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  • Team Confusion at Toughman NY

    Thanks, guys I have to laugh at this. But again, the Percocet makes a lot of things funny right now. I'm using voice to text because my hand doesn't work so that should add to the humor here even more.

    First of all I want to take the time to really thank Craig and Mark who picked my sorry ass up from the hospital and drove me home to NJ. My memories little shaky, but I think Josh was also there to help when I went down like an idiot. I got to explain my wife that a couple of guys I know from the Internet and the "joke me off Guy" were in charge my care. That was an interesting conversation. One of many interesting conversations we've had over the last two days regarding what happened at the race.

    So to answer the question what happened - I screwed up the dismount in a really big way. When I was taking my feet out of the shoes, the right shoe/pedal rotated and ended up spearing the ground heel first, so the release mechanism didn't trigger. This did some combination of stopping the bike and actually rotating it like somebody had put a stick in the front spokes. I went down hard on the side of my head, left shoulder and hip, and had my right hand out to catch myself.

    As expected, I have some pretty dramatic road rash – including some the doctor offered to stitch up - a broken right hand, and some soft tissue damage in my shoulder that makes it impossible to lift my arm. The ER doc was actually shocked that the collarbone was not shattered. I guess there are advantages to being a big fat triathlete and not a scrawny cyclist.

    I'm hoping for a fast recovery. Aruba is definitely out, but I'm hoping to be healthy in time for Israman - maybe a run relay if not a swim!

    Next year I'll be back to battle Craig in the old man age group, and I expect you all to be there to hand out the beers at the finish!
    KuchAaronWebsteyM_Waresimonsen77Craig_DwchevronNotSoFatLewKenElPescadoPeladoTad_MAlexSMattRashfyrehaaryournotuniquemaggieruMamaCheetahmbrekk44PreachSwansonRobert RankinA_drizzlebalsdorfet5504
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Escape from Philly sprint today (800 Y/15 miles/5K)

    45-49 AG 2, overall 16 (damn fast kids out there)

    Bonus was standing in torrential downpour before the race, then swimming through all the debris and other crap floating in the Schuylkill river, then scooping it out of the top of my kit on the bike/run. Thankfully, I've had all my shots in the last few years.

    Headed out to the Olympic tomorrow. Hoping the fecal counts in the river stay low!

    Craig_Dsimonsen77MattM_WarekjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyRobert RankinFastCat1107rigpigTad_MMamaCheetahSteve HalewskiGentlemanJerseyDavefyrehaarBrent_RShepherd
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Philly Olympic – 4th AG. Grr. Missed an Alcatraz slot by 50 seconds.

    Did get to see Ben Kanute and Cam Dye race for a while as they cancelled the swim and made it a duathalon.

    M_Warembrekk44Craig_DkjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoAlexSAaronWebsteyRobert Rankinsimonsen77GentlemanJerseyDaveMamaCheetahfyrehaarTad_MKuch
  • February 2018 Challenge

    I think I racked up 28,000 airline miles this month. Does that count?
  • Ask me anything about the 2017 TRS Racing Application, Team, Plans and/or Alliance with Baucco Squad

    Thank you kind sir. Truth be told I was shamed off of Slowtwitch for asking a question about Newton shoes that turned into a 10 page debate. It was either this or crossfit.

    Only 10 pages? I guess Dev is still working on his summary.
  • Super League Tri

    I've been streaming it all hanging out in various doctors offices this week – incredible coverage and fantastic commentary. I watch a fair bit of ITU, and like that coverage, but this takes it up a notch or two. Is it too much to ask for WTC to hire the same production company? I would love to watch some Kona coverage that leverages what's been done here.

    On another note, WTF – Nicola Spirig?!? I usually cheer for Katie and Kristin and Summer (and Charlotte), but wow. I'm impressed at what she's done coming back four months after having a kid.
    Jennifer PostAaronWebsteyTad_MM_WareKenElPescadoPeladoGranpa Chook
  • To Honour Regular Mark

  • Official TRS Olympics Discussion Thread

    Finally get to see the Swiss beach volleyball team take the court, and it's cold in Rio. Thanks Obama
    Not that I would ever do this, but you can stream this match off the NBC Olympics site. In fact, I am not sure why I happen to know that the match happened on the first day of beach volleyball, at night, against a Chinese team...
    I was streaming it. The Swiss USA beach volleyball match was played Wednesday morning I think and it must have been cold in rio. Most the athletes were wearing tights and long sleeves. Most everyone in the crowd had on sweatshirts and coats. USA pulled it out in the end.
    Yeah - I was sad when I saw those outfits. I felt justified going back to the NBC site and streaming the first Swiss match and watching it again. Worth the 10 minutes it took to figure out.

    Actually, it looks like you can dig up every event on that site - live or not - and stream them. Very cool. I'll try to DVR the triathlon, but if I miss it, I'll just stream it at work!

    EDIT - I got the AppleTV in my office to work with the flatscreen. I'm not going to stream volleyball, but I've got track cycling going in my office with the door closed. Let's hear it for Friday afternoons!

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