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  • @Zach Miller all joking aside... Good luck, I hope you have a great race!!
  • The lack of response makes it clear that there are no other good options... The IM Pro athlete tracker is acting glitchy and has not updated anything since T1. Its a shame that IM does not make any effort to grow the interest in Triathlon!!!!
  • Good ideas all!! @Matt I will watch the 2012 men's race tonight and work my way back to 2008. @fyrehaar and @Tad_Machrowicz thanks for the heads up about the ITU access, I did not know about that. Future discussion topic... " why the F### do I wa…
  • Ok, in the last two hours I just watched the 2012 women's Olympic race in London. That was an amazing finish, If you have not already seen it definitely have a look.
  • Yay, Sonja Kent!! I won a race entry last year because of her. Sonja was the answer to a trivia question a local RD posted. I got it right and won the entry. Nice to hear this interview. thank you. Good luck with your podcast!
  • This rule is crazy!! It is a safety concern. Just wait for more people to have heat exhaustion. Look on the bright side... it says nothing about having to wear shorts!!! You can cool off by taking them off, lol.
  • @Evan I have used the "Xlab Aqua Shot Racing Water Bottle" for two years now and like it a lot. It is basically a regular water bottle but the valve on top allows it to be stored on its side without leaking
    in BTA Setup Comment by Sdog October 2017
  • My wife is out of town that day, I had not considered this before, but now that I think about it I will likely watch a lot more than most sane people would. Why go out and train when I can watch triathlon, my season is over anyway. Possibly Ill go…
  • I have found that I can do 40 plus miles a week of running with lots of long slow distance and I have had no problems with injury. It has hurt my speed a bit, but i can grind out a lot of distance in training, the plus side is no injuries, i feel g…
  • @Martin yikes that's scary!! I have worried about that sort of thing on the bike path that I commute on. The worst thing that I can recall on our path is tacks to give people flats.
  • @Tad_Machrowicz Yes, technology to the rescue, yikes!! There is also the risk or over policing the whole thing.
  • @EmilyCocks Good points, thanks for your thoughts. It will always be an imperfect system. Yes, larger zones make it easier, and one or two meters one way or the other makes less difference. And, there will always be groups of faster people pass…
  • @EmilyCocks and @Zach Miller I'll throw out a question, how about the thread I started about why we measure draft zones by distance and not time. I think there are several advantages to measuring by time. See the triroost thread. It would be in…
  • @Zach Miller I don't see why it matters. The ref could be riding along judging the gap either way by distance or time, either one of those ways could be done from a moto. Using either method they still have to determine if a pass is being made or…
  • @Matt You wanted and update after a week or so..... INGROWN HAIRS!!!
  • I don't understand why you have to wear a shirt at all? That makes no sense to me. Just wait until someone drops from heat stroke because they are zipped into a top and their body cant cool its self as effectively. I know I have been in situation…
  • @Craig D I took a chance and left my plastic rim strips in. I checked them they were very tight and smooth. The safest thing is the rim tape, but my rim strips looked tight, no gaps for latex tubes to work their way into. I have a few hundred mi…
  • How do you apportion the gains between latex tubes and shaved legs? @Martin unfortunately I can only look at new tires, latex tubes, and shaved legs as a whole. Those three combined likely contributed to my .5 mph improvement
  • The results are in. I raced the same 70.3 course last year and this year. I switched from Conti Ultra Sports with butyl tubes to Conti GP 4000s tires and latex tubes. I shaved my legs this year and not last year. This is a two loop fairly flat …
  • @AaronWebstey Trying hard not to give my wife any more reasons to dislike my triathlon habit. You never know tons of hair in the tub could send her over the edge!!
  • I want feedback in about 5-7 days @Sdog
  • Ok, ok. Done, legs shaved!!! Here are 6 of my top 10 thoughts.... 1) I might have just fallen for the oldest triathlon internet prank 2) How much will I have to pay for my daughters therapy? She walked in on me while I was shaving my legs. BTW…
  • Ok, last chance to pile on any comments, gifs, or other jokes about shaving legs. Thursday night is the night, I think... unless I am dissuaded by any of you. As of now I figure why the F not, it definitely wont make me slower.
  • Installed latex tubes for the first time today as well. Tedious but not as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Wasted one because I actually put on a tire that should have been tossed already. Let me know what you think after you take them for a …
  • Rockin cool shapes on shoes!!
  • i just drove 11 hours today, got home loged on and now i am drinking beer,listening to this and wondering if i will manage to get out for a ride and swim tomorrow. I think I need help.... BTW darkwebcocks rocks!!! You guys sound great together.
  • More flex in the seat post I would assume, because it extends further above the frame.
  • @Dark_mark I don't care how much Adderall it took, just want to know about how long it took? Very impressed with the detail and the execution!! Well done>
  • The horse mask protein drink video was one of the funniest things i have seen in a long time!! I still laugh out loud when i think of it. @Matt thank you for posting it!! I tried to convince my brother's kids re-enact it in his basement, my broth…
  • True, good point. My tire does not usually move that much around the rim when I pull my tube to fix a flat. I locate the hole in the tube, hold it back up to the rim to find the spot on the tire, but good point the consistency of always having the…

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