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  • @wchevron have you seen the people who row? Their boarding schools and ivy pedigree? Of course it's expensive. Gotta keep the physically gifted lower classes out somehow.
  • @KHilgendorf He is a better triathlon/duathlon cyclist than I am for sure. I don't have any doubts there. I was actually assuming his power meter must be reading low as well and he just told me he only had his left crank arm reading during the r…
  • Or his pioneer could be reading 30W low. Only way to know would be to use them simultaneously and compare. Overall, I would say he's probably a better cyclist than you (obviously because he went faster) because he hit the hills harder and applied …
  • That's nine handsome dudes. And Ben. Oh shit! That's Ben on the far right. I thought it was the bride's father.
  • You know there are other ways to get that elusive yin-yang. One of which I bet your new wife might appreciate.
  • Dude, how did you not announce that to all, @Zach Miller ? You're trying to sneak in your BFC status so we can't all heckle you for the next 4 months?
    in Crew Help Comment by KHilgendorf May 17
  • He does bring the shits and giggles to triathlon - doesn't take himself seriously outside of start to finish of races. Exactly. After rowing in the Olympics and riding on the UCI circuit, he's able to find the humor in how ridiculous triathlon is..…
  • @ellsworth53t of course it's still a requirement. Higher front end needs are met by a taller headtube built into the frame geometry. Or you get a frame like @Matt that has integrated spacers so it at least looks slammed, even though there's a cm in …
  • Personally, I think wurf and starky work together and get 18 minutes on the runner train after they all get blocking penalties. Wurf then holds on for the win while starky fades somewhere between 5 and 15.
  • My new gravel bike 2 spacers above stem:- 1 Mudflap: -1 8/10 You should be ashamed.
  • @PevashishDaul I did, but the alliteration was too much with my last name. Daniel was very high on the list, though.
  • @Matt I assure you from experience with my first 2 kids, some of those are up for interpretation.
  • Shit, I forgot all about @James Lange and his bag o dicks rant. Patrick it is! Nah, we went with James Alfred. Wife really wants an Alfie.
  • @jrielley1406 my limit is dependent on duration, but can go down to 52 with a wetsuit for pretty much anything. No wetsuit, I can do 57-8 for short stuff (up to about 600m). Need it around 62-63 before I can think about a swim of decent length. But …
  • @bbculp what do you mean "a few weeks away from open water" here? It's not like the weather forecast is calling for snow tomorrow night - wait, no, it is. At this rate you'll be holding onto that suit until August before you get a chance to test it.
  • "Our WhaleSkin rib neoprene increases the surface by 18.3%, which in turn increases buoyancy and ultimately increases your speed." Not sure they understand physics. Increased surface area = increased drag through skin friction. This is okay for a c…
  • Portland. Scenery.
  • @Rash cycling power/cadence is so subjective that while there is a science behind it all (i.e. you may not be optimized above/below a certain maximal power or cadence) the strongest determinant of what to put on your bike will be down to your person…
  • With the little info you're giving us, I'd say just stick with what's on the Boone and keep it simple for both. To really evaluate, we'd need to know what your goal is for Gravel Worlds, what you're acceptable climbing wattage and RPM are on the ste…
  • @M_Ware there are plenty enough rednecks around here who can ID Dick Trickle.
  • How has this not been posted yet?
  • No demerits for calling a Ti bike "low tech?"
  • I mean, there are many definitions of relevant. I want to say they simply didn't care to be associated with an irrelevant person like @AaronWebstey but it's probably more along the lines of the program not mattering to either the roost or chain reac…
  • I just got fired. $50 at twin peaks later and I'm a bit sloshed on a flight from Houston to chicago. Yay bourbon.
  • That deer behind you is throwing shade and thinking, "how did this jackass with a VO2 max of 50 slay me when mine was over 150?"

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