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  • If the Triathlon Community Relocated to Hollywood

    Kathy Bates - Ben Hobbs
    KenElPescadoPeladokjrunninKuchTad_MAaronWebsteyGasBombGranpa ChookPevashishDaulMartinCraig_DItsShugwchevronDark_markscottyMaddie_McKbalsdorfDerekLStruangBrew_Tri
  • Facts about Webstey

    Fact: Webstey has the voice of an angel
    Fact: I watched Webstey walk full steam into a glass door
    Fact: Webstey can chug a beer with a full lipper
    All of these things still accurate if you add "while masturbating" to the end of it.
    I believe dipping, chugging a beer and wanking at the same time is colloquially known as the 'Ontario hat trick.'

  • If your bike was a car, what would it be?

    My 2009 LOOK 987 hardtail would be Webstey's mom. It's old as shit, it's been used and abused, and it's showing plenty of wear and tear, but it's always up for a rough ride.
    Tad_Mwchevronellsworth53tMattAaronWebsteyMartinRobert RankindoyoueventribroKHilgendorfmbrekk44KenElPescadoPeladosimonsen77KuchEvilTwinAlexS
  • To Honour Dark Mark

    Don't tell anyone on the other forum, but I've been up since 5 and have yet to work out today. And instead of working out at lunch, I'm eating a burger and wasting time reading this shit.
  • Schoeman

    I've reached out to ITU, IOC and WADA today and all I've gotten back is, "We consider the matter resolved to the satisfaction of all parties and will not take further questions."

    They're making this so much worse than it needs to be.
    James LangeMattGranpa ChookPevashishDaulRobert RankinJennifer PostTad_MIanLMartinAaronWebstey
  • Frodo skipping Kona due to injury

    @Jennifer Post Thankfully she hasn't seen any of the French team in a speedo. At least not that I'm aware of.

    One time when we first started dating she came to pick me up at the pool after I'd gone swimming with Crowie. He of course walked out of the locker room with a shirt off and I saw her jaw drop in the car. When I got in she was like, "WHO IS THAT AND IS HE SINGLE?"

    I made the mistake of telling Crowie about it a few days later and now every time I see him the first thing he asks is how my wife is doing.
    Tad_MJennifer PostGranpa ChookM_WareAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoJames LangeMattfyrehaar
  • A Single "Open" World Championship

    But there's the Collins Cup!

    It's coming. In Roth in 2019. Or Maybe in France in 2020. Who knows? It's like Halley's Comet. No one knows exactly when or where it will appear, but when it does, it's going to be more spectacular than an open world champs.

    Wait, we know exactly when and where Halley's Comet will appear? Nevermind.
  • Andy Potts and Wattie Ink

    I mean, this is a forum about triathlon. How good can it really be?

    To answer that: Slowtwitch. It can never be better than Slowtwitch.
  • The bad question, why do people cheat?

    @Robert Rankin nailed it. Ego is all it is. An age-grouper who is doping is lacking something in his or her life. Boasting about his or her triathlon accomplishments to friends/family/coworkers is a drug that temporarily treats those symptoms. It releases a dopamine rush. But in the long term, it will make thing much worse. Someone like Kevin Moats has some serious personal demons that he'll likely never be able to exorcise.
    Robert RankinM_WareMartinAaronWebsteyPreachSwansonTad_M
  • Tri Roost Kona Gathering

    I wore it on race day. Someone had to snap a picture. I used to be a really big deal.

    I did have a handful of people ask me WTF Triroost was, so you might get 2 new members this week. Where do I send my invoice?

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