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Craig D


Craig D
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  • One of my boys brought me these home tonight as an early sworry- I - drank - your - last -beer - last - night - Dad Father’s Day gift. Sitting down to write a few words in the book for the last boy’s graduation.
  • So Milly found her forever home and is being spoiled rotten apparently. Jemima has a short break before we got a call to take in these two yahoos... Josh (TRI color) and Lucy (tan an white). Sweet dogs but a handful. 6 month old puppies. Jemima …
  • @M_Ware that Benjamin makes you a majority owner when its converted to Canadian Pesos
  • Sorry to hear that @Granpa Chook.
  • Thanks @Tad_Machrowicz and @M_Ware. Josie was 13 and had a pretty good life. She was in obvious pain and it was the the right thing to do in the end. Jemima and Milly are starting to come around after a week together. Milly was challenging the h…
  • This is Milly. We had to say goodbye to Josie just before Christmas this year and Jemima hasn’t been herself since. Milly is a rescue that we’re fostering for Beagle Paws. Such a sweet girl with a little bit of the devil in her. She’s been here for …
  • I sent a link out to the TRS / Baucco Canada Squad to help spread the word on both the race and the hats and have asked @AJ Baucco to forward it out to the rest of the Team. Just a heads up if you see a few more inquiries through the website.
  • I’m in for 1. DM on its way
  • Stumbled upon this tv show today. It totally distracted me from what I was doing. This could be a good thing to watch while on the trainer. You could potentially compare sweat rate vs drool rate. Stay hydrated my friends.…
  • Not sure if this should be in here or the POTM threads when we're anxiously awaiting last month's results. Google Caddyshack T-shirts - this time its ok to @kjrunnin (you can "trust" me ) there's some good ones out there.
  • This is from the Martini Saturday thread. Looks like a couple of good reads with a martini chaser may be in order. Or judging by the titles you may need sample a few first so you can understand what the heck is going on.
  • Usually I only watch on nights at work. I liked the Transition 4 stuff and a few others. I certainly don’t go out of my way to find them.
  • Some of these posts make me think we need a 'squiggly face' reaction. If you make it happen my moneys on @kjrunnin doling them out like the Russian Olympic committee distributes “vitamins”. Especially if it’s a “here click this link or google thi…
  • Audi A4. Slightly upscale version of the Civic (same shitty wheels) that gets me from point A to B. Questionable tuning and has the tendency accelerate unexpectedly.
  • Well well well. Looks like the dog pays more attention to Jay and Dan on TSN than I do. Women’s bracket is looking pretty good. Just need to figure out how to get her to pick lottery numbers.
  • Sunday morning and she can’t decide if she wants to get up or get in
  • I have no words....
  • That’s awesome @rangamel ! Nicely done. I finished a grand total of 12,850 uninspired meters. Two more weeks and I hope to clear some major items off the table and get a routine going again.
  • @martin. I think he was drinking so heavy and spending so much time in the beer line so he could avoid the “did you think I should have played the other shot honey?” questions.
    in Oh Canada Comment by Craig D February 21
  • In Canada everyone watches the Olympics
    in Oh Canada Comment by Craig D February 20
  • @jamoozle is it ok if I borrow that story? My kids don’t buy the “uphill both ways” stories anymore. This one might help get the youngest out of bed before 1 pm.
    in Oh Canada Comment by Craig D February 12
  • Awesome @Craig D ! I'd settle for a 12 and 13 year old boy learning that trick..... @Tad_Machrowicz Better luck teaching the dog I think. I have a 17 and 18 year old at home. I feel you pain. I swear they thought the snow shoveling fairy was real f…
    in Oh Canada Comment by Craig D February 11
  • I reall need a dog like this
    in Oh Canada Comment by Craig D February 10
  • I'm lucky enough to drive almost an hour each way to work. I sort of rotate through several: Fat Black, TPS, Tower26, Ask a cycling coach, Strength running, Tim Ferris, The Brendon Show (can't do Tony Robbins sorry). Ones I used to look forward to…
  • For the initial injury RICE still applies as it helps with the initial injury. Say for the first couple of hours. After that it’s comfortable heat. My PT has been recommending this approach for a long time. They apply heat pads after a session when …
  • @rangamel maybe you need a bigger challenge? Just because you’re going to probably end up with more mileage this month than the entire team combined
  • You sure that’s not Stan on that bike?
  • @Rash annual TRS podcasts are a little presumptuous don’t you think??
  • 3 times up the Callahan .... someone is a really sick bastard for coming up with that. I had a suspicion but hoped it wouldn’t be the case.
  • @Jennifer Post isn’t it great how crazy goals compound?

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