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  • I realize it was done before, just like triathlons were around before aerobars and fully integrated bikes. I also understand there are differences across manufacturers. However there is a somewhat consistent general understanding (still developing…
    in N+1 Comment by Rash August 8
  • So if I only want to add 1 bike (for now) for both gravel riding and occasional cross racing, which do I get - a cross bike or a gravel bike? Right now I use my mountain bike for both including GravelWorlds (the 75 miler) coming up soon.
    in N+1 Comment by Rash August 8
  • I may be wrong, but think that frame flares at the bottle mounts to somewhat shield it from the wind. Also, I am assuming of all teams, Sky knows if and how much slower a round bottle is and knows that for every individual rider.
  • I think he just looked massive when he was up with the GC contenders, otherwise he looked about the same to me. I just think to compete on that WC course (even if he has no shot at winning) ditching a few pounds would be in his favor. He has no ot…
  • Maybe this should be in a new thread, but would anyone here be surprised if Sagan show's up to Worlds 5-10lbs lighter? I know he is a long shot with all the climbing (even if he dropped 15lbs would still be huge), but seems like he is really going …
  • Sky's one off aero bar set ups are amazing.
  • @Martin and/or @Matt and/or anyone else - what are your thoughts on Lappartient? I sort of thought he might be a nice breath of fresh air when he took over the UCI, but he seems like a worthless blow hard at this point. Not any worse than the past…
  • Wish Sagan was healthy enough to win, but still glad it wasn’t Démare.
  • Gotta say, Froome even "cracks" well. Still caught back on after shutting down the initial Roglic attack. He's obviously missing a few gears this Tour, but he's still fighting hard.
  • Please stop talking to Phinney.
  • I sure hope Demare doesn't win in Paris. Hopefully his magical climbing legs disappear tomorrow.
  • @Martin Poels doesn’t get enough praise. The fact he pulled for so long, got dropped then hopped back up front to ride tempo again was unreal.
  • No cycling journalists (ha) are even discussing it. Outside of Lance's podcast, there is not a single story about the accusations. I realize it could all be chalked up to sour grapes perhaps, but still - that's a pretty big story to have one rider…
  • @Robert Rankin The unfortunate part is I think in previous stages other sprinters actually witnessed him doing this (Cav and Greipel both commented upon their expulsion passive aggressively), but they didn't name any names. Now Greipel decides to s…
  • @Robert Rankin when I saw Demare split today before the final climb, I assumed he was done. Apparently he found his legs again just in time to climb the final ascent only 9 minutes slower than Quintana. Greipel (and others) called BS on it (but G…
  • Sounds about right. I wouldn't eat anything for any other race of that duration, but just wanted to double check in case I needed extra calories/hydration to combat 1.5 hours of swimming in e-coli. Should be "fun"!
  • @Dark_mark Was that deliberate? Looks like that guy took him out.
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by Rash July 20
  • I would like to see Bernal get a chance to dance away to a stage win, but if things stay this tight I have a feeling he will be stuck in domestique duty all the way to Paris. He was unbelievable in the Tour of CA when he decided to go for it in the…
  • That was in pink! I don't know how those guys can ride through those crowds like that - can't even see the road.
  • wonder if everyone will blame Nibali for riding too dangerous and close to the edge of the road like they did in the classics last year when that spectator's jacket took out Sagan and Van Avermat. Come on Nibali - I am sure Porte would not have …
  • I guess we know why Bernal skipped a pull yesterday. That kid is a beast. I guess Gavira isn't such a great climber after all - or perhaps the fatigue of so many days of hard racing just caught up to him. He is a sprint stud for sure, but curious…
  • I will Martin said he couldn't believe how strong Froome was when he caught on. And you can read into that any way you like. To put it in context Martin was thanking Froome for going with him then complimenting him on the pace he was able to keep. …
  • That last climb suited Dumoulin better than tomorrows and he was still caught and dropped. Love them or hate them, Sky is an amazing machine. They rode perfectly today - the only hiccup was their kid Bernal falling off earlier than expected on the…
  • We had an Instant Pot for about 3 weeks and returned it. When you factor in the time they take to get up to pressure, cook, and decompress followed by extensive clean up it's basically a crock pot with more parts and risk of scalding/explosion. P…
    in Prime Day Comment by Rash July 18
  • Another donut themed cap:
  • @Robert Rankin that would be fun. Say what you will about Sky (I don't have an issue with them myself), but how can you not like a guy who crashes like ">this, gets up, hammers to catch back up and then spews fire at the jackass who caused him t…
  • I think the only person who really thinks G is a leader is G. Unless Froome crashes out or has a really bad day (losing 5+ minutes), he is the leader. G seems like a tough guy, but there is nothing in his history to indicate he can climb with all …
  • Sagan is still the Green favorite I think. As good as Gaviria is (more so his lead out train - ask Kittel), I still think the big sprinters are going to split up the sprint stages a bit while Sagan will be top 5 in almost all the fast finishes. He…
  • @Tad_Machrowicz - You obviously have a bit more energy than my sister and brother-in-law! Also, my bother-in-law will be approaching 60 when his boys are the age of yours. Also, for kid math - as Jim Gaffigan says, "“You know what it’s like havin…
  • I can't top two at a time (God bless you @AaronWebstey ), but my sister decided to have her first two - both girls and pretty much angels - then 8 years later she had a boy followed two years later by a second boy. They are good boys, but they are…

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