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  • @AaronWebstey I think you have two of them.
  • Not actually mine, but friend’s who I have been borrowing a lot lately. Roxy, the sweetest, best-behaved little Sheltie ever.
  • Yes. When Joe Morgan does the telecast for a baseball game, 80% of what he says is a reminder of how he used to play and is a Hall of Famer and how modern approaches to the game are silly (because his style of play would have been a lot less valuabl…
  • @KHilgendorf I have a few friends who race MLT. It’s only the individual primes for fastest swim/bike/run/overall for the MTR, and they’ll have the ability to change it to cash instantly if they desire. The one guy I talked to about it said that’s …
  • First thought: hooray for an outside sponsor! Second thought: the prize is now being paid in make believe money which only has use cases of speculation or illegal activity. Hooray for that. Instead of “the next prime will be $50,” I hope the announc…
  • As a 28 year old grad student (triathlon is still a club sport for men and all but a few women’s programs), I felt triggered.
  • @Rash right 2:44-45ish, couple of guys are out of the transition area already, but there are two more running out behind, and one pretty clearly slows up to let the other out at the bottleneck.
  • @doyoueventribro unless you’re racing UCI, then it’s highly unlikely you need tires
    in ReTyre? Comment by idking90 September 13
  • @AaronWebstey hasn’t Halifax consistently had problems with dumping sewage? I feel like I remember this when I was there for a port call long, long ago to “under no circumstabces are you to touch the water” Of course we also weren’t supposed to go t…
  • @Tuck_n_Roll_Tad_M I suppose the crossover among “major sports fans from or in the New York area whose dad listened to WFAN almost exclusively in the car” and “triathletes” is fairly small, but I was hoping people would respect that he was one of th…
  • Pubes is making a run at being the Mike Francesa of triathlon.
  • Update: @hojuman is a great host. Organizers in Quebec came through. I did not come through on race day. Luckily there is poutine
  • @Tad_M I make sure to have my computer set to a red and green theme when I read my homeowners insurance policy.
  • Mismatched tires ARE ALLOWED in off road. Though yes, there’s not a great reason to have a Conti Mountain King rear and a Bontrager GenericIDontKnow front, except that the front wheel is from my training set because I was able to keep my fork, while…
  • Yes I’m gonna lose points but kinda don’t care because I have a new frame built up only six days after breaking my old one. Fortunately didn’t take too much additional to get it all to work with my old components. Plus a slightly taller headtube now…
  • You can always take a camelbak. Please dear god, no. Unless I’m racing or prepping for Dirty Kanza or MI Coast 2 Coast where it’s a true necessity. I do it in training on my MTB quite often, though. But hydration pack on a roadish geometry is jus…
    in N+1 Comment by idking90 August 8
  • I’ll explain with my rationale, beyond my inherent skepticism of solutions looking for a problem (looking at you, Boost wheel standard) I’m gonna go with the basic oversimplification that, all things equal, a gravel bike is gonna be a more slack geo…
    in N+1 Comment by idking90 August 8
  • @Rash Yes. This may surprise you, but people rode on dirt roads, light singletrack, poorly paved roads, you name it, before 5-6 years ago. Take a guess what bike that was on. There are certainly differences, but one maker’s “gravel” geometry might …
    in N+1 Comment by idking90 August 8
  • @AaronWebstey I mean, at least if I got the crap kicked out of me, I wasn’t totally dropped in the first 100m?
  • That 300m swim at MLT Vail Valley was...ummm...aggressive
  • @Dark_mark I know. It was the best I could do on Amazon, and Jacqueline Deep Search is written on there. Zoom in and you can kind of tell.
  • A Malaysia Airlines plane underwater; seems about right. Too soon? Weirdly, there’s a part of me that doesn’t like the “inaccuracy” of Aquaman, Jacqueline Deep Search, and MH370 being in a fresh water tank. But salt water tanks are a billion times…
  • @M_Ware really, I’m partial to the short lived comic book version of Aquaman with gold short sleeves and a chest plate for reasons dating back to one of two jobs I ever held aside from being in the Coast Guard (foreshadowing? Yeah probably). But I c…
  • After a tumultuous few months, my fish tank seems to be stable enough for me to share my critters again. The whole gang: Robert Paulson: Jerry, Bob, Phill, Mickey, and Bill (no I can’t actually tell them apart); Oops (foreground) and Bobby Bou…
  • Roglic on this descent
  • That thing where Dumoulin’s attack just helps Thomas find an excuse to drop Froome...
  • Yellow jersey group right now...
  • Am I the worst aspiring tech bro ever if I didn’t even know it was Prime Day?
    in Prime Day Comment by idking90 July 18

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