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  • this is the best discussion thread we've ever had
  • +1 for a cross bike. i have a focus mares with SRAM 1x. it's one of my favorite bikes to ride and in November/December in Texas, it's so fun. go do some cross races, you drink beer DURING the race, and it's just awesome
    in N+1 Comment by Evan August 8
  • Can anyone confirm if he's actually doing tremblant?
  • perhaps that bottle cost froomey one second?
  • "Figured joining a team representing a defunct podcast that evolved from a parody twitter account would keep me from taking things too seriously." ^ this sums up how we all feel, right?
  • @simonsen77 i figured that's what it must've been post-crash like trying to get the chain back on. do you have that video? also, if someone's gonna have a motor, is it Skujins?
  • i'm just gonna leave this one here... what in the world?!
  • Cofidis - In the mountains, the grupetto rides at the bare minimum pace required to not get eliminated by the time cut. Not sure I had ever seen a team take that approach in a TTT until today. Pretty sure a solo dropped rider from a later team rod…
  • i'm over Phinney bits @Robert Rankin it was funny last year, it's lame now. lance is doing a good job on his podcast so far along with a ton of ads
  • most impressive part of that stage, to me, was Dumoulin pulling back up with pozzovivo/carapaz at the end when i thought he was for sure dropped and going to lose 2 minutes or so yates is a monster this year. i'll be interested to see if he can ke…
  • Louisville is an advantageous swim down a river. the run seems fast (and honestly one of the best finishes out there for IM, i think). As for the bike, i was there to watch a buddy do it but i did the final 30 miles of the bike course with him a…
  • he's unbelievable to watch. as soon as he broke away, i knew it was over.
  • Yeah, this isn't even Cav's first crash of the season. Didn't he have a mild concussion back in February? Plus the "Sagan Elbow" from last year's Tour. Makes me think he's almost done. Third crash in about three months. He crashed into a car in the …
    in Milan San Remo Comment by Evan March 19
  • Farmer and the Seahorse is a really cool hangout spot for a beer and some apps
  • but also, i'd imagine it's to get to Kona (which is kind of a bucket list), feelings of self worth, and also to hit some arbitrary goal - for example, to get to sub 5 hours on a half ironman or go sub 10 at a full.
  • genesis 3, preach
  • so i went with the Bowflex BXT216 frankly because of its HP (4), foldable, and bluetooth tech. I didn't really care for anything else. picked that sucker up at Nebraska Furniture Mart ('merica).
  • Words of advice.... Planning on breaking it in tomorrow with a really easy 2 mile marathon recovery jog. I also wouldn't recommend scheduling delivery the day after a marathon. nice humblebrag. for those of you not on strava, Rankin cranked out a …
  • @mbrekk44 did you poop in a toilet? pics or it didn't happen
  • might be time to upgrade that ipad @altayloraus
  • There isn’t a treadmill that connects directly to Zwift, I don’t believe there is. Any treadmill + a foot pod. Wahoo will use this little doohicky to take the data fro…
  • so i'm looking at getting a treadmill especially with connectivity with Zwift. does anyone know what the best treadmill is for that? there are so many options that i get overwhelmed and can't make a decision
  • @MamaCheetah i'm scared to ask after the TRX comment, but what does someone need Aquaphor for in the middle of a trainer sesh?
  • @Evan who signed the Mont Saint Michel TT print? it's the artist from this Etsy shop, i imagine ( ) extra bonus points if you know of whom the portrait is for that stage
  • as I'd like to live long enough to watch my kids graduate university/community college/beauty school/etc and it's not looking good as it stands right now. not looking good that you'll live or that your kids will graduate anything?
  • here goes mine... it's behind my garage (we put up a dry wall and insulated the part where you'd store tools and other manly things I don't own/know how to use)... @maggieru it's white by Sherwin Williams
  • so who's making the "pain cave" feed?!?! also, @Robert Rankin i hope you guys wash those sheets before any guest stays over... they've got to be soaked with sweat with the bike that close
  • i always leave these conversations with, "man, i should take ostarine, it sounds like it really works!*" AM I RIGHT?!?!?!? *joke

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