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AJ Baucco


AJ Baucco
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Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member, TRS/Baucco Officers, Pro Triathlete


  • Applications are open!
  • Guys, registration is not open. I will tell you when it's open! Hopefully sometime in the middle of next week
  • i'll just say it... these kits are infinit-ly (see what i did there?!?) better than last year (although TRS kinda looks like Ohio State...). kudos AJ. I see what you did there!
  • Another option is to disguise the bike, and then check it curbside. Again, not sure if Canada offers that service. May just be for lazy Americans. But I just tip those guys $5 and they never ask me anything about the bike.
  • I have used the hen house and had no issues, or @AJ Baucco hockey bag AJ, was it here or your blog where you did a little how-to on the hockey bag trick? I never did a blog about it.... The hockey bag has worked for me 99% of the time. The only ti…
  • Awesome. Seriously can''t wait for this. We are going to have a really fun time.
  • I would have posted a selfie pic for today's race, but our fearless team leader is elusive!!! @AJ Baucco hahah sorry bro! next time...
  • @AJ Baucco which bag do you have? sold my hen house late last year and looking to get something else for my bike. I would be using it for both my 54 felt road bike and 52 QR…
    in Bike bag/box Comment by AJ Baucco June 1
  • AJ stickin' it to the TJ! Haha, not sure if I am trying to do that. But flying out of Denver, the Hen House is very risky. Might as well have a giant hard case with the words "BIKE!!!" written on it
    in Bike bag/box Comment by AJ Baucco June 1
  • I'm super interested in the Ruster Hen Armored House, just keep hesitating on pulling the trigger. Don't have any destination races on the calendar yet, I guess. I've only heard that the larger your frame, the further you've got to break things down…
    in Bike bag/box Comment by AJ Baucco May 30
  • . lets be honest sponsors are giving him money for his team, not for his results. @AJ Baucco Please send my cut to the address you have on file. Come to CO and I'll share the wealth with you. All my money is tied up in beer and wine.
  • Sponsors pay athletes based on how well they can influence the masses to buy their products. My team exists because I am outgoing and relatable. Yes, the team makes me more attractive to sponsors... I am not sure why other pros don't make themselves…
  • @AJ Baucco don't worry about it, pro racing is on the way out so motos won't be a problem in a few years.... Sad, but possibly true. That is part of the reason why I have worked so hard to create other opportunities for myself in the sport. Pros tha…
  • Motos are a HUGE fucking issue in pro racing and it drives us all crazy. This issue is brought up at every single pro race and it is never solved. The lead cars routinely stay too close to the front riders and even at 20 meters, there is a massive b…
  • Yeah I saw the zipper. Think he said it wasn't cheap though. cost me about $100 for a seamstress to do it... but I didn't exactly shop around.
  • How did you secure the laces? Just bought a pair and plan on cutting up a pair of perfectly good shoes when they get here. Anyone that isn't getting zippers sewn on, in place of the laces, is doing it wrong!!!!
  • Yo @AJ Baucco I'll take the paisley trunks. Gotta look sexy for the octogenarians this summer. Send me the info on how to get you my money and address. Shoot me an email. I may have the trunks still.
  • What, no love for this episode? Not a single comment? This is excellent stuff. The addition of Emily is priceless. Keep it up @EmilyCocks! The GoF*%kMe page made me piss my tri shorts. The cast of characters is forming up well. Ben or someo…

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