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  • You can tell me all you want about Tulsa, but... This is how Canadian hockey fans feel whenever the NHL expands to the southern US.
  • Thanks @Mark_after_Dark, I'll add that to the list. Reasons to visit Tulsa: 1. Ironman Tulsa 2. Very cool city 3. It's not Edmonton I've been to Tulsa (albeit in 2007 and without a bike) and Edmonton (in 2012 with a mountain bike). Give me Edmont…
  • Thanks @Mark_after_Dark, I'll add that to the list. Reasons to visit Tulsa: 1. Ironman Tulsa 2. Very cool city 3. It's not Edmonton
  • Where is 'Oklahoma'?
  • @Rash I'd rather not. Can we just get a snarky summary? Well, I'm not a woman and I'm mildly offended by the sexism in Stan's posts there. I'm half tempted to visit the women's forum to see their reaction. The rest of the posts are the usual BS you…
    in Kona 2019 Comment by Martin June 12
  • I have nothing to contribute here.
  • I don't know him, but didn't he do a ride with USPS on one of their Solvang training camps a thousand years ago? You probably have the connections to reach out to one of those guys to get a soundbite.
    in Chuckie V Comment by Martin June 11
  • 1. Nice work sending the faster women off on the heels of the slower men. 2. Legit nice: Legacy types (and hopefully those who buy their way in) in the last wave.
    in Kona 2019 Comment by Martin June 11
  • OT: I don't understand why any athlete would still associate themselves with that team. It's not like AB can't find himself some high-paying sponsors. Back on topic, the only scenarios I see where AB is a factor are: a. He comes out on the pointy …
  • @AaronWebstey on fiddle at my wedding. Foster, QC 2002.
  • The Jonas Brothers, 2000s, Vancouver (because of the fan reaction, all these teenage girls crying, fainting and screaming so loud for the first song, you couldn’t tell what it was) Was the the one with the Disney High School Rock kids? One of my k…
  • George Clinton & P-Funk All-Stars - Lollapalooza 1994 Beastie Boys - same show The Tragically Hip - Ontario Place - Simcoe Day Holiday, 1993 Moby - September 24 1999 - Brussels Wilco - Montreal, 2002 Arcade Fire-U2 - Moncton, 2011
  • Isn't Live that band that played Lightning Crashes? They were terrible.
  • I have some experience flogging myself for 4-8 minutes. Too easy.
  • @altayloraus My freshman year of college, the rowing coaches would hang out at the gym and recruit people. I was on the erg one day and the coach stopped me to ask if I wanted to come to tryouts. I said hell yeah, and the next day I told my swimming…
  • You'll finish, you'll have a blast afterwards, and you will come back here and convince me to sign up next year.
  • I dont know where your numbers came from, AP should be less than NP. I was confused by this as well, but this article on TP sheds some light. Sounds like NP is not very useful for shorter rides, and maybe less so when there is a lot of variability…
  • Yeah, I think cornhole might mean different things in different countries...
  • That's nine handsome dudes. And Ben.
  • Mile 138 of gravel over the weekend. I wanted to make you all proud That better not be a Lite beer.
  • He's also hilarious. I texted him the other day that he needs to convince Starky to switch to the Vaporflys and his response was, "I don't think they help with marching." That's fucking funny. I remember a Starky quote from the IM Texas pro meeti…
  • Are they pro or elite? I think these used to be different (in Canada, anyway). I think I qualified to be Elite one year, so the bar was damn low.
  • @bbculp Wurf up 15 minutes and exhausted would make for a very compelling run. I imagine he'd be loosing 20-30 seconds a mile to the fastest runners. I think he needs 20 minutes. Kona is a draft fest, though, and we know that team tactics/deals a…
  • It has to be windy this year. It's been too calm for too many years in a row. Sanders FTW! McMahon 2nd! Easy there, homer.
  • Alright haven’t seen much action on this place lately, I have given it a couple of tries with my bikes with no success. I think I might finally have it. Redid all the cables in black this time, also did custom routing into the top tube. Also got a…
    in BAAW Thread? Comment by Martin May 7
  • It was always a big draw for Seattle people. What I am hearing is that people loved the race but really hope lodging options will be better this time around. So many places had 5 night (or even 7 night) minimums at outrageous prices. Like Super 8 at…

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