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  • I may have missed it, but didn't see him expressly say he is on an athletic scholarship. For whatever reason I took it to mean he is a poor student looking to fund his triathlon career while studying at and paying for school.
    in Go Fund Yourself Comment by Rash 5:36PM
  • I think Murray is too pre-occupied these days for anger!
    in Schoeman Comment by Rash January 22
  • Will be interesting if the ITU takes action. How do they handle the 2016 ITU series champion? From what I read elsewhere on the internet (therefore it's true) if Schoeman is somehow suspended or has his results revoked due to that positive, that w…
    in Schoeman Comment by Rash January 19
  • I would hold off a bit here based on the source of the info. Sputnik news is not necessarily the epitome of journalistic integrity and I have seen no other corroboration at this point outside of other message boards citing this same article. He may…
    in Schoeman Comment by Rash January 18
  • @Robert Rankin how much assembly was required? I have contemplated getting a new treadmill and putting it in my home office, however I think it will be too loud as my office is upstairs with all the bedrooms. Curious on assembly because that would…
  • The crazy thing is that the Peloton treadmill appears to be an "affordable"* version (rip-off) of a Woodway! *excluding any subscription service contract requirements which I am sure are included
  • Not sure why my post is on there three times - @AaronWebstey ?
  • Room was supposed to be all mine for whatever I wanted when we bought the house. When I finally started turning my attention to how I was going to set things up (paint, TVs, sound, etc.), I was advised it was "needed" for "temporary" art storage. …
  • Javi swims better than and rides at least equal to Lange. Hell, he swims as well as Amberger if not better (when he wants to). At 70.3 and shorter he is a better runner than any of the other contenders from this past year. I assume his strategy…
    in Javi!!! Comment by Rash January 7
  • I'd mail you guys (I don't get out much) a box of Dewar's chews from the beautiful town of Bakersfield!
  • I'm applauding you @Rash...... not the other way round. I just needed an excuse for that clip.
  • @Craig D I find it's the answer to most things. Isn't that how the kids are drinking these days to get drunk faster? Makes perfect, rational sense. Also, you are assuming there was a discussion. @Tad_Machrowicz It's my thread, I'll do what I wan…
  • @KenElPescadoPelado - My Christmas gift to you all!
  • @Tad_Machrowicz Use a butt funnel - a guy mixing his protein shake and BCAA's in the gym locker room told me that.
  • And is not 4 times the size of a Vizla.
  • I want a dog that looks exactly like a Vizla but doesn’t shed and is lazy. Haven’t found one yet.
  • Two scenarios I hope play out just to watch everyone's head and keyboards explode: 1) The hearing is held immediately after the Giro. He is given an immediate suspension that ends the week prior the Tour that has no retroactive effects (he holds …
  • The Secret Pro's take on it.
  • I found a deal on the Shimano's and grabbed a pair. They only had them in a 47, however most of my Shimano shoes always seem to run big so I am gambling they will fit. I am going to likely also grab a pair of Giro Empire's as well then compare the…
  • Maybe I should try the @ThomasGerlachProTri Giro mod.
  • @Robert Rankin That is very odd. When I read it this morning (same source) there was a footnote indicating those statements had been retracted. The footnote is gone, however now there is an article on Velonews advising of Nibali's post stating the…
  • @doyoueventribro I think you may be right on the outcome though. Froome must be somewhat confident in his chances with all the hoopla surrounding his Giro attempt - all of that coming long after he and the team were notified of the adverse result.
  • That statement by Nibali was actually retracted from the original story - not sure if it was just him thinking out loud or him not wanting to get tangled in the finger pointing, but it must have been off the record. (also recalled he used to ride f…
  • @IanL I was avoiding that larger conversation deliberately here, however I have to say it makes me very excited for "Tour de Pharmacy II: When Asthma ATTACKS!" "Asthma" could also be a great character for a future @TheSufferfest workout. "Better …
  • I don't have a dog in the fight or a full understanding of all the sciency stuff (considering all information is not public I question anyone who claims to), but the thing I don't get, assuming I am understanding what is in fact out there, is why th…
  • I've tried on a few pairs of Sidi's over the years wanting to like them and never have found them comfortable. I am, of course, in the minority there just as I am with my dislike of Castelli.
  • @KHilgendorf My heels and mid-foot are narrow, however my forefoot must be wide because all my running shoe issues seem to come in that area. My PI's are actually too short (size 48). Not sure what deal I got, but my cheap ass has been riding with…
  • From a legal standpoint, what does he have to lose by naming them now? I'm no longer a real lawyer, however revealing them now would cost him $$$. The company will pay more if they can keep their name from ever getting out. Some will argue he s…
  • Have you checked out @DC Rainmaker gadget recommendations yet? He usually addresses watches and goes by price ranges. Maybe see if any of those are "pretty". link

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