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  • @Tad_M the chain will win hands down. Even if the cogs are open they will eventually fill with crap and will either slip a tooth or break the belt. Typical pulleys on belt drive systems are solid with a lip to keep the belt running true. They don’t …
  • @Martin years ago when doing my Millwright apprenticeship a company came to site with some spray on belt dressing that was supposed to “lube” the sheaves on a belt drive system. One maintenance manager went all in and mandated its use everywhere eve…
  • In industrial settings belt drive systems typically need more regular maintenance than chain drives. Haven’t seen one on a bike to be honest to really say for sure. However I can’t see it being as efficient as a chain drive system. Power transfer in…
  • @doyoueventribro bring that thing to the Sworry Trials next year. @Tad_M has the perfect place to wear it. You might even drink for free if you do (it’s almost free anyway...)
  • @Brew_Tri is a pretty fast guy and I think he is with AJ. This may also include beer mile advice. Not much else to add other than Kristian Manietta with TRI Specific. I paid $350 for an IM plan that I really like. Does one on one too. Had my fastest…
  • @ellsworth53t Good luck on your exams too! Mine have a 7 year expiry so if I don’t finish before the time is up you have to restart. The format blows. They have a pretty good syllabus and there is a correspondence course you can study from but not …
  • I'm sure if you posted video of it on slowtwitch you could get 17+ pages of debate over proper form, equipment suggestions, and associated infighting and attempts of hijacking. That would almost be as much fun to watch.
  • One cannot fail with @Dark_mark on your side... seems like destiny Edit: I'll admit it may not be the greatest result (or is it?) however fully acceptable in this case
  • @ellsworth53t Power (Steam) Engineering. I'm working on my First Class which is the highest level you can get in Canada. 8 exams - 7 questions per exam do any 5. 65% to pass. Subjects are highly enlightening - Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Boiler…
  • Think I got really lucky with an exam yesterday. Celebrating my dumb luck. 5 down 3 more to go (exams-this is the last of the six pack).
  • Ok @Tad_M you were holding out on us. I can't believe I traveled all that way and didn't get to go for a ride
  • @maggieru She sits in all kinds of crazy places. Jemima tries to hide from her sometimes or picks a spot she can only fit on. Lucy usually worms her way in though. Jemima is verrry patient some days.
  • I just ordered weed online AND submitted my application. Life goals. It's now legal in Canada, right? Not derail this thread but "allegedly" in Edmonton last night people were lining up at 3 AM outside a particular store just to buy some products. …
  • In for the headbands
  • Sebi dropped out a mile into the run. Foot issue.
  • Lange packed his puppy again @Jennifer Post
  • I hate that screen ! Why would a participant want to check where they are during the race. @Granpa Chook Maybe when your twin is running and you’re about to sub in?
  • @slickfins_Ryan she definitely is and uses it to her advantage. Lincoln has a similar look to him so be forewarned. I imagine he is a ball of energy - flat out until he passes out for an hour long recharge and then repeat? That's Lucy's day until…
  • We decided that Lucy needed to stay with us for good. She’s decided that she likes to lay in front of the fireplace with all the snow we’ve got now. Good luck @slickfins_Ryan !! Puppies are so fun but such a handful
  • @AaronWebstey researching potential retro team kit ideas?
  • Swim to the Moon 10k. My wife’s list is probably longer
  • @dhr just to clarify I did take it as a joke and it certainly reflects an important piece of Ben’s history with triathlon. My issue was with the potential direction the thread could take when trying to build something new. I’d rather not have people…
  • I agree with @toebutt769 on the kit color request. It’d be good if we could keep it consistent for a couple of years in a row too to allow mix and match of a few different items. I’m not sure if that’s possible with a small group like ours and the m…
  • I’d rather not see this devolve into a Ben trashing segment. Blow in blow out doesn’t really matter. He did manage to create this place with the help of some other fine folks. If not for that I’d probably be fighting off injuries sustained in cross …
  • I'm in - It's always fun when I get to say to the wife - "Is it ok if I go hang out in a cabin in the woods in (insert some state in 'merica) with some random people I met on the internet and pretend to exercise?" I'm sure she wants to say - "Is…
  • @PreachSwanson and @AaronWebstey thanks guys for stepping up keep this cool little thing going. I can offer my kids creative genius to help with any designs you may have etc. He does a great job designing jerseys for his paintball team. Anything els…
  • So this started showing up in the Honouring Dark Mark Thread. In case anyone is looking for some early Secret Santa items

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