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  • @Dark_mark I did at one point have “I wouldn’t be the shortest guy on an NBA roster” as my bio. But I deleted my apps a while ago. I’m sure I’ll re-download them eventually, though.
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 15
  • When you’re 6’5” with a long torso, it’s a lot easier to have a huge drop. And yea, the steerer was cut a little bit initially, but that’s been on my to-do list for like a solid year
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 14
  • Last little spin before heading to Sweden for military worlds
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by idking90 June 13
  • Can I run a GoFundMe to fund my Fantasy Triathlon activities? Can we post obscure third tier Asian age group races to gamble on, like you can in futball? How much more obscure is that than any pro race that isn’t WTS or a regional championship? E…
  • I briefly met Nate a couple years ago when he attempted playing around at this same race. But basically, no. And yea, 100% renting a car because I’m flying to Seattle then driving/ferrying. Race organization theoretically promised a home stay, but I…
  • @Tad_Machrowicz do the whole thing! Regards, A guy who says a 70.3 is way too long of a race
  • Adding this to also find out if anybody lives in/near Victoria that can help their favourite (spelling it your way) pack fodder off road “pro” in early July for XTERRA Victoria
  • 100% worth it to lead the swim this morning at XTERRA Alabama
  • I’m genuinely curious how she shat on cue like that.
  • @Zach Miller I would guess the better solution is relatively limiting the events covered. Similar to how you only did WTS, something like only races above a certain number of points or prize money, etc for WTC events. Add stuff like Escape, other ra…
  • @AaronWebstey but that version is way less funny than Jason Gay’s column. But...I could actually consider that idea as much as I hated my web development class. You can’t skim a small portion, though?
  • This just reminds me of Holmdel’s cross country course, which was downright evil.
  • Yea, and XTERRA is Saturday, while IMMT is Sunday. I can’t imagine there’s a ton of crossover there per se, certainly not within the pro fields. Particularly as Quebec is supposedly pretty technical and only has $7500 prize money, so not a ton of in…
  • All I know is that they only made them up to a size 13. So, basically they're saving us big runners from the inevitable calf injuries that being big and trying to run in something like that would cause. Thank you, Nike.
  • @Martin thanks for the offer. I'll definitely consider, especially because my options for flying to Montreal or Burlington are far more plentiful than to Quebec itself.
  • I love that part when the bowsprit snaps off. @AaronWebstey , can @wchevron get a badge for first confirmed use of the word "bowsprit"? Not only a serious fan of Caddyshack, but clearly a trained mariner. A Dartmouth boy has to be impressed. Mayb…
  • The actual page has since been removed and clicking him returns a 404 error...but they gotta fix the main page to remove him from there too. Whoops.
  • No martinis for me because current training fatigue would probably have me black out at the scent of booze. But I am spending a super exciting Saturday night at home watching Caddyshack on Netflix alone
  • I've kinda always thought that non-draft Olympic served as a good middle ground for all parts of triathlon, even including us off-road weirdos to a degree. Personally, had the format not gone all but extinct at the elite level 3-4 years ago, I'd pro…
  • Cool stuff. More importantly, can we gamble on MLT yet? If they get this going like Keirin racing in Japan, it would be awesome. I’ve had that thought since going to a jai alai fronton in Florida several years ago.
  • @M_Ware I still might in the relatively near future. I'm in a condo now, too, so a dog is a bit more of a pain than if I had a backyard. It depends where I end up after grad school, so a backyard and minimal/no work travel makes me more inclined to …
  • I considered adopting a dog for like a day (my 100% valid and rational reason) but then I remembered that I am never home and will likely spend the next 15 years moving every 24-36 months back and forth across the country. So, meet Arthur the betta…
  • @AaronWebstey sorry, no more listicles from me now that I'm doing a grad degree in IT. I'm available to take over as Prince of All Technology, though. Here's my portfolio:…
  • Honestly? Humans are capable of being, and often are pretty terrible. I understand how it's ever so slightly easier to rationalize the crappy behavior of people who live off mom and dad make a living doing the sport, but that's probably intellectual…
  • Find a used Quarq and a Garmin 500. Bet you can buy both of those together for under $450
  • Perfect timing. I was just about to ask about Woodways. Anyone ever run on one? I just discovered that my school gym has 3 of these (and a curve, too). Tried a couple of them yesterday and hated it. Every step transmitted a shuddering through my fee…
  • Other than news, my only sports podcasts are occasionally @Sralston on “The grind” and then mostly just Crosshairs Radio and BikeshopCX, both about cyclocross racing, the latter a bit more about tech (I find myself skipping episodes of that more oft…
  • One of our first indoor rides of the year with my college's tri club, something wasn't quite right with either the skewer, legs not even, or....something on the trainer because one of the girls on our team fell off, causing a slight domino effect. I…
  • No interest from me, but I just have to add that the CAAD10 105 is basically the Honda Accord of road bikes, and on the occasion when I am assembling or disassembling my Venge, I sometimes wish I'd kept my CAAD10
  • @James Lange triathlon only exists in NCAA for a relatively small number of women’s programs. Otherwise, it’s a club sport for all men and the vast majority of women’s teams as well. Some schools, Liberty being one of them, do actually manage their …

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