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  • I stopped watching in disgust when Froome took the lead. Opps.
  • I don't really know what's up. I kind of miss Barrie. Don't miss his overuse of "literally" though. He seemed to be doing fewer races these past few seasons so I wasn't surprised he wasn't on the first few broadcasts. I assumed he would appear on th…
  • Instant Pots are so 2017. The new craze is to get a smart sous-vide. A co-worker was praising her new kitchen tool and sent me this video link and I thought she was joking.
  • My biggest question right now regarding my team is if I'll regret choosing Valverde over Quintana on my rest day change when I replaced Uran.
  • My team appears to be set after the swap, and my swap also has the red x. I’ve logged out and logged back in, and the team still includes the new addition. I think the x is just there because you can still drop him and add someone else. The swap isn…
  • Rest day change arrived just in time. I didn't realize until I locked my team for the start that I didn't have a "climber". I've now replaced a "leader" with Valverde but I have question on the UX of the rider change. Valverde displays with a red …
  • Funniest part of the Groenewegen win for me was how I was so immediately annoyed that this "unknown sprinter" in my mind had stolen points from Sagan and Gaviria. I had just started to Google who this dude was when either Phil or Paul busts in with …
  • Saaaaaaagaaaaaaaannnnn Here comes my fall from grace in the standings though. It was a fun first few stages, now those that know more than just two sprinters can take over. The finish looks a little tougher tomorrow After enjoying a few days of g…
  • @AaronWebstey it’s just Sagan and Gaviria Still shows skill. I had debated making Gaviria my road captain for today but stuck with Sagan. You obviously made the correct choice for road captain today.
  • @Jennifer Post then you should support Team Denmark Astana because of Fuglsang Perhaps my rest day change.
  • Well, @Jennifer Post should really be writing this since she's leading the league, but what the hell. My reign at the top of the leaderboard will last about as long as Sagan in yellow. I wish there was some actual knowledge behind my picks but they …
  • Yes, your assumption is correct. Here's how it's described on the site: "As described in the Terms and Conditions of the game, each rider will earn for the criterion "Stage final ranking" the points awarded to his team for its final ranking on the …
  • Love this cycling safety campaign ad video featuring the Brownlees from Continental.
  • Site is League is TourDeRoost Password is 25W7M Game on. Thanks @Martin for getting the new league set up so quickly!
  • Okay bear with me as I'm new to this. Does leftover credits mean that I've still got something I can use to buy EPO for my riders? I think 2018 rules were updated to allow use of leftover credits for motors too.
  • Just when I think cycling can’t sink any lower.... And, yet, I will still follow it and believe my favorites are the only clean riders when they likely are dirty like all the others. Sigh.
  • Super ugly but might work.
  • I like the idea. Something in similar form factor like a mobile credit card reader like Square. Small device you just plug into your phone.
  • I'm in! Thanks @Jennifer Post and @Martin. All credit goes to @Martin. I saw @wchevron's comment about a bracket and I didn't even remember we did that last year. Guess I was still bitter about my exploding bracket due to Sagan getting kicked out s…
  • So much going on! Hilarious.
  • Amazing! Congrats to you. Added points for racing with a baby 100 miles.
  • My locker at my lawn bowling club.
  • I guess I kind of see it, but it also would have looked foolish to say anything else. Leaving triathlon at her peak she either had to say “I’m transitioning to running to be competitive” (and if you’re competitive you want to win), or “I’m retiring …
  • I agree with @KHilgendorf. I think she gave the impression that winning the gold would be easy. I think the bigger issue though is that she basically discounted all the other American runners. She focused on the Gold and skipped over the fact she …
  • My parents met at Cal Berkeley. Dad was a junior (21) and mom a sophomore (18). Married now for over 60 years. Only after my dad's mother and father passed away, did my dad share with my mom that his parents tried to talk him out of getting married …
  • Thanks for the recommendations. I have heard about Ear Hustle. Bits and pieces at least. One story about an inmate was just so sad. It even made me cry. He was going to get a visit from a relative (mom or aunt...can’t remember exactly) and he didn’t…
  • I see your point but, sadly, our US prisons aren't about rehabilitation. I think people come out of US prisons usually the same or worse than they went in. I won't lose sleep over this chick with such disregard for other lives not getting out earlie…
  • I tend to look at the wife and young children being left without their dad for 4/5 of their lives vs. white trash Barbie losing 12 years in prison. I am not usually so hard-lined. However, reading witness testimony including the bit about her laugh…
  • Wow. So horrible. I would be haunted by that image for life.
  • I think most punishments I've seen are insignificant. One of the worst stories I've read about was in Boulder. The DUI-driving piece of trash pled to vehicular homicide and got max 12 years sentence but still just a sliver of what she deserves in my…

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