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  • LOL... thanks! I celebrated the slowing of my metabolism and gradual loss of skin elasticity and cognitive function with a 4800m swim (locker #69, you’re welcome), 48 km ride and a 48 minute run. Now I believe there are 48 glasses of wine waiting fo…
    in HBD Comment by kjrunnin June 15
  • My current binge listening podcast is Ear Hustle. Have you heard of it? It’s recorded at San Quentin and is about life in prison. It’s clear that the US prison system (or justice system) isn’t focused on rehabilitation. Worth a listen. On the topic…
  • Getting off easy here. The most recent sentencing outrage: in the fall of 2016, a driver crossed the centre line and plowed into a group of cyclists (including the son of a friend of mine) on the shoulder, on the other side of the road. That's right…
  • The power of a single well placed typo.
  • Also, thankful we had a Pooperintendent thread (never thought I’d say that) so this didn’t get posted in the donut thread.
  • When I first watched this, I concluded she was out for a run, had to go, and was refused the washroom key... before eventually demonstrating how badly she had to go. Couldn’t figure out how she concluded just leaving and shitting her pants was a wo…
  • Assign her to the #sworry trials? A group crash aftermath picture would be eggsellent! Ha! It would take her all weekend. Maybe a zombie apocalypse. She's pretty quick with zombies. Truthfully, I prefer when she uses her powers for good, not evil.…
  • Tim Hortons recovery meal - Check!!!! @Tad_Machrowicz I see your recovery meal and raise you this recovery feast. Ran a point to point half marathon this morning and when the hub was driving me back to my car near the start, we just happened t…
  • @kjrunnin I’m confused. Was it a requirement of the class that the pics be posted on SM to see if they convinced people that you were injured, or was that your choice? No, that was my daughter’s request and I obliged. I hoped that stating I was fine…
  • So yesterday this happened... While most wouldn’t take photos immediately after and post to social media, I probably would so I guess it should not have come as any surprise that my phone blew up with concern from friends and family when I did. I…
  • Here are a few more random picks: Christian Grey= Jan Lisbeth Salandar= Heather Jackson Peeves the Poltergeist= @TZaferes While I wouldn't kick Jan out of bed for eating crackers, I'm going to suggest Terenzo as a better fit for playing in the…
  • Without TriRoost I wouldn’t know about Pit Vipers (thanks @_MurMan and @mbrekk44) and if not not for PVs affiliation with Shinesty, there would be no way I would have gotten an email about these.…
  • Also I think there’s a typo in “Big Rock”
  • Do we have an official beer?
  • Currently enjoying Armchair Expert. Start with the Jimmy Kimmel episode. That one's my favourite so far.
  • I did the same as @AaronWebstey and @scotty - the light house was the nicer run (minus the putrid rotting snake I encountered on the side of the road). Stuff a few bucks in your shorts and end one of your runs at Eduardo's Beach Shack and treat yo…
  • Gary is a much loved local runner & race director. Total class act. I hope he’ll try again next year.
  • 9 o’clock bedtime on a Friday night!
  • Not household name athletes. I subscribe to the People Are Awesome youtube channel. Love watching these compilations:
  • Stop overthinking it. Do it. I think Paul Lancaster has done Frosty so he could give you some advice on prep. It's close enough to you that you can do some of your training on course, which is a positive (if you discount the fact that there are gr…
  • If you make it happen my moneys on @kjrunnin doling them out like the Russian Olympic committee distributes “vitamins”. Especially if it’s a “here click this link or google this word” post I’m going to set aside some time to award them retroactive…
  • I think this is the guyest thread of all threads but I will try to play along. My Argon 18 E-117 Tri+ would be an Audi R8. Super sexy, more than I should spend, and capable of going much faster than I will ever ride it. My new Liv Envie Advanced P…
  • Also, she's lying... oh yeah baby, you feel so BIG. Whatever. Insert eye roll. He's lying too. NO WAY he hasn't measured it.
  • 2018 is the year of the DNF for me. 15,300m. Which month will feature the wine challenge?
  • I do think there’s a difference between those who dope and the course cutters. When the Julie Miller shit hit the fan, I concluded that it’s not about the win (since she knew she didn’t win) but that she must get a thrill out of planning and success…
  • Since your bpfing everything anyway @James Lange ...make sure you keep right when I yell “on your left” this summer. 23 weeks, 5 days.
  • @kjrunnin omg, I had to drive back from LA this weekend and I wanted something funny and ended up listening to 'My Dad Wrote a Porno.' AMAZING I suspect the erotic literary stylings of Rocky Flintstone, and the commentary on them, will become tireso…

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