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  • Suprised no one asked which helmet Lionel Sanders used in Kona The only thing the hive mind agrees on is that he makes bad equipment choices.
  • -- its all in the sale section. Bingo.
  • I found them after some digging. I think they have a busted link on the homepage.
  •'s_connection_to_Hoka%3F_P6612137/@Martin I like to get the link so I don't have to search through the sea of cringing Fair warning: From now on all my Slowtwitch …
  • @KHilgendorf swimming with the bansharks too:
  • Liege is going to rock this weekend.
    in Ardennes Week Comment by Martin April 18
  • I'm a few hours down the road, but might come up to see it. If you need to crash in Montreal for a night on the way through, feel free to drop me a note.
  • That was a fun thread. You need to change your name then troll everyone again. Always fun seeing the confusion of people who take themselves too seriously. The number of suckers on that thread suggests that triathlon has grown considerably since 20…
  • VALGREN!!!!!!!!!!!! It's funny, someone gave a bunch of form predictions in the cyclingnews comments, ignoring Astana (like I did), but when someone pushed him to pick a winner he chose "someone from Astana." Always helpful to have the numbers in …
    in Ardennes Week Comment by Martin April 15
  • I should mention that the women's races are getting very strong in Ardennes. The organizers have wisely scheduled the races to run the same day as the men, leaving a couple of hours ahead. This means they get great fan support along the route. The …
    in Ardennes Week Comment by Martin April 15
  • With a tinier pool of athletes chasing it.
  • hey guys we actually have a bunch of HUGE things in the pipeline we have been working on for some time, i think you will be pleasantly surprised with the content coming out nah jk Hey, were you in prison? You've been gone a while.
  • he's unbelievable to watch. as soon as he broke away, i knew it was over. I rewatched the attack. It almost looks like a slo mo attack, and you wonder why no one covers it, then you realize they are going close to 50 kph over cobbles, after a 200 k…
  • This was amazing to see What, you don't adjust your own headset riding 46 kph beside a moving car? Not like he was using a torque wrench...
  • This was amazing to see What, you don't adjust your own headset riding 46 kph beside a moving car?
  • Any odds on Dillier riding for Bora next year?
  • The video coverage is showing super slo mo video of the back wheel of riders from time to time. The lack of traction caused by the cobbles bouncing bikes around is crazy.
  • Boasen-Hagen or Tony Martin, perhaps Chavanel since he's nearing the end of his cycling career and has the pride to duke it out in his homeland, . Stijn Devolder is also riding if you are looking for near-seniors to cheer on.
  • I should mention that I hope Hugo Houle, riding an Argon18 for Astana, is in the break of the day. But that's because I'm a Homer and am trawling for likes from @Matt.
  • Paris-Roubaix this Sunday. Looks like a perfect day for racing - slightly overcast, no rain for two days before the race, and 15 to 25 km/h winds. While it may not be a muddy spectacle, with northern France littered with broken bikes and riders, the…
  • No time to copy and paste it to another thread, but in my Amazon ads I see a book called APB:Baby written by... Julie Miller. Anyway, age groupers and coaches who dope are beyond stupid. I mean, ok if you get busted for something recreational in na…
  • Overheard at Quick Step team meeting this morning, before the Ronde: DS: "OK, so we're all clear - we'll keep it together for as long as possible, then we'll let Philippe do his thing, for the glory of Belgium." Phil Gilbert: "Boys, I'm honoured t…
  • @Martin Where do you look for used upgraded Thinkpads? That sounds interesting to me. They seem good? You can find them on most classified sites, and if you buy a higher end one they are pretty much indestructible so it's a safe buy. I'm lucky to …
  • yes I'm jealous f u Je t'aime quand même, mon cher @AaronWebstey. We also have cheaper beer than you.
  • Thanks @Matt. I'm on the third one. Will check out the other two.
  • We got my wife's latest laptop at Costco. Like most things there, you won't find the cheapest model but you might find a smoking deal on something slightly above the minimum. And you can return it in six months and get a new one,
  • ...I have to think PG throws any thought of racing for a teammate out the window at Flanders and PR. You mean, like a 50k solo breakaway and holding off GVA, Sagan and Naesen or something equally crazy?
  • Take his current laptop to a nerd and have him swap in an SSD and double the ram, or buy a used ThinkPad with the same upgrades for $300-400.

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