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  • If the Triathlon Community Relocated to Hollywood

    Kathy Bates - Ben Hobbs
    KenElPescadoPeladokjrunninKuchTad_MAaronWebsteyGasBombGranpa ChookPevashishDaulMartinCraig_DItsShugwchevronregular_markscottyMaddie_McKbalsdorfDerekLStruangBrew_Tri
  • Facts about Webstey

    Fact: Webstey has the voice of an angel
    Fact: I watched Webstey walk full steam into a glass door
    Fact: Webstey can chug a beer with a full lipper
    All of these things still accurate if you add "while masturbating" to the end of it.
    I believe dipping, chugging a beer and wanking at the same time is colloquially known as the 'Ontario hat trick.'

  • If your bike was a car, what would it be?

    My 2009 LOOK 987 hardtail would be Webstey's mom. It's old as shit, it's been used and abused, and it's showing plenty of wear and tear, but it's always up for a rough ride.
    Tad_Mwchevronellsworth53tMattAaronWebsteyMartinRobert RankindoyoueventribroKHilgendorfmbrekk44KenElPescadoPeladosimonsen77KuchEvilTwinAlexS
  • What's Going On?

    -Came to the realization that the triathlon magazine I'd helped get off the ground was going out of business.
    -Quit said magazine.
    -Watched a business I'd spent 6 years building go under.
    -Started working for some functional brands in the triathlon industry.
    -PR'd for 5, 10 and 15K OW swim.
    -Bought a CX/gravel bike and stopped riding on the road.
    -Did my first CX race and finished second-to-last.
    -Started only eating bacon on the weekends.
    -Donuts only after big swims on Saturday mornings.
    -Only gained 7 pounds over the past 3 years.
    -Watched the Cubs win a World Series.
    -Kept my dog alive.
    -Finally made it to Roth.
    -Taught some people how to swim.
    -Went to the dentist a couple of times.

    That's about it.
  • Hip-hop preferences

    In case you need more proof of my hip-hop credibility, just know that I'm the only member of this forum who has done a shot with Akon.

    It all started at the pre-race dinner for the inaugural (and only) Challenge Bahrain. "His Highness" Sheik-Nasser-bin-Hamad-Allah-Human-Torturer was up on stage giving his little spiel and said, "We have a big surprise for you at the post-race party...AKON!" I think he assumed everyone would cheer, but clearly I was the only one who knew who Akon was because I was the only asshole clapping.

    Later that night Macca took me over to meet "His Highness" because we were racing in the same age-group and I thought it'd be fun to talk some shit to a prince (but not too much because I didn't want to be killed). I asked him why Akon of all people and he said that Akon was his favorite rapper and he performed in Bahrain all the time (weird, I know). I said I was a huge Akon fan (a lie) and that he was huge in America (also a lie).

    Flash-forward to the post-race party and I walked up to Nasser to congratulate him on kicking my ass, even though I had suspicions he was doping. He thanked me and said he wanted to introduce me to Akon because I was a "huge fan." So he walked me over to where Akon and his boys were having a few drinks before going on stage. I had a brief chat with him about his musical inspirations (turns out he was a big Bone Thugz fan growing up), we did a shot of Patron, and he did a short, maybe 6-song set before Moody Blues played for an hour and a half (didn't see that one coming, did you?)

    Anyway, that's the most gangster story I have. Thanks to @AaronWebstey for giving me a place to share this because this is the kind of stuff Triathlete Magazine has no interest in publishing.
    MattM_Wareellsworth53tGranpa ChookMartinAaronWebsteykjrunninTad_MKuchCraig_D
  • Kona Champion speeches

    Every article on ST...

    "Back when I ran the bike count."

    "Back when I designed bikes."

    "Back before I had to pretend to respect women."

    It's worse than Webstey's constant reminders that he once met Simon Whitfield.
  • Give me your best triathlon specific one-liners or motivational quotes

    "Hurry up, your family is bored."
  • 70.3 World Champs + TPS - The Gretzky Episode (#99)

    Andy Potts was the one who turned down an offer, in case you need a reason to like him even more.
    Granpa ChookJennifer PostAaronWebsteyMartindhrJames LangeTad_M
  • Hip-hop preferences

    @mbrekk44 I tend to judge people based solely on their taste in music and swimming ability. So unless you swim like Amberger, I think you might be a terrible person.
    MattAaronWebsteyGranpa ChookTad_MMartinkjrunnin
  • Tri Roost Kona Gathering

    I wore it on race day. Someone had to snap a picture. I used to be a really big deal.

    I did have a handful of people ask me WTF Triroost was, so you might get 2 new members this week. Where do I send my invoice?

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