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  • It's pretty difficult to compete in that realm when your stuff is no different than anyone else's but costs double. All of these things are made in the same factories with the same fabrics. Patterns might differ, but not in any material way.
  • @dhr don't think it's a triangle. More like an h - with Monty on his knees
  • The first mile is pretty severely downhill, so, you know, that's really only like a 4:45. Into a 15 mph headwind.
  • The peloton let him go, knowing that he would be joining 3 guys who were wrecked after 150+ km off the front. Figured he would waste a ton of energy bridging, and then not have it with 15km to go when they caught the break and started attacking in l…
  • Based on current form and recent results, I can see a 3 man break getting away on the 3km sector of pavé around 45km to go (Mons-en-pévèle). Quick step will be in there with Stybar or Lampaert along with a sleeper like Boasen-Hagen or Tony Martin, p…
  • That’s might explain gwen’s reasoning, but I doubt some of the others wearing flats have that same access. Nor are they pursuing the marathon.
  • Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh saying they're "irrelevant." Like most things in life, their importance is more an "it depends" situation. Wet weather, mondo track, you might slip a little bit since those are hard and smooth. In that case, spikes are …
  • @matt you don’t need them to run 3:12/km (5:10 miles for us ‘muricans). If it’s not a championship meet where you expect to kick the last lap, spikes are irrelevant; and even then it’s questionable depending on your foot strike and toe off. Better t…
  • Can I count my kids as company or am I just drinking alone?
  • I know I always ran best around 5-8 pm. It aligns well with the normal training patterns of practice/training in the mid afternoon. Also, the 10k is boring as hell, so you don’t want to make it prime time viewing. Something about weather, too, if yo…
  • @bbculp every mid 30’s-40’s former frat guy bro-ing it out in the stands beg to differ. Seriously, that’s been the entire crowd for every cubs game I’ve attended, though it may just be baseball fans in general.…
  • Not sure, I'm vegetarian. Reviews are good. If you want a place that is worth the hype, Kuma's is awesome for burgers and death metal. They have a spot in the west loop not too far from your hotel, but the original is in irving park.
  • Loews is great. You’ll be in a good spot to check out the lake and parks. What are you into? The art institute is close, as is the museum of contemporary art, and the architecture tours on the river are cool, but so is just walking along there if yo…
  • that shits only ~10%. Can’t you find something difficult?
  • DLNA streaming from my little NAS drive Can you use less nerd speak? Is that like plugging in a USB drive? Not sure any streaming boxes allow that. I have an old AppleTV (3rd gen maybe?) that works okay but doesn't allow you to add apps. Also a h…
  • As @EmilyCocks probably a computer error between the bike and run #2. Transfer 15-16 min from run 2 to the bike and it's perfectly in line with expectations.
  • Saddle bag Crank above horizontal Valve stems not aligned Ergo bars (not classic curve) 6/10
  • @matt does the Marinoni shift like shit and does its engine have an incessant wheeze? My 2004 cervelo p2k is a Honda NSX. Still fast today with the right driver, built in Asia with the best engineering of its time, and has a look that, while dated,…
  • Would be better if that were like a 2010 aluminum frame I have their 2006 civic by cervelo. It's a 2004 P2K with a ton of aftermarket parts to trick it out. But seriously, that '06 civic would set you back 1/4 the price of a P5x frameset.
  • Pourquoi le chapeau?
  • Dude! A bunch of gold dicks!
  • @idking90 fish are harder to take care of than a dog. Especially in a bowl where you have to change and condition the water. Dogs may require more activity, but you can't kill them because you forget to warm the water to room temp before transferrin…
  • Fair. That was simply an example of what components should go on a hand-built steel frame. Full campy Potenza (though I prefer the old Athena since the crank was a classic 5-arm pattern with open chainrings). And a custom steel hipster track frame…
  • @Matt Ritchey knows what's up:
  • "BIKE PORN, GET YER BIKE PORN!" NAHBS higlights galleries: Frame is gorgeous, but their choice of components really lets it down. Way too much carbon for a bike with a quill stem.
  • @Rash Do you have to be an "A" holder or do the B shares suffice? You can get a B share for about $130. One A might set you back a home mortgage. Unless you're name's Herbert.
  • The powerbeam comes with a joule gps, so that's actually a great deal. Just limited to ANT+ since that trainer was an either/or on the BT/ANT. It's not a deal breaker (I have both of those, and the computer works great for controlling the trainer) b…
  • Also, if you don't mind being limited to ANT+, there's this:
  • Or just get the C1's.

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