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Robert Rankin
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  • I may have missed it, but didn't see him expressly say he is on an athletic scholarship. For whatever reason I took it to mean he is a poor student looking to fund his triathlon career while studying at and paying for school. The amount of races he…
  • Yikes $10k? 4:40 at Ohio 70.3 last year with a 1:43 run. Either really bad day or long way to go for a pro card
  • It’s annoying as all get out. I argued with her for 40 minutes before finally giving up and just telling her to send the part I don’t need. Going to disconnect the incline from underneath and hope it’s just a cable under the hood (which I can’t get …
  • I hate everything about treadmills haha. Damn thing is stuck at 15% incline, and I haven’t even ran on it yet. Trying to calibrate the incline but not sure if I’m doing it correctly and customer support literally just reads the owners manual. They’r…
  • Assembly wasn’t bad at all. I got it in the house and put together by myself. I don’t have stairs though. 2 people should be able to carry the deck. I wouldn’t want to take it apart and move it though.
  • @KHilgendorf they at least pretend to. My wife does, so for the time being I’ve moved my bikes every time they visit. We have an understanding that now the bikes will be moved like usual but the treadmill stays.
  • anyone else need any cocks? I think I even have a black one somewhere I couldn't use when I bought my black bike. Willing to give away, or better trade for white, if someone wants it Edited to add I’ve found a black cock also have a few OG TRS stic…
  • @KHilgendorf already planning on turning them into kids storage in the garage. Also the treadmill and bikes takes up all the walking room in a guest bedroom. Hopefully the in-laws and wife take the hint. Also free curbside delivery will get you in t…
  • Bike/kickr set up in front of bed. Subtly telling my wife the in laws are no longer welcome
  • Words of advice. Make certain you don't accidentally clip the upright covers on before the install is done (or let you child do it while you're not looking). It really makes tightening the bolts from step freaking 1 at the end of the install a pain…
  • The install really isn’t bad. I’ve got the entire thing together but have to wait on the wife to get home to install the hydraulic lift part on the bottom. Took me 2 hours with my 18 month old son “helping”
  • During check out: $250 for install? Nope! Now: I’d pay anything not to have to deal with this in my garage
  • Checked off a goal early in 2018
  • @mbrekk44 did you poop in a toilet? pics or it didn't happen @Evan if you must know, I'm waiting to get released from the hospital when I poop. I've been trying for 2 days. Milk of magnesia, prune juice, Mira lax, coffee, Senna, and 2 suppository…
  • Wow, really hoping this thing doesn’t suck now. Set an appointment today with the freight company to drop it off Monday. I have a marathon the day before but hopefully can have it put together that night.
  • My thoughts exactly on the financing. Now when I try and buy bike parts during the season the odds of having the treadmill cost thrown in my face is lessened
  • I just read to get at least a 3.5 HP motor which is why I didn't look at the F63. Didn't see any negatives with the proform treadmill other than their customer service isn't the greatest, but hopefully I won't need them. The proform and sole look id…
  • I'm late to the party and binge watching Rick and Morty. I'm clearly less sophisticated than the majority here
  • They quoted me 14 business days from the time it ships, so probably not until February. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of a broken treadmill in a month Put it outside next to the road with a $250 price on it. (add your phone number). It'l…
  • They quoted me 14 business days from the time it ships, so probably not until February. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of a broken treadmill in a month
  • If you do, give them a call to order and see if you can get yesterday’s price. Their holiday sale has been on for two months, but yesterday it was $877 through ProForm (as opposed to the $1299 it is today. I don't think anyone ever pays $1999). Thin…
  • @jrielley1406 that’s exactly where I’m at now. Buying used works great for some, but it’s a gamble. I gambled and loss this one. Ordered the ProForm while it was on sale last night. Specs seem similar to the F80 (3.5 HP motor, 12mph, same deck size)…
  • Off to a great start Right there with you. Marathon in 11 days, sitting on couch drinking beer playing xbox. Ya know, like an athlete
  • It snowed in Florida today, and I ran outside. I prefer outside. Treadmill is more for the missus and when I run out of time playing Mr mom and don’t want to get up at 4am or run at 11pm
  • There isn’t a treadmill that connects directly to Zwift, I don’t believe there is. Any treadmill + a foot pod. Leaning towards just getting a new one. One I bought used is 7 years old and Sole won’t cover anything because I’m not original owner. Pl…
  • I run on a Sole F80 for the price I think it's hard to beat. That’s good to hear. Someone posted an F80 locally today for $300. Checking it out in the AM. If it’s legit it’ll save me $200 and 4 hours of driving. $300 down the drain there. Motor co…
  • 1. Lose 30 lbs (I am currently 206lbs and stand only 5'10") 2. Less booze 3. Eat the occasional vegetable 4. Do a triathalon Basically everything is geared toward goal #1, as I'd like to live long enough to watch my kids graduate university/communi…
  • Signed up finally today. Price increase tomorrow. Eventbright made for a pretty confusing registration, but they have my money and my name. What more could they actually need?
  • @KHilgendorf I've gone that route and managed to get rid of pretty much everyone but the in-laws. They're a little tougher to get rid of.
  • Thankfully for guests, my wife is adamant about washing them before each visit. Personally I think Fabreeze does a fine job

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