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  • 2017 Race results and pics

    All damn year I've been trying to snipe a podium. Every race I've gone to my Age Group has double in size from the previous year. Well , the Sprint Athenas at Oakland went from 6 last year to 11 and I still got third place. Raced my ass off for it too (as you can see from the photo, that is purely figurative). I'm the one holding the kid.

    kjrunninMattAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladowchevronTad_MachrowiczM_Waresimonsen77Craig DeremillongBrent_Rtoebutt769
  • Let's See Your Critters

    The dog is Archie, the cat is my dearly departed Horatio Chianti Rugby Vino Rex, El Panterito Negro Superior.

    You can't tell from the pic but the cat was actually purring.
    M_WareTad_MachrowiczkjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyCraig DMattAlexSmaggieruMamaCheetahellsworth53t
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    1 - one race of some kind a month so that
    2 - I don't turn into a potato from September to January as has been my wont the last ten damn years
    3 - deadlift in the triple digits
    4 - Platinum Horizon: Zero Dawn
    5 - Actually get some proper swim coaching so that 2:30/100 stops looking like a great pace
    Tad_MachrowiczM_WareCraig DKenElPescadoPeladokjrunninsimonsen77AaronWebsteyet5504Sdog
  • Thank you Canada

    Thank you for my spouse and socialized health care anchor baby.
    Craig DAaronWebsteyMartinscottyTad_MachrowiczKenElPescadoPeladoBrent_R
  • Questions for Flora Duffy

    If you could pick a team for mixed team relay, who would you pick?
    M_WareJennifer PostRobert RankinMattStruangJames Lange
  • Triathlon Videos

    IF you get the triathlon live access you can get the full ITU WTS races, mens and womens and mixed relays back for a few years. It's about $25 a year I think?
    MattJames LangeJennifer PostSdogMamaCheetah
  • Barkley marathons....

    My response to the documentary was that I love that this event exists and I never, ever, ever want to do it.
    M_WareDawnCTad_MachrowiczJames Lange
  • Sufferfest 4DP

    Sufferfest is trying to apply a more individualized coaching protocol to the rest of us. And AC is bitching because he said this 20 years ago, but lost out on the revenue stream because he didn't want to design a product that would give access to the masses.
    Really all I see is a guy who thinks he is entitled to credit for what they've done and can't stand that he isn't receiving hosannahs . He is lashing out against marketing (which has absolutely worked because so many people are talking about it) and the very idea that someone else is making money off this work - all the while telling you to read his book.

    He isn't giving any credit to SUF for the packaging, the test protocol, the retooling of the app to calculate power targets from different settings, and frankly for building on monetizing his work in a way that he didn't. (So I totally agree with you on that one)

    He's a bitter old asshole and because he can't win rhetorically he's defaulted to invective. Comparing McQuillen to Weinstein was just out there. All he is doing at this point is digging a hole and hurting any brand that is associated with him. SUF and WKO4 actually look great. They are responsive and professional and are doing themselves proud right now.

  • Challenge Slovakia - Samorin

    Crap, I thought that was tomorrow. Looks like it was an exciting race. I can't wait to hear the excuses for why Triathlon Jesus DNF'd.
    He's got a week to WTS Leeds and if he doesn't win at home he will never be able to show his face in Yorkshire again.
  • Half Marathon Time/Pacing Help

    I like this little tool for educated guesses pacing advice. I seems to indicate that yes, sub 1:30 is possible.

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