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  • CX frames with no bottle cages or only one make long dirt road training rides kind of a pain You can always take a camelbak. My preference between the two comes down these factors: which is cheaper, and/or which one is sexier? The basic difference…
    in N+1 Comment by KHilgendorf August 8
  • Dark Matter pricing can be seen under the config tab: $4200 for force, $3200 for 105 in the US.
    in N+1 Comment by KHilgendorf August 8
  • I stand corrected on froome. Saw gay went without bottle and assumed froome would too since he had a chance at the win and 2nd overall. Dunno about that frame with a standard bottle, but over 30k, that could have been a couple seconds - enough to gi…
  • WTF with sky and $10k custom handlebars and bottles on the downtubes? Bottles & cages were removed on Froome and GT bikes for the final TT. Probably just on there for the morning recon ride.
  • @Robert Rankin Men are live now. Reminds me of this:
  • After a tumultuous few months, my fish tank seems to be stable enough for me to share my critters again. The whole gang: A Malaysia Airlines plane underwater; seems about right. Too soon?
  • @wchevron I wouldn't be so sure... Though this will be a hell of a lot more entertaining to watch than an ironman. Or any of the other crossfit events.
  • I’m just glad Demare was allowed to race. His 3rd place as my fantasy captain helped me pip @Martin by 9 points for 15th place.
  • Nah, @Robert Rankin you’re just old.
  • So when Froome pulls off another Landis on Friday, can we just push him off the side of the mountain before the finish? Or do we think he'll 1) not apply for a TUE for some random ailment and 2) accept Thomas as the true team leader?
  • This is Oliver. He's a fucking asshole. He French. Of course he is.
  • @martin I'm thinking the only way the starting grid matters is if Movistar take it out from the start. With Kwiato back in ~60th, it's possible to isolate Froome/Thomas off the start with only Bernal in support. They'll be isolating themselves, too,…
  • @Robert Rankin the staging will amount to nothing more than the remaining 5 sky domestiques burning a couple matches to jump up to the front. I'd expect the race neutralized up the first climb while a few polka chasers go off (Barguil needs monster …
  • Also enjoying the battle atop the fantasy standings. @Robert Rankin has finally been dethroned by @mbrekk44 , but Mitch is out 2 riders with the abandonments of Gaviria and Uran today. With there being only 1 switch available, does he fall back down…
  • Loving all the dropouts from the sprint crews; Demare is finally getting me some points. And without Cav and Kittel jamming up sprint trains we can have a clean finale tomorrow. Edit: Just saw Nibali is out after hitting a police moto and crashing …
  • @matt he briefly fell back down after hours and this morning due to glitches in the website. Then investors decided those were a good thing because too many people were trying to give Amazon their money. He was up another billion and a half or so to…
    in Prime Day Comment by KHilgendorf July 17
  • So after selecting Alaphilippe as my captain for the first week, I swapped him for Barguil yesterday. Brilliant move on my part. Anyone wanna fight me for Lanterne Rouge honors?
  • That could also be captioned: "Riders report Cavendish's odds of a stage win" -or- "Rednecks aren't only in North America" On to the finish: Holy hell Groenewegen. Where'd that kick come from?
  • I channeled my inner Belushi for a 5 mile race once. Ate 15 little chocolate donuts an hour before, eased in 6:00 for the first mile, then kicked to 5:15/mi for the final 4, losing about 8 of those little guys in the final mile. Being 18, skinny, fa…
  • Alaphilippe's gonna get one!!! Oh, nevermind, my pics are garbage...
  • @matt I don’t think fondos qualify as “in competition” Also, crappy donuts are awesome
  • I logged in to change my captain to Demare and missed the cutoff. Was pissed until I saw him pedaling backwards in the sprint. He looked like Cav out there.
  • So, choosing a team of exclusively french riders is apparently not the way to go? And this team captain thing is a joke. Double points only for the day's results? Not for overall classifications? Alaphilippe was supposed to be my ringer in the first…
  • Yeah, so you have to unscrew them, and screw it back in. Seems like it'll add 5 sec compared to a QR. Not massive, but enough to question it's worth on a roadie.
  • Legit question: how do you change a wheel with thru-axles? Do you simply leave the bike behind a grab a new one every time you flat in a race? Doesn't look like a super quick thing to do.
  • Is there a way to just bulk select the entire quickstep team?
  • You are at whole foods. What do you expect?
  • Oh @M_Ware we are well aware
  • What the hell is the point of testing if, when someone fails, he's not suspended in accordance with the rules? This is like blowing a 0.16 while driving your car and the cop saying, "It's cool, go ahead and drive home." He pissed double the allowabl…
  • Maybe you’re just catching the exact time they’re doing a couple hard efforts to activate the legs? Or more likely, @Tad_Machrowicz is correct.

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