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  • I went ahead and signed up. Hoping on a banana hammock. Or cock pocket. The latter probably more (in)appropriate around here.
  • @ellsworth53t max ernst. Equal parts dream and contrivance.
  • So I was hanging out in the backyard of @ItsShug earlier today
  • @AaronWebstey I could handle just the bottom banner popup if it wouldn't come every single page turn. But the highlighted text links are rather jarring. And seemingly quite random. On this page alone, I have links for "edited" "infolinks" "I thought…
  • Serious question: I know we're all mostly middle class and up, but are pro triathletes financially savvy enough to know what to do with this payment? If they were, they wouldn't be trying to earning a living at this.
  • Yes @rash I forgot about my Bakersfield days. Round mountain was a nice ride with good variation in terrain. Coming from a 2 min maximal effort running background, I preferred the climb up panorama. Does the Bakersfield tri still force you to crawl …
  • With a 52 week high near 4200, it can only go up. I'm getting on the MLT train.
  • @rash I don't know where you are (I'm sure it's posted somewhere). I'd start working in Jan in a position that would allow for much exercising and travel, so come the real season, I'll intentionally seek you out to kick you in the face on the swim.
  • @Rash that's heavily dependent on what my next job is and where you're located. If I land the job I'm interviewing for tomorrow, I'll be traveling m-f every week and won't be able to travel for races. If I take the job I landed for january, you've o…
  • Damnit @AaronWebstey this better not turn into PotM and we hear all the details next June. You promised this week! Seriously though, after a couple year hiatus from racing to look after my kids and waste time/money on grad school, I'm ready to race.…
  • I hear some of the dudes and ladies around here love a good chest piece. But I'd maybe wait to see how the bears offense fares against a competent defense.
  • Didn't foresee trubisky throwing 5 in the first half, but from a fantasy standpoint, fitz wasn't terrible until the late int. He could have easily put up 200 and a couple TDs in the second half with the bears playing prevent d. But yeah, the bears d…
  • @HMkrplunkit a big f'n cock Or the Barkley fall classic
  • Team challenge/betting opportunity: me vs @bbculp at the 2019 #sworrytrials. No special event required, we will compete at literally everything. Points tallied by @PreachSwanson - he is legally incapable of being unfair. I dunno, God can be a fickle…
  • @bbculp I agree the bears d is back strong, but their corners and safeties can be exploited (see Rogers at 60% in week 1 with a similarly lacking running game). They've made changes, and I don't see fitz lighting them up without also forcing a coupl…
  • @bbculp Bears secondary are due for an implosion. If the bucks line can handle Mack (BIG if) then I have a feeling Fitz can light them up. He might throw an int or two, but expect another 3 TD game. Especially when the run game gets buried and he th…
  • Now that I have so much more free time on my hands, I might get back into training. Who said we asked for training! Wasn't there some Facebook story about a guy running 26.2 without training on a bet... he's one of ours right :-) Don't know about f…
  • @Robert Rankin don't fret the OBJ trade. His success relies too much on eli's ability to throw the ball, which depends on the line holding up. Neither of those are looking good.
  • @bbculp Shouldn't that be "mean reversion"? Or do fantasy nerds not want to assimilate terms from finance? I figured they were basically the same people. and @Dark_mark start Fitz for no reason other than he don't give a fuck.
  • Performance testing is almost worthless. All it tells you is if you're better or worse than the last time you tested, which you should already know based on your training. You find what you need to know when you race. Either you meet your goal, or y…
  • @doyoueventribro Simple solution: 3 wheelsets.
  • People are a hell of a lot more comfortable on a loose rear NICE And here I though "skidding front" would have elicited the response.
  • Rear = drive and steering. Front = not wanting to shit yourself when it washes out and you about endo. Hence why the shop guy told you to go wide up front (if you’re only doing one). People are a hell of a lot more comfortable on a loose rear than t…
  • @Matt Kimber stuff is great. But the blaster, while awesome for firing upwind, isn't very practical in a dog/animal attack. Only 2 shots, and you actually need to be somewhat accurate, which is difficult while on a bike and shooting at a moving targ…
  • Fastest run split I can remember at a 70.3 WC was Michael Raelert going 1:09 in both the 2009 and 2010 in Clearwater, and Gomez doing 1:09 in 2014 in Tremblant... You really only run as fast as you need to, though. All those guys are/were sub 30 10k…
  • Also I feel the compulsive need to point out that I was running intervals and included 14+ minutes of standing/walking around You mean, in addition to the 11 minutes of stationary time included in the file?
  • @AaronWebstey in the Maritimes, I'm sure a relative was involved.
  • What the hell are you doing checking weather at 5:57 am? You should be half-way into your 4 hr, pre-work ride! We're still doing the ST thing, right?
  • CX frames with no bottle cages or only one make long dirt road training rides kind of a pain You can always take a camelbak. My preference between the two comes down these factors: which is cheaper, and/or which one is sexier? The basic difference…
    in N+1 Comment by KHilgendorf August 8
  • Dark Matter pricing can be seen under the config tab: $4200 for force, $3200 for 105 in the US.
    in N+1 Comment by KHilgendorf August 8

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