond my inherent skepticism of solutions looking for a problem (looking at you, Boost wheel standard) I’m gonna go with the basic oversimplification that, all things equal, a gravel bike is gonna be a more slack geo…
    in N+1 Comment by idking90 August 8
  • @Rash Yes. This may surprise you, but people rode on dirt roads, light singletrack, poorly paved roads, you name it, before 5-6 years ago. Take a guess what bike that was on. There are certainly differences, but one maker’s “gravel” geometry might …
    in N+1 Comment by idking90 August 8
  • @AaronWebstey I mean, at least if I got the crap kicked out of me, I wasn’t totally dropped in the first 100m?
  • That 300m swim at MLT Vail Valley was...ummm...aggressive
  • @Dark_mark I know. It was the best I could do on Amazon, and Jacqueline Deep Search is written on there. Zoom in and you can kind of tell.
  • A Malaysia Airlines plane underwater; seems about right. Too soon? Weirdly, there’s a part of me that doesn’t like the “inaccuracy” of Aquaman, Jacqueline Deep Search, and MH370 being in a fresh water tank. But salt water tanks are a billion times…
  • @M_Ware really, I’m partial to the short lived comic book version of Aquaman with gold short sleeves and a chest plate for reasons dating back to one of two jobs I ever held aside from being in the Coast Guard (foreshadowing? Yeah probably). But I c…
  • After a tumultuous few months, my fish tank seems to be stable enough for me to share my critters again. The whole gang: Robert Paulson: Jerry, Bob, Phill, Mickey, and Bill (no I can’t actually tell them apart); Oops (foreground) and Bobby Bou…
  • Roglic on this descent
  • That thing where Dumoulin’s attack just helps Thomas find an excuse to drop Froome...
  • Yellow jersey group right now...
  • Am I the worst aspiring tech bro ever if I didn’t even know it was Prime Day?
    in Prime Day Comment by idking90 July 18
  • I've seen some mechanics use a power drill but with the hex bit. Pretty standard in World Cup MTB, as that’s what the Fox SC32 fork axle is hex bolt only (though I believe you can buy a compatible one with a lever). Not sure about highest end RockS…
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 July 7
  • Canada, I’m currently upset with you because the wait at the border is like over an hour right now. Let’s not blame the fact that I have but lost a NEXUS card, or somehow tie it to current events regarding the US and immigration. Damnit I should hav…
    in Oh Canada Comment by idking90 July 5
  • So, with Canada Day on July 1, and ‘murrica Day on July 4, is there a Mexican holiday on like the 7th and we can just call the first week of July “North American Awesomeness Week” and just kinda shut down the whole continent?
    in Oh Canada Comment by idking90 July 3
  • What incredible detail on this 2016 Colnago Arabesque man, fuck this bike (like have sex with it) @Dark_mark
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 29
    in Oh Canada Comment by idking90 June 29
  • @Dark_mark I did at one point have “I wouldn’t be the shortest guy on an NBA roster” as my bio. But I deleted my apps a while ago. I’m sure I’ll re-download them eventually, though.
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 15
  • When you’re 6’5” with a long torso, it’s a lot easier to have a huge drop. And yea, the steerer was cut a little bit initially, but that’s been on my to-do list for like a solid year
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 14
  • Last little spin before heading to Sweden for military worlds
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 13
  • Can I run a GoFundMe to fund my Fantasy Triathlon activities? Can we post obscure third tier Asian age group races to gamble on, like you can in futball? How much more obscure is that than any pro race that isn’t WTS or a regional championship? E…
  • I briefly met Nate a couple years ago when he attempted playing around at this same race. But basically, no. And yea, 100% renting a car because I’m flying to Seattle then driving/ferrying. Race organization theoretically promised a home stay, but I…
  • @Tad_Machrowicz do the whole thing! Regards, A guy who says a 70.3 is way too long of a race
  • Adding this to also find out if anybody lives in/near Victoria that can help their favourite (spelling it your way) pack fodder off road “pro” in early July for XTERRA Victoria

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