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  • TRS Falco

    I'm just going to leave this right here. image
    espej09Ryan HeislermorganstyerAaronWebsteyHSeeley14James LangeScheck48TimOLearyRobert Rankinthe_exileTheoDHansenTriGeorge KruseyournotuniqueADRBillyEric LagerstromGentlemanJerseyDaveTheRealAmatureThomasGerlachProTri
  • Do Cool Sh*t Thread (or what you've done that may inspire others)

    I've rebuilt a 1931 Ford Model A, almost done with a 1968 International Scout and about 6 motorcycles...

    I've also survived for two season on a Falco V

    kjrunninM_WareAaronWebsteyCraig_DTad_MGasBombAdam WBrent_Rtwig05TriHollywoodiamuwereHSeeley14rangamel
  • Weekly Poll-Triathlon Time Suck

    Honestly you cannot do it all, have some peace about it and don't fight it. I pull my kids in a cart for an extra bike ride and to spend Time talking to them. I run whenever I can & since I can only wake up early during deer season I fin that I bike and run at night once the kids are asleep. I hate swimming but do it at lunch breaks since the pool is mostly empty then and I can crank out the yards. 

    If i feel guilt about missing something I can always add some push-ups and pull-ups as a general flogging and be done fast. Then remember that the only person who gives a shit about the finishers metal is you but the people in your life give you that time and hope to get some back so rest up then and don't worry about having a real life. 
  • Official TRS costume contest

    Paw Patrol and a Knight. FYI - the daughter is always a male character because in kids things they are the only leader and she has to be the boss
    M_Waresimonsen77AaronWebsteyCraig_DKenElPescadoPeladoRobert RankinItsShugmbrekk44yournotuniqueMartinTad_M
  • Banned from Slowtwitch

    Hell is full of Piss Tequila - we've totally translated things wrong, that's the proper translation - I'll bartend heaven as the monks make the best beers
    GentlemanJerseyDaveHSeeley14AaronWebsteyRyan HeisleryournotuniqueHMkrplunkit
  • The Plant Power Way | TRS Triathlon

    I think that the tone on this one was great... not that all of them should be this way, we still need to hear from the Snarky Starky, but the fact that Rich as an amazing athlete can speak at the same level as Ben, the average Joe athlete is important for expanding the conversation. We need to see how to share this/these sport(s) with a broader audience that may not even know that they need some of the life transformation things that come from engaging in sport and a healthier lifestyle.

    I think it would be great that in 30 days when you both get to podcast again (see, we do listen) it would be amazing to talk about what sucked about taking on this challenge as well as what was surprisingly cool about it. Then talk about what Ben is going to do next, not some challenge, but if he goes back to some of his old ways, how he does so more in a healthy mode or if he is now a plant power apostle, what does that look like.

    Good job guys!
  • Team Confusion at Toughman NY

    I don't know that @yournotunique should be the team doctor, he's always hurt
  • Ironman Texas: Occupy The Woodlands with TRS | TRS Triathlon

    Thanks for getting this live, I will now accomplish nothing at work tomorrow
  • Time for Lionel Sanders to fire his "coach"

    Without hijacking this thread too much I'm with you man I like the idea of Johnny Brownlee and Jan for Frodo in 2017

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