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  • 2:49:42 - Wow! His goal was 2:50 and he made it - amazing.
  • @Dark_mark you forgot Golden Girls and M.A.S.H. - two of my favorites still.
  • A few years from now, will everyone be playing the Sagan wrenching clip from PR in slow motion arguing that was him turning on/off the motor? Someone should ask Boonen about it! Ha.
  • Like I said - Sagan had this one in the bag! (Don’t read the prior page on this thread) Sagan!!!!!
  • Based on all the rhetoric directed at Sagan, one thing I think is for sure is that he won't win. He has not really been good at PR in the past anyway, but he is a marked man and unless he can go from 40K or more out and still have the legs to drop …
  • Thanks everyone for all the great input. The hotel actually got us a reservation for Sat at the Girl and the Goat (and said they "moved us up" the wait list at Alinea for Friday night) so I'll go see if it's all hype or not. Otherwise there is obv…
  • Thanks @bbculp . I will check out your recommendations, although I thought for some reason I remember hearing that Grace shut down. Believe the Cubs are playing the White Sox at Wrigley that weekend. Where should I look for a seat - I will like…
  • On the deep dish note, I know everyone in Chicago likely has an opinion, but where is the ultimate Chicago deep dish experience? Pequod's? Lou Malnati's? I know Pequod's is a bit of a variation with cheese on the top and the charred crust - not su…
  • Someone recommended Girl & the Goat for dinner. I know it's super popular, but wonder if it's worth the hype.
  • I like to eat and always feel like a great way to get a feel for a city is to find great local joints. Food tours, whether formal with a guide or made up on my own, are always something I enjoy. Doesn't have to be fancy, just authentic - hell, I h…
  • Must be nice to get new work computers - my company just recycles the previously broken ones. I turned in my 2016 laptop and was provided a 2015 replacement. Thanks for the input. I just told him anything around $400 or less is good enough for …
  • ...I have to think PG throws any thought of racing for a teammate out the window at Flanders and PR. You mean, like a 50k solo breakaway and holding off GVA, Sagan and Naesen or something equally crazy? Of course, it helps if an undercover QS team …
  • Sep Vanmarcke was spent too after so many fruitless attacks early on. QS has their collective shit together so far and a team that has multiple, legit options to win, however I have to think PG throws any thought of racing for a teammate out the wi…
  • Surprise - QS won a race! Wow - heck of a start to the season. Lets hope they get blanked on the monuments - just love the drama and alleged failure that will ensue (plus it means maybe Sagan won them) ETA - talking about today's Dwars door Vlaa…
  • Great race. Didn’t initially think he would be able to hold it when he hit out so early. QS is unreal - Sagan is going to have his hands full. GVA is going to have to figure out how to win as a marked man - not as easy as when you are simply the …
  • QS rode it so smart as a team - that was not the case in recent years. BMC had some question marks at the end, however if they pull Terpstra back GVA was not the fastest sprinter in their chase group. I am not a QS fan, but found myself rooting f…
  • I was trying to save him from himself by posting it before he thought to. Figured it was time to let someone else be horrible for a change.
  • This story doesn't have a leg to stand on. There has to be more going on.
  • @Jennifer Post Guess I don't need to spend any time watching it later.
    in 2018 ITU WTS Comment by Rash March 2
  • I’ve thought about a dog as well - love Vizla’s and Rhodesians - but haven’t found anyone to take my wife and kids in exchange yet. I’ll keep looking - definitely have had some interesting offers to my Craigslist ad so far.
  • @Jennifer Post at least she didn't do this one:
  • There are a million breweries in the area - some have food if you're into solids. I always like pancakes and bacon at Richard Walkers which is in/just adjacent to the gas-lamp. A little expensive for what it is, but never left disappointed. I als…
  • @KHilgendorf I don't know, I just know I have a family member that apparently has the right type of shares to get the deal. I know the discounts go up during the week of the annual shareholders meeting so perhaps I might try to get in some treadmi…
  • @Evan - wonder if the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders can get a discount on treadmills as well? I know there is a somewhat significant discount on the furniture - at least that was what my wife told me. Now I have to do some checking. For clarifi…
  • At least it prevented another "Swim-Run" story from leading the Twitch front page...never mind - it only temporarily prevented it.
  • I'd settle for a 12 and 13 year old boy ..... Plans to blackmail @Tad_Machrowicz just got easier!
    in Oh Canada Comment by Rash February 11
  • 4:20-4:25? I am no longer blown away - what a slug. Drop triathlon at get a real job Molasses McElroy.
  • @Martin If either one of you are going to use primarily .erg mode, then 10 speed v. 11 speed is really not a problem. Just place it on a cog that works and it will stay there. I have a Kickr Gen 2 and still think it's the best piece of equipment I…
    in Tacx Flux Comment by Rash February 7
  • They can just buy out Gravel Worlds (aka Nasty Nebraska) as well. I don't see them needing to set up competing races as the gravel races can probably be had for a few pizza's and case of micro-brew at this point.
  • found this interesting Could actually all just be a few simple mistakes with spelling and dates - however the lack of any explanation keeps this looking very suspicious.
    in Schoeman Comment by Rash January 25

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