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  • Awesome stuff @A_drizzle! Any updates on your fellow badass @mbrekk44? Looks like a DNF - hoping it was due to normal DK200 terribleness and nothing more. (sorry if I missed this info elsewhere)
    in Badassery Comment by Rash June 20
  • @bbculp go read the commentary under the article on this issue at the twitch. I am sure you will find something to be mad about there.
    in Kona 2019 Comment by Rash June 11
  • We rode pretty hard on Saturday (day before) and it was a very low key race for him - really for everyone considering only about 20 people showed up. He couldn't beat the kid in front of him and he had no one behind him to push him. He did underbi…
  • Good to know on AP/NP - that is what I assumed, but it makes sense on a short, punchy course like this that a different tactic would be better. The funny part is that when we do group rides, he really suffers because he can't handle the surging tha…
  • @KHilgendorf He is a better triathlon/duathlon cyclist than I am for sure. I don't have any doubts there. I was actually assuming his power meter must be reading low as well and he just told me he only had his left crank arm reading during the r…
  • He's a multiple time national champion triathlete/duathlete who can throw down a sub 4:30 mile at age 47 and at 165 lbs (5lbs over his race weight) has an FTP right around 360. To say he ran better than me would be an understatement. I just starte…
  • @M_Ware When my family comes to visit, we eat there multiple times. The last time my sister was here I actually had to pay a ridiculous restaurant runner fee to have it delivered to the house because they didn't have time to actually go to the rest…
  • @James Lange Cracker Barrel is just a place where you can advance heart disease and get some Christmas shopping done while waiting for your table. All at a reasonable price with an all day breakfast menu available.
  • I will say that Lincoln is 500x better than Des Moines. I think it may be larger as well. The only thing Des Moines has going for it is a really beautiful and out of place capital building. I don't think anyone would come to Lincoln (or Omaha whi…
  • @James Lange I can confirm that at least the local tri community in Des Moines wants them. The Omaha and Lincoln chapters of NE Tri Club are working with the Des Moines tri club to try to help where they can with lobbying IM. I know because I have …
  • I have no suggestions as I wouldn't do it if it were here in Lincoln. To be clear, I am assuming this is in reference to a full 140.6, not a 70.3.
  • @wchevron My kids have been bothering me for a dog so I said if they stayed in their own beds for 100 nights in a row I would think about it. I forgot I said that until my son just walked in and said "Dad - 11 nights!". He's tracking. He's going …
  • Thanks @KHilgendorf - that is a great calc. It's hard to predict how I'll approach GW and if I even do it. Ideally if I do it I will be there to race and see if I can hang in the front packs, but who knows. I just used that profile because that i…
  • @idking90 That is a cool story. I can't imagine going that fast and having conversations with each other while fighting for 1/2/3. I can barely remain vertical coming to finish line in the MOP.
  • According to the twitch, you are wrong. The best story out of collegiate nationals is Colorado's bogus win: (I didn't actuall…
  • i take a lot of 2nd and 3rd places around my area (2 guys here who are on another planet) and my kids are very quick to always point out that I didn't win, '"Again!". Glad this is on the internet so they don't have to be ashamed of my failure to re…
  • in Dick pics... Comment by Rash April 3
  • Shhhh @toebutt769 - She's sleeping.
    in OURA RING Comment by Rash April 3
  • in Dick pics... Comment by Rash April 3
  • I'm selling this bike for $1,700 + shipping. Tires have less than 50 miles on them with new sealant, I will include the original white tires, one of which is pretty bald in the center, however if you put it on the front it will work just fine for m…
  • @Jennifer Post Not sure I am "hoping" for it to be anyone of significance. That won't be good for anyone. I disagree. I think triathlon (at least long course) is dirty to its core. Athletes, WTC, and sponsors. I think the only hope of getting it cl…
    in Kona Doping Comment by Rash March 22
  • I prefer to start out slow and then continue to drift back as the event goes on.
  • @Jennifer Post Not sure I am "hoping" for it to be anyone of significance. That won't be good for anyone.
    in Kona Doping Comment by Rash March 22
  • Saw that triathlon and cycling (obviously) are the two non-winter sports suspected to be involved. German doctor and only European athletes being implicated thus far. Should be interesting. Luckily there is no German nor European presence in prof…
    in Kona Doping Comment by Rash March 21
  • Did she know that Triathlete magazine still exists?
  • Is that one doughnut that's half jelly and half cream or are you eating two. In addition, what sort of high powered laser tech did you use to cut it without smashing the hell out of it like I do every time I kid myself by cutting off a piece of a do…
  • Was fun to watch as usual - too bad for Luis, however it makes tomorrow a little more exciting for the overall. I wouldn't be too happy being any of those other guys knowing Luis was just resting today.
  • that was the first and last time Fielder "ran".
    in Jose Canseco Comment by Rash February 14
  • @KenElPescadoPelado Thanks, but my life is roses and stress free so that can't be it. Must be immigration related - anyone know of any good ideas for this issue?

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