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  • Way to go Lance

    Guys, can we just stop and think about what advice we are giving each other here?!

    If you are drunk driving and you hit something or someone you DESERVE to get a DUI. Not run away from it like a little fucking bitch because you don't want your name tainted.

    As someone who has been hit by a drunk driver (whos wife picked him up at the scene, took him somewhere, then brought him back later) AND someone who has an aunt I've never met because she was killed by a drunk driver before I was born, Im 100% sure that evading the police after hitting something/someone while drunk is not something to be proud of or recommend to others.
    Ryan HeislerHeatherLowkevinschummerPreachSwansonFastCat1107TheoAaronWebsteyespej09morganstyerRobert RankinDuckiesyournotuniqueADRBillytrsradio69
  • BAAW Thread?

    I want to play

  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Ep. 8 BEN HOBBS!

    The title of my book is “How I competed in a bikini contest with no training and a diet that consisted of 3 grasshoppers, 26g of blue-light emitting twigs, and raw filtered cytoplasm smoothies a day.”
    -Big Green, date unknown

    M_WareAaronWebsteyJennifer PostCraig_DkjrunninmaggieruPevashishDaulGasBombKenElPescadoPelado
  • Let's See Your Critters

    Coulson and Lang
    Just a couple of halloweenies trying hard to not attack the pumpkin man behind them.
  • Price Advice

    @dhansen1877 I would like to apply to be Jen's sister-wife minus all that weird stuff like having to share you. She can have you, I just want the gear lolol
  • Marital, oops I mean swimming, aids

    I'm going to practice this by sticking my butt out while walking around the office.
    AaronWebsteymorganstyerScheck48James LangeHSeeley14yournotunique
  • Who is in SoFlo?

    Your mom will be in Florida AND she'll be up for a ride.
    yournotuniquedanimalAaronWebsteyoldmanchadRobert Rankin
  • What's pretty common where you're from, but completely unknown to people not from there?

    Let me jump on the Maryland train. And this is Southern Maryland, so almost directly across the Chesapeake from Ocean City. I didn't grow up in the god awful place but living here I have discovered that they have

    Amish Buggies with electric tail lights = people can't drive worth shit, so the religions must be broken
    10 oz Budweiser = WTF?
    Nasty Old Bay on everything = ew
    Shrimp Marconi salad = barf
    Stuffed Ham = extra barf
    SMIBs = ∞ barf (This is a source of pride. I've seen bumper stickers.) I'll give you this acronym : Southern Maryland Inbred
  • Make me less fat.

    Eat some celery and peanut butter. Its good
  • TT4T for the rest of us

    There is an adult store in my city. It is popular because the neon sign on the front just says "book store" I guess you go in and walk behind a magazine rack and book shelf to get to all the goodies. Its basically really sketch

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