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  • Dick Measuring Contest... aka What's Your FTP?

    ellsworth53tslickfins_RyanRobert RankinPreachSwansonlakercrAaronWebsteyasthecrowfliesFastCat1107Jason LentzkeMattDustinoBackpfeifengesichtGasBombRyan HeislerRashBrent_RKenElPescadoPeladosp1keRirinetteGranpa ChookPhalangicaltcraigtriThomasGerlachProTri
  • Ben Hobbs - is that really you?

    You know it's the winter when there are triathlon forum threads about triathlon forum threads.
    GasBombellsworth53tsimonsen77RashAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladodoyoueventribroEvantcraigtriJames LangeRobert RankinRyan HeislerHensatcTad_MCapenKelly O'MaramaggieruyournotuniqueHSeeley14
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    @Dark_mark when I leave, I make sure to put up a sign that says "pirates and drug runners, the honor system is in effect" along the Colorado coastline.
    MattM_WarejakesaundersAlexSneil5youngKenElPescadoPeladoHensatcRobert RankinCraig_Dregular_marksimonsen77KuchTad_MAaronWebsteyStruang
  • Dark Mark's Dream Bike

    Nothing like amazon prime and drinking. It's like Christmas morning two days later.
    The thumbprint instead of password makes it SO MUCH easier too. It might be super convenient when sober, but it's so much easier to put your thumb on the home button than it is to type P@$$w0rd correctly when drunk.
  • Dark Mark's Dream Bike

    @Dark_mark is this your theme?

    regular_markMattRyan Heislersimonsen77EvanyournotuniqueMatt_FroeseCraig_DTad_MCapenslickfins_Ryanmaggieru
  • Masters swim

    Need examples, but basics that I'm thinking you may not know:
    "On the X" means you're swimming and leaving on the next time the clock hits that interval. "On 1:20" would mean you'd start interval 2 at 1:20 after you started, 3 at 2:40, 4th interval at 4:00 etc etc. So if you swim a second faster, you get an extra second of rest. Swimming tends to operate more this way than a fixed rest because that would be madness with 8 kids in a lane each taking :10 themselves. Plus they'd definitely lie
    Top-when the pace clock comes back to 00, even if it's digital
    Bottom-:30, same idea
    Stroke and/or choice-not freestyle. Tell them you're doing "alternating single arm butterfly with a flutter kick drill" instead
    Flutter kick: normal freestyle kick
    Dolphin kick: butterfly kick
    Otherwise....certain drills may have more colloquial names. If the coach writes a drill set and you have no clue what the drill is, just ask. I still do.
    simonsen77KenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyCraig_DMamaCheetahG Scott LayherTad_MfyrehaarBrent_RKelly O'Marahaywarmi
  • Do Cool Sh*t Thread (or what you've done that may inspire others)

    Beer mile in 7:23. I'm mostly just proud that Strava said I ran the last lap in 64 seconds. Which is legitimately fast in its own right, let alone burping and trying like hell to hold in puke.
    MattElaine KM_WarekjrunninAaronWebsteyCraig_DEvanTad_MPreachSwansonKenElPescadoPelado
  • New Tri Suit Recommendations

    This is @maggieru 's real recommendation
    M_WareAaronWebsteyRobert RankinmaggieruEvanHSeeley14Brendo78MartinCraig_D
  • Oh Canada

    So, with Canada Day on July 1, and ‘murrica Day on July 4, is there a Mexican holiday on like the 7th and we can just call the first week of July “North American Awesomeness Week” and just kinda shut down the whole continent?
  • Motorcycle Pacer Stalls - Causes Crash Video

    ItsShug said:
    A bunch of Brooklyn fixed-gear hipsters can't ride their fucking ridiculous fixies for a few weeks? Oh yeah, I feel real bad for em. Someone remind me to send that moto driver his cheque tomorrow.
    You and Ben switch logins?
    Ben lives in Texas. NFW does he spell it "cheque."

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